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Layla is the hottest current diva

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Morph had some troubles I'm not sure many are aware of, used to talk to him quite a bit. He was fairly reserved on the forums but quite open if you knew him well enough. I hope he's doing fine, he's a great guy.

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I was wondering what that was for a sec ...

Morpheus is still a mod, lol ... Guess it's been slow around here.

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Also the chick who played Maria Hill > Scarjo as Widow

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Too hot to sleep ...

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@king_saturn said:

@dccomicsrule2011 said:

@king_saturn: To be fair to Love, he never had a decent enough team to make the Playoffs with and the West is much tougher then the East is.

Love had a good enough team at least this last season but the Wolves started tanking it in the second half... plus I don't recall Love having very many clutch buzzer beaters in his career... he is a stat line machine with lackluster play in the 4th quarter. I don't know how that will mesh with Lebron. Because King James don't always like to pick it up in the 4th quarter either.

Love plays in a brutal Western conference, had injury issues one year, and his casts have never been special. His starting line-up this past season was good but they had one of the worst benches in the league (and Adelman had a very mediocre coaching season), which gave up a lot of leads in the 4th quarter and were out-scored too significantly for Love to impact the scoring margin much. He was a Top-5 player last year pretty clearly imo, and his offensive style meshes very well with James. He's had some clutch shots and game-winners too, against some top teams as well:

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Weidman-Machida is one of the greatest MW fights I've ever seen, what a war between my 2 favourite guys right now.

Trouble for other MWs, that boy Weidman got a hell of a chin, heart, and toughness. He's a legit hardass.

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Just saw the Cena-Wyatt segment on RAW. That was really bad, no idea why they went that direction. The Wyatts are crazy, having Cena do his usual smiling and corny jokes, just no selling them as threats was horrible. I like Cena, and overall I think he has a strong argument for Top-10 all-time wrestler, but the way he no-sells feuds with some guys just makes me lose interest in the whole thing. I don't think I'm going to be watching another second of this feud, already know what Wyatt's going to say to Cena, they should just have him feud a new guy soon.

This is basically his formula:

1. Mock his current story-line, make corny and generally unfunny jokes.

2. Get a pop by kissing the crowd's ass.

3. Get "intense" suddenly and start screaming like a retard.

Makes no sense, dude was pooping his pants when he was in the ring with Wyatt not long ago. WWE booking is just terrible, now they're having Bryan feud with friggin Kane??? Feuding with Kane pretty much kills your momentum, he's been in some of the worst feuds I've ever seen in the past decade. Guys like Mysterio, Guerrero, Benoit, and even Punk were booked very poorly for champs. Actually, Benoit had his 1st feud with Kane after winning the strap at WM?

His debut and storyline with Taker were really good and he had some memorable stuff from the late '90s, but since the new millennium I can't remember a single great thing he's been a part of (2001 Royal Rumble was good actually). He's just not an interesting character and his feuds boil down to either murder, sex, fire, lack of hate, or some unappealing comedy stuff. Kane's not a guy who really helps champions or main eventers since he's been at best a mid-carder. Right now he's a lackey for the Authority, not really credible having Bryan feud with him. Kane's a pretty good worker, and had a lot of potential, but outside of his initial feud with Taker WWE hasn't been able to book him without it turning to crap, and I think Kane overall has something to do with it ... Sure the booking can be a problem since WWE has never really been consistent with that, but there's just been too many bad feuds and storylines he's been involved in.

Just look up Kane's wiki page ... lol

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Glad Cesaro left Swagger, been a fan of the guy since his ROH days and the Real American thing just wasn't working out.

Btw what's everyone's fave wrestlers in history?

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How do they take the strictly H2H round? Lightray is a very good strategist (as is Orion when written correctly), and I think Orion is easily the best fighter here in terms of skill. Lightray's speed should give the hammer bros a lot of trouble too.