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Sergeant Marlan Kimus

Born and raised on a planet unknown to many civilizations, his original physical form is a bright white silhouette standing at 6ft inches, Kimus has acquired dna from the invaders of his homeland through an injection from each foes blood giving him his appearance of human based Latino skin and a muscle mass based on his enemies combined and chosen to absorb the dna also gives him his skills in stealthy and full scale front line assault, his age is unknown by all due to his home planet not measuring a time scale.

picked up by a militian army to help recon soldiers from different worlds across the universe through his travels Marlan's stasis pod was under construction leaving him with only earth movies/documentaries to entertain/educate him of the militians local lingo.

On Marlans last pick up he experianced the fashion of earth that he had longed to see from watching the onflight entertainment and adopted it as his own, the last four earthlings he had picked up was to grow to be a strong alliance of his little did he know that they where all really close back home.

Thomas Afrack, Benni Franko, Kealibar Kart and Ria Spookje along side Marlan Kimus for the next 15years of stasis trining in VR ready to travel to the war infested reptilian planet comillia.......

if you like what you see and wanna know more let me know peoples :)

Kimus Out!

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