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@time: I didn't think it was. And just so there is no misunderstanding, I WAS targeting my comment at you on behalf of every sane person here who is so undoubtedly SICK TO DEATH of you and your constant anti-Emma Pro-Jean nonsense. How long have you been at this now? Years? 2? 3? You need a new hobby.

And it's YOU'RE when if could be YOU ARE, it's only YOUR when it belongs to someone. You should spend less time online posting about dead, irrelevant superheroes from the 90's and more time perfecting your use of the English language.

"People who dis Jean cause there Emma Frost fans, are sad." What about people who don't like either, they just dislike YOU?

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Lego Hulk! I'm in.

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still trying to get enough work booked that I don't starve this quarter....but yes, I'm still very happy :)

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they are the trinity though. They aren't slots in a team roster to be filled, together- those particular three heroes ARE the trinity. None of them belongs to other groups, unlike the GL's who are all a member of a pre-existing corps, they are solo heroes who found common ground in being the three top players in a group that boast hundreds of revolving members. To say someone should replace one of them as a member of the trinity is impossible to fathom because the three of them ARE the trinity, take one of them out and then it's just 2/3 of the trinity with someone else hanging out. Just my opinion, of course.

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@time: stop living in the past. You're a joke.

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Avatar the Last Airbender

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I'm an Imperial battle mage. Destruction magic and alteration mostly. I'm getting good at black smithing and alchemy and I have great one handed battle skills. I Ended up drinking too much one night and ended up on the opposite side of the continent with no idea how I got there. So I've been exploring my way back to where I started but I've been nothing buy side-tracked. I'm level 22 and about 45 hours in and I still don't see myself finishing any time soon. There are SO many places I still haven't been yet. I still have to get back to mage's college and finish being a student! Damn this game is huge.

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I think the next game should be Batman: Gotham City. It could be all about a Batman imposter ruining his reputation and through out the game you're on the run from the cops and special forces. Batman would have to check in on all the villains in town trying to figure out who's behind it all. It would keep seeming like the Joker was behind it even though he's dead and in the end you'd find out that after defeating Clayface in the last game, his body was split into a Batman and a Joker personality that were to blame for the whole thing.

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Carol Danvers pre-Marvel powers, to set it up for her to be in the sequel as Ms. Marvel.

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Iron Man or Nova?