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@outlawrenegade: Arkham City is open world. You have a fairly big area that you can fully explore. That's the definition of open world. And it's more or less universally accepted that when we're talking about Superman game ideas, we're talking about open world. Having Supermans power at your disposal, and you're locked down to limited, linear levels. Not terrible interesting.
And fine, let's base him off the Animated Series. I just figured when we ask for a Superman game on a comicbook forum, we're talking about a comicbook adaptation.

But hey, slowing down the entire world. Decent idea. Do that.

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@outlawrenegade: They're asking for an unrestricted Superman. That is a guy that moves at the speed of sound, can throw the moon out of orbit, and is virtually invincible under sunlight. Turn and twist it however you like, playing that while making the game challenging or simply playable is impossible.

But fine, I don't really care if they explain it in the story or not. I just want a game that's playable and challenging. Even if most of the characters you listed are irrelevant since they can all be killed unlike Superman, let's have it your way.

And last, have YOU played Darksiders? Strictly speaking about the first game, sure, you visit a lot of different locations. The problem is that most of these locations are small and completely linear. They didn't build a whole city to explore, they build smaller parts of it that you could visit and only go where they wanted you to. Just like the Ducktales games on the NES, where you go everywhere from Egypt to the friggin' moon, but that's not really a compelling argument now, is it?

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First of all, don't we have a "What do YOU want from a Superman game" Thread? Did we need one dedicated to you?

Second, it's great you have your own little wishlist there, but have you tried to think about what it is you're asking for? Making games at the size we have now takes years and costs tens of MILLIONS of dollars. You're basically asking for a game that allows you to explore 2 giant cities, an ancient island with Greece architecture, and an all new planet which is populated by millions of different aliens. Asking for that is unreasonable, and frankly impossible unless the developers decide to half-ass it.

Third, I understand that the idea of a weakened Superman may not appeal to people. But the fact of the matter is, he is too damn powerful to be playable and balanced in an action game. As far as I see it, we can either complain that Superman is taking hits he obviously shouldn't, can't kill enemies he normally would one-hit destroy, and being able to die in combat, or they could get some talented writers to come up with a story that explains how and why Superman would actually work in a video game.

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I thought it was pretty obvious who the Reverse Flash is? Dr. Elias or whatever his name is?

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Can someone answer this with a simple yes and no:
I've only read the Green Lantern series and have not been keeping up with GL Corps or New Guardians. Can I get the full experience from this ending or should I just wait a week and get the 15 or so issues I'm missing?

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And before we all freak out, Roger Craig Smith is an amazingly talented actor who's done great voicework with Ezio from Assassin's Creed, Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 5 and onwards, and he is currently killing it as Sonic the Hedgehog from the series of the same name. Batman is in good hands.

As for the game itself, I honestly can't judge until I play the game myself. They have a successful template, question is if they're able to replicate it, and seeing the difference in trailers and such, is tough.

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"Not available on all platforms"
Good to know us Wii U owners gets screwed over again. What else is new?

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Giving the city a lifebar is stupid. While it makes sense from a story and character perspective, it means that every second in conflict, is timed. By design, it discourages you getting crazy and experimenting with the options available to you, since doing so wastes your time.

#9 Posted by Shajita (35 posts) - - Show Bio

^ I dunno. When you're already tackling Superman, a character who's never been done true justice in a big budget action game before, attempting to improve on the open-ended conversations that Mass Effect and L.A. Noir, two games that sells themselves on the concept, have not been able to perfect, may not be a smart move.

Also, and this is just me, while I would like to play as Kent and interact with the Superman cast, throwing in a suspicion meter would only limit what you're actually able to do in the game. Let's face it, getting caught is almost certainly game over, meaning that you will have to limit everything you say and do. While that is very Superman-like, does it really make for a compelling gaming experience?

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I want to play and FEEL like Superman, but a weakened one. Come up with an interesting story idea for why Superman would be vulnerable, able to move just fast enough to get an insane sense of speed but not so fast that he's impossible to control, and strong enough to fight giant alien monsters and robots, but not strong enough to one-hit kill everything. A playable Superman.

Once that is out of the way... *ahem* Open-world Metropolis with the ability to explore the Fortress of Solitude and Smallville, varied and interesting sidequests, the ability to unlock and level up your abilities, a combo system for fighting enemies, minigames (Timetrials for flight, arena style battles, freaking pizza delivery, go crazy with them) the Superman Animated Series and Justice League voice cast, cameos, unlockable costumes based on his 75 year long past, and finally... I want Clark Kent to play an active role. Part of being Superman, is being Clark Kent. I want to be able to change into Clark, and interact with various characters in other ways than I normally would. Aggressively interview Lex Luthor, get schooled by Perry, be awkward around Lois, stuff like that.

I didn't mention the main story because, I'm pretty sure we all want the same thing. Most of Supermans rouge gallery is on the lose, and the man of steel have to set things right or die trying.

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