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Guys relax, DC is just doing two-three characters each time. So they are putting a familiar on the cover, so people buy it then lesser know people as the other stories- like Starfire in issue 2. That way Superman/ Batman and Casual Fans can grab it and have a good time with it. At the same time these casual fans and "I only read Batman and Marvel" fans can become exposed to these other characters and gain interest.

At the same time shouldn't the origins have been in their #1s three years ago during the massive Reboot three years ago? If not then surely their #0s, two years ago during Zero Month, should have covered thier origins, right? I believe we should have seen all the major villains covered during Villain's Month this past year. Well apparently not.

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They should have just killed him if this is what they where planing... :(

(dagmar_merrill said it first but at least half of us most be thinking it)

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@fhiz & @g_man: I have no idea why Scott Lobdell got top billing. The only reason I can think of is he receiving credit for the story arch concept (building from Superman #18). I don't care much for his writing so sadly his name on the cover is both a lie and a deterrent. More than anything I feel DC has totally screwed Mike Johnson out of a cover spot, when he deserves TOP BILLING.

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this is a bit of a long shot but...

(Spoilers below)

At the end of 'Man of Steel' Superman confronts two military officers after he destroys a satellite. The female officer notes that "he's hot" after he leaves. If you look closely, you'll notice the name on her shirt is "Ferris".

A military girl, named Ferris, does this sound familiar to anyone? How about

Carol Ferris, the boss and long time girlfriend of Hal Jordan (aka theGreen Lantern)!

I know this is a bit of a stretch and could be a coincidence. BUT

1- Why did they put her in? We already know Superman is hot, so what does her character add to this scene?

2-No one else's name tag is really visible for the entire movie- so why is her's so clear at the end?

These two questions kind of make me wonder if they where building to something more.

On the other hand after all the Avengers movies I'm kinda prone to look for sequels/spin-offs esspecially at he end of the movie :P

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@Jodez: I know :(

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Darn I saw Flash on the cover and read the description adn got well... optimistic. Do you guys think he's coming back this year?

That sound interesting- do you think this means a DC Universe Present's/ Justice League cross-over?

I don't think that's likely, so maybe it's something else- but still Beowulf?

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"After New 52"

Can someone tell me where they have seen Wally West in the New52??!?!

The Flash in 'The Flash' series and from 'Justice League' and '' is Barry Allen, and the Kid Flash from 'Teen Titans' and 'DC Universe Presents #12' is Bart Allen. I have no idea where you guys are getting your post-Flashpoint information from, but as far as i know he has yet to make an appearance in main continuity since September of 2011. I don't see how you people can possibly compare Barry and Wally's New52 costume when Wally doesn't even exist yet in the New52!

As for pre-Flashpoint, you all seemed to be spot on. Their main difference is their belts- with Wally's forming a 'V' shape with two lightning bolts, and Barry's forming a single line (unbroken) running across his waist. When standing side-by-side Wally does appear to be darker as well, as seen in the photo above from The Flash: Rebirth #5. Aside from that Wally's eyes are covered, whereas Barry's are exposed. These parts of Barry's costume have carried over into the New52.

Also, in the Young Justice series (both the TV series and the resulting comic book) this is reverse- Wally has exposed eyes and Barry has them covered (but that is not main continuity, or part of the New52).

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"What's the point? He is a relic of the 90's who can not commit to a project long term. I'd take a lesser known artist if it meant some consistency."

@Rolls7royce: Do you mean Joe or Logan? :P

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@Mucklefluga: Thank god somebody said it!!!

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@Jake Fury: He's already done it twice with Bats :(

Annoying as hell