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I have to agree with this review. I read all the Valiant books and I found that the Harbinger Wars mini-series with crossing over into both Harbinger & Bloodshot made for a slow read on a huge event. It's still a great story, and all of the comic series were well done, but I think it would have been better if the Harbinger Wars mini-series was not made and the events were concentrated in just the Harbinger & Bloodshot comics. Still loved it though.

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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I can't wait for this book!

I'm not a hater of Marvel or DC, it sounds like they are putting out a lot of really good books right now, but my pull list consists of every Valiant book and will keep growing with every new Valiant book that comes out.

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Based off of your "Off Their Minds: Could Professor X or Telepaths be Arrested for Invasion of Privacy" video, I have to ask why most telepaths lift a finger or fingers to their temple? I don't think that there is a button in there, unless it's like a walky-talky where they have to hold the button down to be able to talk to the other person. Might be to stabilize their head, or does telepathy cause migraines? Or, like holding onto a radio antenna for better reception, does the finger to the temple cause the full arm to act like an antenna? Though the telepaths over in Harbinger don't need to put their fingers to their temples, but maybe that's because everything in the Valiant universe is just that much better (ooo, ouch! Sorry Marvel fans).

Also, I would love it if you guys talked just a bit more on the Valiant books, I know you guys don't review them, but I am still hopeful a little conversation about them.

Thank you!

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I already put my vote in, but Superman could be President and Clark Kent could be Vice President. He fooled Lois for so long, he could manage to do the same thing to the American public for 4 years. And then come out after the term in shame like Arnold.

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During the campaign run: Iron Man for President & Storm for Vice President (invaluable during the campaign due to always sh*tty weather over the oppositions campaign trail, and Iron Man always looked great with the sun perpetually shining on him).

However, Iron Man accidentally impregnated Storm at some point during the campaign, so she was immediately removed from the race and Magneto replaced her.

After election day:

President: Iron Man

Vice President: Magneto (however Magneto was pulling all the strings because he could control Iron Man's every move)

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@Jonny_Anonymous: Here's your Scottish superhero for ya Laddy!

At least I have several choices for the next Prime Minister of Canada!

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@Timandm said:

@Teerack said:

Can't believe they still haven't redesigned this...

Why? Is there something not aerodynamically sound with a flying device shaped like for lego blocks stuck together with pencils?
@JediXMan said:

@Timandm said:

@Jorgevy said:

80s roller blades

I bet some 80s super hero has one of those

Yes, Dazzler used to wear Roller Blades. Actually, she wore Roller SKATES... way before Roller Blades came out.. and that is SO MUCH WORSE...

And Shadowcat.

That really IS an image I never needed burned into my brain.... LOL!!!

Thank you for putting on the Fantastic Four flyer, I always thought that was the worst design, especially to still use it in the new millenium.

Is that Carrot Top?!

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@IfDCRuledTheWorld said:

This guy

This is a still from The Little Mermaid right?

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@Manwhohaseverything said:

This has always been lame on so many levels..starting with the fact WW doesn't really need one. I really don't know what they were thinking when they created this. (Whoever that was.)

Yes, yes, EXTREMELY lame! Sooooo, are the two massive and overstuffed suitcases and carry on bag invisible too? You'd also think that she would have a pair of sweat pants stored in the plane just so she can travel "comfy".

Question: if you saw here flying over your head in that position, would your first thought be that you wish you had an umbrella?