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The allusions to Bucky Barnes are stupid; the characters really don't share that much in common, other than being former sidekicks. Grayson isn't brainwashed. Grayson isn't an assassin. Only a person with very little imagination would claim that Grayson is being "Winter Soldiered."

Secondly, LOL at the high speed come apart by the fanboys freaking out.

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The whole point of Squirrel Girl is to take the starch out of fanboys. Getting upset over this result is proof that it's working.

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I'll never understand people when they say "the story is moving to slow" or "there not enough zombie action"

Because most people today have zero understanding of tone or character development. They believe that plot is all there is to storytelling. And it's not limited to comments on a comic book website--I would estimate a full HALF of the so-called "movie critics" on the internet are just as myopic. Criticism today is a joke because the majority of "critics" are unqualified.

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@malonius said:

There's no tension because we know all 5 groups will reconnect. All of this is just filler and padding.

We don't know that. I can almost guarantee that the whole band is not going to get back together; there are going to be characters that aren't going to make it. That has been the MO of TWD since the very beginning. Your assumption is completely unfounded; you're just a disgruntled smart a$$ who will be proven wrong, like so many other disgruntled smart a$$es.

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@frobin: LOL, no. But thanks for playing. And don't even think about "schooling" me on stories or story development, tool.

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I don't envy the creative team of TWD. Here they are trying to make a grownup drama in a fantastical environment, and give characters some depth and humanity, and 90% of the audience are mouth breathing "not enough zombie smashing FAIL" morons.

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I've always been intrigued by the character, but that art is nails on the chalkboard.

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@nukea6: Hey, lets apply that logic to other mediums--is Titanic the best movie of all time? American Idol had a much larger audience than Breaking Bad--does that make it a better show?

WW has no depth, period. She's supposed to be the embodiment of all things "feminist" while she fights crime in her swimsuit, but she's barely a character at all.

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@nukea6: Hardly. She's faced personal tragedy, self-doubt, retired, come back, been persecuted, persevered, been crapped on like few characters in comics and rebounded, held multiple positions in the civilian/non-hero world. What you call "boring" others call "depth of character"; she has developed and grown, she doesn't owe what she is as a character to a writer who just "wrote her that way," she's earned it--the good and the bad.