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Phyla vell and moondragon. I would also like to see mantis.

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It would be cool if the sequel or cartoon brought in Phyla Vell, or moondragon, or Mantis. You know the other female guardians?

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We would have more openly LGBT characters in comics if it were not for the comics code authority. Chris claremont would most likely have made alot of his subtext just plain text and his idea of mystique and destiny being Nightcrawlers parengs most likely would have become canon.

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@dragonborn_ct: Great article. Although I would say their laziness is something that is tied to misogny in that they see they could ge awa frlm there work by seeing female characters as "something extra" that they don't actually need to work on rather than something incorporated intk the design of the game as a whole as a nesscity.

I would also say there is one main flaw eitj customizable avatars. Despite it allowing a wide variety of options often time the "canon" one or the one used extensively in marketing are the white male ones thus perletuating that in Facy white male is still the default.

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I feel like I'm the only one who is excited about this.

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No I'm not. I just don't appreciate people derailing my threads.

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@don_quixote: Alright then don't vote and please leave this thread if you're just going to bash a character in it.

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Alright so time for my response. Sorry for the Delay

Round 1:

In this post I'll go over four different sections

1) Cass's striking power

2) Cass's speed/agility

3) Cass's Durability/ pain tolerance

4) Possible Scenarios for the Battle.

The first three I will go over the strengths of Cass in each of three sections providing feats and scans to back up my claims. In the fourth section I will go over possible battle scenarios using the information from the prior three sections to prove how Cass can win in these scenarios. So without further wait, lets move on to the first section

1: Cass's Strength

Cass has proven her physical strength countless times in battle having gone against the likes of Shiva, Deathstroke, Ravager, and members of the Brotherhood of evil. Combined with her skill, speed and fighting style it makes her a formidable opponent. Her comicvine wiki states she can lift twice her weight and carry 230lbs while running.

For now I will share some feats I find impressive from her earlier runs, and if need be I'll update in further posts.

In the first scan she is shown breaking a brick wall with a kick she intended to hit Shiva with. In the second scan she is shown shattering Shiva's sword with a strike from her bare hands. So not only does she have the strength and skill to complete these powerful attacks she is not afraid to attack with them. Combined with her speed, fighting skill, and knowledge of nerves and pressure points, I see her putting out the damage output to harm Harley, even with Harley's impressive durability and healing factor. I'm convinced cass can also do what she did to shiva's sword to Harleys hammer( assuming if it's made from wood. if not, please clarify)

Speaking of her speed, It's time to share some speed feats

2: Speed/Agility Feats

It is well known that Cass is a regular bullet dodger, so for now I shall avoid sharing the obvious. If need be I'll share some more of her impressive bullet dodging feats later on in the battle. For now I want to counter some things you mentioned in your opening for Harley. I have no doubt Harley has some impressive agility or speed feats, and I don't doubt your claim that she is on par with Nightwing. However Cass can dance around Nightwing.

Here Cass is maneuvering and blocking Dick's attacks no problem,all while on a rather thin platform that surely requires great balance to walk on, and even more balance to fight and do the moves Cass is capable of doing on them. Dick says he will eventually get a hit on her but to my knowledge poor Dick never does. See combined with her enhanced speed and agility, cass has the ability to read body language and tell what her foe will do before they even do it. This allows her to dodge and even prevent attacks from even happening.

Now lets talk about her striking speed. She has been shown to defeat countless foes in a matter of seconds. Here is one example

Here she is shown taking on five security guards effortlessly, able to strike four of them at the same time using and stretching her limbs. The people watching her also offer some interesting commentary on her skill,speed, and strength which I think you will consider to be useful. They state her strength to be 2.6 stronger than baseline human, her speed 4.2 times faster. her fighting style? untraceable. Cass doesn't have any one dominant school of training but rather has taking on multiple styles of fighting and creating her own. Her fighting style highlights her speed, agility, and body reading capabilities and there is known like it. She also has enough knowledge to use either styles as well. Now lets get on the defensive.

3: Durability and Pain Tolerance

Now I'm no idiot. Harley will get her hits in of course, maybe even get a hit with her hammer however Cass has the ability to tolerate it. Once again she has taken on Deathstroke, Shiva, and the Brain and his Gorilla, all who can deal pretty impressive blows. She has even tanked bullets multiple times, in fact she has tanked multiple bullets she could have dodged if it wasn't for her protecting somebody behind her. Cass is brutal in her own strengths and is willing to take the pain/hit if that means she can get closer or complete her task. Here are some examples ppf durability. I can post more if need be.

Here cass is hurt from a previous encounter with Shiva. it actually goes right to left. I accidentally loaded them backwards. Cass strikes Shiva with her damaged knowing that it would cause her pain, however she does it anyways. This also showcases the fact that Cass is not afraid to fight dirty. Shiva thought she had cass beat, and she pretty much did but Cass was smart she used her weakness to her advantage and when she was close enough she strike, willing to take the pain to complete her task.

alright so they loaded this one backwards too. This is from No Man's land. Here Cass falls from a rather high building and is shown to be fine the next page, hiding in the graveyard. Since we don't see how she lands it's hard to say if these is a feat of durability or agility( maybe used her skills to make the landing softer). It could be a combination of both. EIther way she fell down and managed to make it to the graveyard unnoticed.

Those are my feats for now, lets run some battle scenarios

4: Battle Scenario's

Alright so the fight starts. Cass runs in close, perhaps Harley uses one of her toys, lets say her boxing glove gun, cass dodges it and makes the fight her's by moving in close and striking with her speed, Harley dodges a few but Cass gets a good few in, and Harley gets her share of hits. Harley pulls out of of her other smaller toys hitting Cass, spreading the distance again. Cass is hurt but nothing that stops her from fighting, she has taken worse punishment. However this has given Harley time to take out hammer. Cass however uses this to use some of her own gadgets, throwing a few smoke grenades, Cass uses this distraction to get close to Harley again or to throw some batarangs. Harley takes a few hits but once the smoke clears she manages to swipe cass with her hammer. Cass is close enough to get hit by the hammer, she does take a hit. but whats that? she is a bit dazed, but before the collision she managed to break the handle, Harley's hammer is down for the count, her other goodies are used up. It becomes a fist fight. Harley is in slightly better shape due to her healing factor and durability but Cass is still standing, plus she still has some of her own toys if needed. Cass uses her superior agility, speed, and skill to strike and maneuver around Harley, attacking pressure points and making her hits count. In the end Harley is on the ground and Cass has one.

I think this is one possible scenario that could happen. Although I believe there are scenarios that would be more in Cass's favor I know Harley is no joke and decided to be generous with the hits I gave her. I believe Cass can dodge most of them tbh. But anyways. It's your move @joygirl


1)so this is battle and not a popularity contest so you're thoughts on whether or not she sucks doesn't matter.

2) This is a Challenge a Viner thread so please wait until voting to place you're answer.

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It was a tough choice between black panther and captain marvek. I ended up picking captain marvel.

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@joygirl: I was almost done writing up my response but then my browser randomly closed on me and all of it was lost. I'll have to respond later today now. I'm sorry for making you wait.