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1. JLU season 1-with the cadmus arc-box set

2. The Dark Knight Returns full movie?

3. Man of Steel movie

4. Justice League-season 2

5. JLU season 2

6. THE FLASH VOL. 3: GORILLA WARFARE HC-book comes out in December

7. Graphic Audio-Final Crisis

8. Graphic Audio-Infinite Crisis part 2

9. Justice League Doom

10. Young justice-season 2 part 2

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On Leather Wings

Christmas with the Joker

Nothing to Fear

The Last Laugh

Pretty Poison



The Forgotten

Be a Clown

Two-Face (1 and 2) - 8.5

It's Never too Late

I've Got Batman in my Basement-

Heart of Ice

The Cat and the Claw

See No Evil

Beware the Gray Ghost- 7.5

Prophecy of Doom

Feats of Clay

Joker's Favor-7.5


Fear of Victory

The Clock King

Appointment in Crime Alley

Mad as a Hatter

Dreams in Darkness

Eternal Youth

Perchance to Dream

The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy

Robins Reckoning

The Laughing Fish

Night of the Ninja

Cat Scratch Fever

The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne-8.5

Heart of Steel

If you're so smart, then why aren't you rich? - 9

Joker's Wild

Tyger, Tyger

Moon of the Wolf-

Day of the Samurai

Terror in the Sky-

Almost Got Im- 9

Birds of a Feather-

What is Reality?

I am the Night


The Man Who Killed Batman- 7.5


Paging the Crime Doctor-


the mechanic-

Harley and Ivy-8.5

Shadow of the Bat-8

Blind as a Bat

The Demon's Quest-

His Silicon Soul-

Fire from Olympus-

Read my lips-

The Worry Men-

Season 2-


A bullet for bullock



House and Garden

The Terrible Trio


Time out of the Joint-



Baby-Doll -

The Lion and the Unicorn-


Riddler's Reform-

Second Chance-

Harley's Holiday-


Make Em Laugh-

Deep Freeze-

Batgirl Returns-

The New Batman Adventures-

Holiday Knights-

Sins of the Father-

Cold Comfort-

Double Talk-

You Scratch my back-

Never Fear-

Joker Millions-

Growing Pains

Love is a Croc-

Torch Song

The Ultimate Thrill-

Over the Edge-

Mean Seasons-


Cult of the Cat-

Animal Act-

Old Wounds-

The Demon Within-

Legends of the Dark knight-

Girls Night Out-

Mad Love-


Beware the Creeper-

Judgement Day-


World's Finest-

Knight Time-

The Demon Reborn