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I know it's not forever, but it'sjust gonna be hard to find a new Marvel book to get into  until then.
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Well thats all folks. The final Spidergirl issue.( The real one anyway) 
I'd first like to thank my brother for introducing me to the book in the first place, my local library and  comic book shop for stocking the books. Marvel for posting all the issues on digital and fans for supporting the books. And especially Tom Defalco and crew for making such an amazing character,supporting cast and storylines. 
To all of you, 

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Good news everyone, your favorite ape-faced, pheromone controller is finally ready to break into big time media. Thats right Mandrill is slated to appear in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes tv show.
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I wanted to do some reading on the Hobgoblin and just wanted to know if someone could make a list of the best stories he's appeared in over the years. I wanted to see what makes him his on character and not just another goblin knockoff, what really makes him one of spidermans deadliest foes.

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It was right after daredevil defeated him. Matt is confronted by ben urich about being daredevil. Then there was a monologue, the next seen showed kingpin in a cell, a guy who looked exactly like owl in a cell next to his and then a scene with bullsye in the hospital pinning a fly to the wall with a needle.
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Just watched the daredevil movie for the first time and i I noticed a quick glance at an inmate holding on to the bars in the cell next to kingpin's who looked exactly like him. I've checked everywhere  online but nothing says if this is supposed to be a cameo.

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Ah Mac Gargan is Scorpion again, because apparently they created Scorpia for nothing. Then again,i wasn't really fond of the whole man-eating Venom. 
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 Just wondering why steel spider didn't appear in the story arc. Addmittedly half the characters shown on the advertisement didn't make a single appearance, but come on, they could'nt be bothered to even include him in the group shot.  His not dead as far as I know and he's got the spider theme down.
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Funny. I asked the same question a few weeks ago. Not really sure what will happen to them. they'll probably never bring it up, but i'd prefer at least a one shot or a back up in the Avengers ongoing.

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I know the Hood resurrected quiet a few villains killed by scourge for his army of supervillains. With him now in prison and depowered what happens  these villains since he has to recharge them every thirty days or they'll die again.Will they all simply keel over off screen and be forgotten yet again? Or will they get a short one shot that shows them all die in the end or find some way to save themselves? Either way they should probably let the prison guards know before then,