Favorite Characters Marvel and DC characters

Here you go.

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=D Psylocke! She is awesome. ^__^ I don't remember if I saw Cass or not earlier on here. =O She's cool too. The Darkness seems mysterious. =O You have good choices for favorites!

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@samimista: Why thank you and the list will keep growing too.

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@shadowswordmaster: Your welcome kind sir! =D Can't wait to see more. Editing lists can be very addicting. 0.0

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Great List

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Yay Green Arrow! =D

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@shadowswordmaster: Yesh! Isn't he pretty? =D Wonder if Oliver will know the difference. XD

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Posted by Samimista

@shadowswordmaster: Arthur needs to lower his voice to confuse em then! D= He could say that Dinah decided to grow a beard for No Shave November! 0.0

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Upvoted for Psylocke and Green Arrow.

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No cyclops? The field general? Slim Summers. The First X-Man? Good list either way.

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Nice list.

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Vic Sage is a creepy dude.