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@shadowpro: Sidious doesn't carry devices like that around with him and just because he can sense him with the force doesn't mean he can affect him with it while Danny's intangible. Also the feat of catching an arrow gives him a fast enough reaction time to turn intangible before Sidious can blitz him along with his regeneration being able to heal any non fatal wounds.

that would depend on whether if sidious is faster than an arrow

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so turtles then?

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well for the record I was fiving it to slade for the last 2 rounds

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come on!

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woulda use the comis but is done already so...

Lady Death


no prep, full powers and usuak weapon, fight in hel, in character, vic by any mean

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Tom Taylor! So they finally got rid of Gillen, the dullest and most unimaginative writer to ever grace comic books. Okay, I'm on board!

say... a wannabe critique

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come on, this is adventure time

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because I'm not done with adventure time vs nick shows, and it's halloween time, here comes Nickelodeon's Ghost King, Pariah Dark

With his loyal serant, the Firght Knight

wirh his nearly endless ghost skeleton army

the ghost king has taken the candy kingdom into the ghost zone

no prep, just a random conquest, can the ghost king conquer this realm? CK has all their soldiers, heroes, defense systems, everything they can use to fight, PD is at full power with ring and crown, fin has the grass sword and the blood demons sword, jake uses the anti-ghost lady armor and they have their psychic tandem battle elephant

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@the_kidd said:

  • Both he and Danny could only create four clones at the most.

lol, you're doing it worng, vlad can create way more than four, he literaly creates clones enough to possess every voter in amity park and still he had power enough to fight danny, danny had the upper hand by light marge though, but he was still powerfull after spliting himself hundreds of times and use them to fight together

@shadowpro: All I remember him doing is talking. What good is h2h when you opponent goes intangible?

well he can also phase, that should doit and he knows how to use his prep, he can easility create or steal some tech to touch intangible beings

@the_kidd said:

@darthaznable: Its been awhile since I watch this but how is Vlad going to posses demons also didn't Vlad & Danny were force to turn back normal after using their powers for long periods of time?

thecnicaly that wa danny's problem during the first 5 episodes, after episode 6 he has no problem with it, and vlad never had it, they can only change back unwillingly when knocked out by a powerfull attack, I.E. ghost king's ghost rays