I mean it can make stories more exciting (depending on who you are really). But, I freaked out over seeing Hawkgirl getting her hurt ripped out in Blackest Night.  
:( not always

It's Annoying

This is basically just one big rant by me Shadow Huntress. Or also known as Jecka in real life. But, you're not gonna call me that. K? Thanks.

I have come to the realization that many people on Comicvine are really immature. Or just need to find something better to do with their lives. Rather than chasing after people day and night. Like...harrassing people over the internet is stupid. They're caring too much about people they'll never meet. 
Oh and the immaturity age ranges from 13 year olds to early 30's. LOLOL early 30's. How lame.

There are the people who are hopelessly in love with people over the net. I mean ewh. Grow up and find someone in real life. It's kind of creepy anyway.

Then there are the people who are offered 2nd chances, and then they sh!t all over that person. By talking sh!t, laughing about them, making bets about them, etc. Wow. You're a real prick you know that? Get a life. Stop talking sh!t about someone you'll never meet. They're probably just really fat and greasy with a combover anyway. HOT. (EPICSARCASM!)

Then there are those stalkers. That act like what they're doing is normal, when in reality its just f_cking weird. They'll get on their hands and knees for whoever they're obsessing over. Beg them and kiss their feet (well their "internet feet"). They'll suck up to that one person so much that it makes you sick. Impressing people you've never met before? ROFL. Ewh. It's not like their God. Imitating/copying them isn't going to make you be or look like them more. In the end, all you would have achieved is...Being someone who has no personality whatsoever. Also, a fake. How wonderful. Seriously, get off their d!ck already.

OH. Then there are those racist pr!cks. Who just seriously need to burn in Hell. Obviously they don't believe in Civil rights or Women's rights, or whatever. All of those wonderful rights. Racism is lame. A lot of people on this site already have to deal with it in real life. Even if you insinuate racist comments or anything. It'll still crawl under people's skin. Nobody wants to hear that sh!t. Most of us come to this site to get away from that nonsense in real life. Hence the reason why,  you can create SUPERHEROS! Or Supervillains. Or neutrals if you're indecisive. Whatever. But, racism? Keep it the f_ck back. No one likes a racist or a sexist b!tch. Like saying "pimp slap"? WTF? That's not even funny in the first place, whether your sexist or not. How old are you again? 12? Hmm it seems so.
Because "pimp-slapping them hoes" is hilarious. HA. HA. HA. Negative. I remember when I was in middle school, so many kids would joke around about that. And guess what. It was really lame.

Uhmm...Hmmm. My writing is pretty bad right now. But, I was on the phone earlier and I got frustrated. SO! I decided to write in this crap for once. This thing I don't use.

NOSY PEOPLE. So obnoxious. Who likes a nosy person? Not I. Who likes to associate with one? Not I. Just seriously...Shove it. If we wanted to tell you we would have told you a while ago.

Hmmmmmmmm. Then. There are the gross perverts. Who like to get off on drawn women who look really disgusting, and unrealistic. Like my sister said, "If they beat off to hentai, OBVIOUSLY they've never had sex before". I agree! Or they're just plain gross. Like yes we understand Lady Death is half-naked. But...She's...ANIMATED. Ughh nasty sh!t.

Don't even get me started on the hippies that are this site. Like smoking weed...So unattractive. And you look like a total bum. And hippies. Shut the f_ck about your "Peace & Love" sh!t. Sorry sweety this is 2008, not the 60's. You're not gonna fly away on your damn sparkly wings. You're not gonna hear the f_cking colors. You don't f_cking hear colors. You see them. "Oh, what was that green? You look like lettuce? Worddddd" SHOVEIT! You're all gross. Have fun destroying your brain cells and getting fat you sexy thangs you. 

Then there are those people whose heads are up their asses. Running around saying they can kick my ass or someone else's. I'm sorry? Do I know you? We haven't even fought yet, so once again shut your face. You're not all that. Even if you've been around longer than I have. You're just f_cking old.

Oh. And those people who are making new accounts and running into threads playing stupid...Just...Shut the f_ck up. You're a nuisance.

That's really all I can think about now at this moment v__v




I won't be watching it xP

I'll be in NYC at a concert with my best friend. We're gonna see Dir En Grey!
Plus, Cartoon Network got taken off of my television.
We down-graded our TV recently.

Besides, I never watch Television anyway :]



Vice President L
President Aizen
Except...He doesn't turn his people into Hollows ^.^;; or Arrancars.


I'm a reader :P

I just borrow Bab's and read them, heh.

I'm more of a manga collector than comicbook collector!



I absolutely LOVE manga.

Some of my favorites are:

- Chronicles Of The Cursed Sword
- Ororon
- Immortal Rain
- Bleach
- Death Note
-  Paradise Kiss
- Trinity Blood
- Hellsing
- .hack//Legend Of The Twilight
- Kill Me Kiss Me
- Gravitation
- Junjo Romantica
- Loveless
- Ragnarok
- xxxHolic
- Shutterbox

^_^ LOTS. And that's not even all of my favorites.


CV 2.0

I think the site looks great! Of course it'll take me some time to get use to the new features and everything.

Except it is a bit slow on my computer - but that just may be my problem heh.