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@bloodblunts: maybe, but with the time medallion he actually needs time like to plan what to do, and he only monologures to his young self

Anyway, he could phase or turn into gas to avoid harm by his eye beams

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@bloodblunts: SM cartoon depends on which series, and how can HALF ghost danny be stronger than full ghost danny? The strongest enemies are full ghosts and he wins out of technicism or plot

Yeah, he was on the road to become a ghotsly goku of his own but then butch happened and marmel got fire and he didn't get anystronger than getting tk, not fainting with his GW and ice powers. Truth be told, S3 could have gone a lot better and he could have got stronger... but he didn't get that strong. In dragon ball terms (and I wanted to make a thread like this: DP character's power lelvel in DBZ terms/scale) his power level would be around 1700 to 2000 at the most, and even there I believe I'm giving him too much credit given than raditz at his peak was 2500 and when he fought goku he was "tired"and has a 1500 power level. I wish there wsa not a DBZ ban here, cuz I wanted to set those two

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Noticing how similar their outfits are, I couldn't help myself but to make one (I can't post pic cause I'm on phone)

So Lord Superman from the DCAU vs Dan Phantom, Danny Phantom's evil future self

First round no prep

Second round they know the basic of their oponents

Third round one day prep with the Justice lords help, they know the needed to fight DP ghosts

Fight in Gotham

Dan has his time medallion

Can this evil superman lobotomize the future's evilest ghost? One clue, hard to lobotomize gas

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@bloodblunts: we saw his older self who has plasmius power and his own plus ten years of training (you don't get to be the most evil destructive and that muscular ghost by sitting around), and his strength level would be around that of base hulk so I don't think his full potential even in more than ten years could reach such level, but I do believe he could reach the power enough to turn at least the entire city intangible on his own and to have GW on Dan's level, but as much as I love him (and being the only one who make a DP thread around here at least once weak says a lot) I don't think he could be that strong, maybe a cartoon superman

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@juiceboks: Da rules have many legal wholes, but, they can't make him win a competition but they can help by giving him the means as proved when they got him through time to make a video for a movie competiton or to win a fight like when they transform into weapons to fight aliens like they do always (mark chan, dark laser), so it does make distinction between aiding in a fight or competition and making him win one

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@bloodblunts: who is ofended? All I'm saying is superman's level is WAY beyond anything any DP character can achiven the guy can move planets

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@shiryu: spirits and ghosts are in fact different in AT

@scouterv: blast her yeah, explode her head with GW? I doubt it, he is not a banshee

@bloodblunts: necro blast? Are they teaming up with the spwan? Anyway, agree with most you said, the only thing I will not agree with anybody is danny having better ice power than ice king, the king of ice himself

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@killerwasp: you understimate her figting skills, when she was shackled she managed to fight zaheer who was a helluva an airbender and fighter even without it and in avatar state her fight with him even poisoned was almost like aang vs ozai even using fire to fly like ozai and azula did

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@hyperlight: I don't see why would they sense them, they haven't displayed such ability in the series, and that's no reason for intangibility not to work

You forget that in chapter one danny kicked down a monster as big if not bigger than them, and chapter two he knocked a dragon with one punch, and the list of times he fights gigantic monsters and dragons goes on, and plasmius himself suckerpunched a giant dragonesque four arm monster and is stronger than danny so strength does matter regardless size

The ghostly wail could cause trouble, but even at the end of the series, I don't think is enough to cause them real trouble, the most he did with it at the end was to push away a bunch of ghosts without fainting but still I don't see it Dan's level since is still not city wrecker so @a1l_s2a3m4e5n: is wrong his ghostly wail is now near close to city wide dispersal, city block at the most

@bloodblunts: superman's level? I hope you're being deliberately provocative.

And I don't see how is that even a question, first of all they don't have to die to lose, there is no need to point that and second of all I don't see why being a half ghost will make them immortal, they're still human, hence they can still die, only thing would change would be that they'd become full ghosts, and even ghosts can be destroyed

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@bloodblunts: how can you say he is a non factor? He was beating korra until jinora came down as the living deus ex machina/nary sue she is to save her