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you know how the cover of a comic only accuaratly portrays the contents say.. half the time? maybe less? im guessing thats what this is. as far as the mj turning super hero goes, they already teased us with that when jackpot first hit the scene. i highly doubt these are all things that will indeffinetly happen in ASM this year. if so. lets give aunt may some powers! maybe she can finally defend herself for once.
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ugh... i hate to beat a dead horse, but i have something to add.. 
while i was reading each installment of one more day(i remember those issues coming out very slowly), i held firmly that they would stay together. i had read things that led me to believe that their love would stand  over any obstacle. sorry if this a bit sappy.. but at the tail end of back in black, there were some annuals. specificly the sensational spder-man annual comes to mind. they story entails maryjane reminiscing about the recent trials and tribulations of their (her and peters) lives. the end of the issue has her and peter standing high atop the city looking at the sunset, talking about how much they love eachother. and no matter what they could accomplish anything.  
after reading that, a went through one more day thinking it was a rouse. that something unexpected would happen. but.. then they did everything everyone said they were doing. and i didnt beleive it. for both peter and maryjane it was disgustingly out of character. i think peter and mj are meant to be together. of course gwen will always be the girl everyone else is compared to since she was taken at the peak of their love, but shes gone. and mj is the one.
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i think it was unessesary to keep casady alive for this.. but i will say the idea of the symbiote keeping him alive at its own expense was interesting.  
when the carnage series started i saw it going one of two ways: shriek being the new carnage, or her doctor. the doctor would have been different, but i didnt like the idea of carnages host being someone trying to keep it morally in check. whoevever had it should have fun with it (ie:shriek). but with casady back, i guess its all moot. 
as for venom, im reserving judgement until his own series kicks off. but im not hot on the idea of flash being venom. its almost like.. i dunno.. he should know better than to get involved. especially after the he loses control on that one mission. the idea that hes all excited to be "just like his hero spider-man!" seems too juvanile. hes not in highschool anymore. hes a war vet for crying out loud.
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now.. i dont know a great deal about phil and his goblin days of olde.. but i did research it. i knew he wasnt and evil green goblin. and sure, he did "lose it" in the loners miniseries. but i just dont see him making the jump to actual villain status. especially by beheading kingsly. id say it was uncharacteristicly brutal.  (truthfuly i was looking forward to having the real hobgoblin back)
i guess what im saying is.. id like to see some explanation as to why phil is apparently an insane murderer now. cause all ive seen is so far is "hey its phil! hes the new hobby! and hes nuts! bye!"
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i liked the heightened powers, and how he slowly started using them. i think they could have left the stingers out.. when he "sprung" back to life and they popped out, they could have left it at that. but when they resurfaced (only in pages of FNSM if i recall) it just seemed forced. as if the writers were like "remember those stingers we added? i guess we have to put them to use."

ive been wondering what has and hasnt happened since OMD. i just assumed the other/ezekial/morlun/organic shooters didnt happen after the all the retcon. but then a zombie ezekial showed up in grim hunt. of course it was the chamelion, but that means hes still part of the mythos.

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i dont remember where i read this, but i was under the impression he inherited certain "spider-knowledge" along with his other powers. maybe even at a subconcious level. that coupled with him being a brilliant chemist i can see him creating a formula for web fluid rather easily. the web shooters themselves, likewise.

the thing i didnt like about the organic shooters was.. how do you explain how his body produces the webbing? and i doubt he could.. "store".. enough webbing in his body to make a swing trip across new york let alone get in a fight. so he would have to produce the webbing as fast as he uses it. more thinking=bigger headache.

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hey everyone! i sent an email to marvel and got this reply from stehpen wacker!

"Shawn, it was a cover we put together but never used. We went another direction at the last minute. Sorry for the confusion.

Stephen Wacker" 
maybe im just a nerd, but i think thats neat. anyways, mystery solved!   
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now.. ive kind of been wracking my brain lately over a variant that im not entirely convinced exists..  

amazing spider-man 647 apparently marked the end of "brand new day" with a cover gallery at the back of the issue. and in this gallery theres.. what appears to be.. cause the pics are very small.. a second print variant of issue 573 featuring internal art of from the pages with stephen colbert.  
now ive looked and looked (spam searching ebay, big web stores, ect) and have found nothing. and unfortunately sam ruby doesnt update anymore.. his site was an amazing resource. 

i know some 2nd prints can be rediculously rare (amazing spiderman 638 2nd print) but ive got that one, and can still find it in searches. can anyone shed any light?        

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*havent read issue 9 yet* 

too much spider-girl? ever since issue 101 or whenever she popped up, ive been waiting for her to return. am i the only one who thinks this is a big deal? she made what id call a cameo in usm's ultimatum arc and thats it. the usm clone saga was a long ago people. where has she been? what has she been doing this whole time? i hope i find out in issue 9.

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yeah... questioning why bullseye was acting so.. bullseye-ish.. is kind of silly.  
but killing her as a plot device i get. the only thing to remember is that she's died before. so her being killed there doesnt really shock me. since hes basicly a god, if bob wishes it so (or the writers) she'll be back.
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