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Is it just me, or does that flying female silhouette look an awfully lot like the classic Jean Grey/Phoenix pose? Esp given the background it's contrasted against. Rachel with long hair, maybe? It would be too much to ask for Jean to come back and finally put Emma back in the trash where she belongs. It probably doesn't matter either way...the X-books are a sick joke and have been since Morrison. But they won't be fixed w/o a MAJOR shift in Editorial...

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Absolutely they should "reboot".  The major titles have been forced into ever increasing levels of desperation in gimmickry to keep things going as it is (Batman Inc, etc).  The new EIC is known for his "back to basics" approach to comic book properties, and I think this would serve DC well.  It's time for a new "Man of Steel" mini, a new "Dark Knight".  It's time to stop with the Ranbow Lantern Corps nonsense.
It's time to start over and give DC fans back the characters they knew and loved, not the tortured, twisted caricatures that so many of them have become.

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The article leaves out I think some other key examples of Cyke's mental and emotional instability and/or his poor character, two old ones and one relatively recent one:.
Example: In the aftermath of Dark Phoenix, Cyke goes all emo and quits the team after dueling with Storm over leadership.
Example: Cyke punks Maddie and little Nathan by running off after Jean upon her resurrection.
Example: in the whole run-up to Baby Hope, Cyke (true to form) obsesses about her to the point where he is too blind to catch Emma all bout taking out a full-page newspaper ad to the effect that she would like to have a baby of her OWN with him.
Cyke has a reputation as being a bit of a Boy Scout (or at least he USED to have one), and the exemplar of the New Mutant Man, but he's really never been much more than a whiny-a** punk and a self-righteous one to boot.

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I'd just like to point out (if it hasn't been already) that the "Hulkbuster" is one of the modular configurations available to the 90s armor, which is my fav.   Honorable 2nd to "Heroes Return".  Third to War Machine.

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This is garbage. It's gonna flop big time.  Hopefully Fox will then let the rights go and Marvel can find someone to make better X-movies.

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@Emerald Dragonfly: 
Preach it!
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The "tech problems" aren't that big of a deal, IMO.  As others have stated, the "pod" is the new Vita-Ray apparatus.  The guns and the bomber can be easily explained either by the Cosmic Cube or the simple fact that these are mostly HYDRA troopers who would have had access to Nazi Super Science gear.
And to the guy who was griping about the flying wing: read up on experimental German aircraft of WW II.  Such plains were on the Luftwaffe's drawing boards, and a few even prototyped.

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There has already been at least one "scandal" involving a content provider "repo-ing" it's material from peoples' e-readers.  If I give you money for your content in a sales (as opposed to a rental) situation, by God that copy of the content now belongs to ME.
I don't want content providers doing the equivalent of a midnight B&E job on my literature, so I will NEVER willingly buy digital-only content.

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Sorry, but no sale here...not going to buy a short padded with a bunch of other shorts to fill out the dvd space.  I can get my Capt Marvel fix from either his JLU appearance or from Public Enemies.

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Iron Fist?
I'm sorry, but there are much more worthy characters and teams than that: Nova, New Warriors, Namor, New Mutants, etc.

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