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My Super Life, way better then yours...XD

Name: Kid Panell.

Height: 6'3



KP, In the Ultimate Universe had a drastically different life. He Was moved to New York At a young age not having to experience the troubles the Vine Prime Version had, But Alas Tragedy struck for when he was fifteen years old a group of roaming Satanists Broke Into his home, They beat him brutally and kidnapped him, Intending to sacrifice him as a virgin. But a Strange Occurrence happened as the dark magics they had summoned, Murdered them. The reason being was that Young KP Was not a virgin by any means, They're assumptions being wrong had Caused the spells to go haywire. A Curse was placed over him, Every Time the Sun Would go down he would be driven to the point of madness, His Skin Would turn a foul Color, His Teeth would fang and sharpen, His Eyes would dialect, His Fingernails would grow into Razor Sharp Talons, His Spine would arch and his veins would bulge out of his disgusting skin. He Would go into Tunnel Vision each night, Trying to hunt down and kill whatever it saw in it's path, Spread chaos as far as he could. He was able to contain these bouts of Insanity and Rampages to only his bedroom. He had a perfectly Normal Life By Day But when The Night Struck he was enraged, Finally he couldn't hold these days When the Shadows overwhelmed him any longer. He Began Rampaging and Taking his attacks to the streets. He Tried to Make the best of what he could, Training to only attack the Criminal Scum That is the New York Underworld. This Occasionally worked, As he took on a new Persona referring to himself as "The Shadow Devil." He Hunts down the People of New York Under this persona, But By day he seeks salvation for his cause and illness.

Differences Between Ultimate and Prime

(Coming Soon.)