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@beta_stage: technically, it doesn't matter if it's blood, what matters is whether or not that substance contains water, because it's been stated that bloodbending works by bending the water that's in blood.

the way i see it, they can bend anything liquid regardless of water content, I mean, katara bended perfumes once

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that'sd how bruce looks with a mowhawk? lame, then again, no hair cut is lamer

and I love!!!!!!! Jessica's back

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is this about the girls she meton the 40s? it doesn'¡t bother me, but it surprisers me a lot

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@asgaard said:

House of ideas? Thordis?

At least that is how i m going to call her from now on Thordis...

not even something new, but seriously, it couldn't be one of his grand-daugthers?


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@kingtphil: because it will be so easy when he uses a reduction spell on him

@neongamewave: really? How, please, tell me how could he defeat a wizard who can turns him into a rat with a mere thought

@ssj_god: just because he can survive goijng to the internet, It doesn't mean he won't lose, without a body to fight, he automatically loses; that is the same case with volvemort and the horrocruxes. Sure, he might still exist and reutrn for a sequel, but if his body is gone, the fight is good as lost. So to put it simple, going to the internet won't save his ass, he will still lose

@ssj_god: it is cannon that magic can indeed affect technology

@noone301994: oh, don't worry, I said only to piss you off, not to insult you,

Again, thor is NOT magical, he said his "magic" is technology. And even if it were, none of those beams and rays were magic meant to alter his molecular structure. The better question is how surviving a blow from the hulk is in any way synonym to immune to matter manipulation?

Dr. Manhattan? The first time I called you idiot was to know you were thick-skin or not, but this is trolling. John will destroy him before he even draws a wand, he is Dr. Freaking Manhattan, also I think it was done.

Wusing logic with bigger wholes? Using a being who is above any HP magic?

Again, is the movie version, is not as good as the comic. Let's just hocu-pocus focus of these two

Yeah, until I get to see some actual Dr. Strange on-screen using real magic and by no mean doing something magic-like buy that is only advanced physics as Odin using Dark Energy and not odin-force, then there is no magic in this universe. I need more than just a few words that a character exists to believe there is magic in MCU. I mean, it could be the same bitter disappointment as with the twins, not only they ain't mutant, she aint' magical

Besides, as said before ultron has shown no defesnse against magic, and the same goes for you and ulton, one thing is to say he wins (give me a good, bulletporrf, adamantium solid argument he does, and not just a simple he stomps and I'd even take your side) but to sday he stomps? Give me a reason why other than he is ultron

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@kyrees: ok, show me in what instance in the movies or books, a spell was countered by having thick skin, specially a powerful spell as the avada kedabra.

Besides, there is a wide array of other spells he will use sich as the imperi curse, the crucio curse, fyrefiend, transmutation spell, legimancy, possesion, reduction spells, vanishing spells.

Don't be retard, everybody damn knows, that the comic versions of these characters are just too much for any HP character. Besides, doesn't he already have some immunity to magic?

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If I recal correctly, some of them are cyborgs, which mean Korra can metalbend them

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@noone301994: so? It doesn't matter how durable he is, durability has NOTHING to do with how the killing curse would affect him. Just because his body is hard and he can take a punch from giants, it doesn't mean magic cannot kill him. I mean, is cannon (as seen in Agents of shield) that this asgardians have a heart and in fact are mortal as humans, only but way more long lived, and the killing curse (unknown method of killing) simply stops your heart, and being an alien won't save you from it, there is no reason to believe it should save him from it.

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@noone301994 said: None of that will work because Voldemort has NEVER done any of that on ANYTHING even remotely as close in durability as Ultron. Your logic is a no-limits fallacy. Could Voldemort kill Galactus with a killing spell too? Or transmutate and transfigure Galactus' armor?

Good lord, you are an idiot. First of all, in what way his durability (which only allowed him to withstand superhuman blows which only produce kinetic force and repulsion beams) is supposed to make him immune to magic? Specially a type of magic that specifically alters the molecular bond of matter as said by jk rowling? Secondly. And even worse, you compare MOVIE ultron with GALACTUS? As in PLANET EATER GLACTUS!?! You compare a man-made robot with a COSMIC ENTITY and his celestial-like armor made with an unknown material with a simple vibranium shell? Vibranium from a universe when not only magic (and galactus himself) is non existent, but also is not as strong as comic vibranium which is still nowhere near close to galactus' armor and I'm sure is not immune to magic either. Not to mention that is a cannon fact that galactus' only weakness is his hunger and in order to affect him with magic it would have to be a wizard on cosmic level as Strange or a being like comic thor (and is not even his magic, is mostly his brute force). A level of magic that is NOT required to affect movie ultron.

@dontevenblink: really? A pal'o'mine said she did, anyhow, as I said, he has no defense against magic and transmutation spells that can be used to turn animals into objects and vice versa. Neither he can counter his telekinesis

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@RBT: but he was afraid of death just as voldemort


Now everyone tell me, what's there to protect ultron from being affected by a reduction spell? Or a transmutation, or transfiguration spell? you know, turning something into something else, or a vanishing spell? How can he stop it? Or what can protect him from his legimancy, given scarlet witch could read his mind?

So to put it simple, no, ultron doesn't stomp