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That is interesting ...

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It was surprisingly good and I never cared for the comics. I think what made it work was that it didn't feel like a comic book movie, felt like a comedic sorta Star Wars type movie. I think that and the Avengers are the only Marvel movies I have seen since Iron Man (the first one), lol.

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It has been a pretty meh year for movies but I am really looking forward to this one:

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Apparently the soundtrack is great, Stevens acted very well, a lot of nice visuals and action scenes/build-ups. Seems like something you should see if you are a fan of movies like Halloween, Terminator, Drive, etc.

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Layla is the hottest current diva

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Morph had some troubles I'm not sure many are aware of, used to talk to him quite a bit. He was fairly reserved on the forums but quite open if you knew him well enough. I hope he's doing fine, he's a great guy.

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I was wondering what that was for a sec ...

Morpheus is still a mod, lol ... Guess it's been slow around here.

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Also the chick who played Maria Hill > Scarjo as Widow

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Too hot to sleep ...

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@king_saturn said:

@dccomicsrule2011 said:

@king_saturn: To be fair to Love, he never had a decent enough team to make the Playoffs with and the West is much tougher then the East is.

Love had a good enough team at least this last season but the Wolves started tanking it in the second half... plus I don't recall Love having very many clutch buzzer beaters in his career... he is a stat line machine with lackluster play in the 4th quarter. I don't know how that will mesh with Lebron. Because King James don't always like to pick it up in the 4th quarter either.

Love plays in a brutal Western conference, had injury issues one year, and his casts have never been special. His starting line-up this past season was good but they had one of the worst benches in the league (and Adelman had a very mediocre coaching season), which gave up a lot of leads in the 4th quarter and were out-scored too significantly for Love to impact the scoring margin much. He was a Top-5 player last year pretty clearly imo, and his offensive style meshes very well with James. He's had some clutch shots and game-winners too, against some top teams as well:

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Weidman-Machida is one of the greatest MW fights I've ever seen, what a war between my 2 favourite guys right now.

Trouble for other MWs, that boy Weidman got a hell of a chin, heart, and toughness. He's a legit hardass.