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Probably Star Trek. Just seems like the one with there shit together the most.

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I live under a rock.. And.. Neat. I vote goku.

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@RazzaTazz said:

Not that this isnt a complex topic (gun control) but if the pro-gun crowd wanted to promote themselves as responsible, they probably wouldnt advocate for something with the word "assault" in the title.


OP -

Perhaps potential is a concern? I mean - should grenades, rocket launchers and nuclear warheads be made available to anyone who wants them just because the majority of gun deaths are with handguns?

If an emotionally unhinged person goes on a rampage and starts killing randomly, would you rather he or she do it with a hand gun or an automatic rifle?

If you were to have to defend yourself with a gun what would be the circumstance in which an automatic rifle would be necessary?

Perhaps the debate is on bigger arms because it's a less complicated aspect of the issue. Firing on multiple people, or people at a distance is a hard to justify situation for self defense.

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In from hell when the ripper looks into that body and sees the eighties office building.. No shock value, just creepy.

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Easy :D :

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Yeah, Digital still sticks in my craw a little.. but I got a kindle (old fashioned e-ink) and It's the most amazing thing in the world. Three hundred books in the space of a cliffs notes. Someday when I get an samsung tablet thingie or some other full-color gizmo I'm sure I'll make the leap.

I just hate seeing that stack of pretty pictures and story sitting in the corner - begging me to jump in.. >.<

Especially when I'm made aware of something else that sounds awesome..

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I've been trying to get through the early Hellboy books FOREVER! I just can't seem to find the time to sit down.

How do you guys find time? Do you just happen to be not particularly busy all of the time? Or do you have to force yourself to sit down so that you can keep up with a story you love?

How much time do you find? On average how many (pages I guess?) do you get through weekly?

Is not being left behind as issues come out a motivating factor? Does your interest wax and wayne?

I personally can't watch episodic television on a weekly basis either - that whole "hurry up and watch it.. then wait a week for the next bit" drives me crazy. So I like to hear about things long after they've concluded.

I'm not really a hardcore comic nerd but I'm sure some of you are - I'm just curious what the range is of how much is consumed by a given person.

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Fallout 3, Half-Life 2, ICO/Shadow of the Collossus, Brutal Legend, Tetris

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Just a note - I'm going to add the first couple (or maybe just this one) to the off-topic forum and see if there's any response. There's a chance that the process may be interesting to some of you. If so I'll keep adding them here - if not I'll just continue blogging without adding them to the public forum.

If it's interesting - ask questions, make observations about what works and what doesn't, etc. This is to present my work to a potential audience - but it's just as much to talk about it if anyone wants to. (I wouldn't have taken the time to organize my thoughts and write them down if it weren't [on my day off when I'm NOT spending seven hours a day actually composing].. and I'm apparently a slow-ass writer because I spent at least a couple hours writing that. >.<)