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@allstarsuperman: Yeah, that's not the way it works, genius; your "poll" of 20 people doesn't mean squat. Their popularity isn't what it used to be, but Red Sonja and Vampirella BOTH have larger legacies in comics than Psylocke (lol), and arguably Carol Danver

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@allstarsuperman: And yes, Red Sonja and Vampirella arnt nearly as iconic as even Psylocke and Miss Marvel, definetly not was iconic as WW.

LOL. You could not be more wrong.

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If you don't like the law, change the law. You don't have the votes to change the law? Then shut the hell up, and quit holding the country hostage. The GOP can go f themselves, and the country has had enough of it.

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I honestly can't believe anyone thinks this is good. I mean, I appreciate the effort by the people involved, but the only people who would be even remotely interested in this are fanboys. I suppose, considering the site this is on, it shouldn't come as a surprise that it is warmly received.

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Ah, the classic example of someone over analyzing a subject in order to promote an untenable hypothesis. You can always tell who the Simone/Fraction fans are, can't you?

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Whedon is his own worst enemy when it comes to television. In the comparatively compact story-telling format of film, his humor is succinct, to-the-point, and clever. In the extended, long-term story-telling of the television format, however, he gets far too cute and too enamored with his own cleverness. The numbers are going to plummet for this show.

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So this is the thread where the Drama Queens are hanging out today.

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The worst thing about comic "non-deaths" is the cynicism it instills in readers. When a character's death means nothing, neither does that character's life, and if the characters don't mean anything, why should we bother to read?

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@chewish said:

I really like Saldana, it's just...she's already been in two sci-fi franchises. I would like it for someone else to have a chance to play a badass space lady. Maybe Christina Hendricks (she was pretty good in Firefly)? What about Gemma Arterton?

Why do people keep trying to put Christina Hendricks in action roles? Don't get me wrong, she is absolutely gorgeous, but she's not athletic, she can't even fake athletic with her body. When there were still rumors of a Red Sonja movie, people were trying to put her in that role as well. No. No no no no no. She's awesome, but she is completely, absolutely, and unquestionably wrong for playing athletic characters.

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I like them both, but she and Valkyrie are too much alike, and it's not because they are both female Asgardian warriors. Their temperaments are identical--you could swap costumes and put them in wigs, and you couldn't tell the difference.