Peace out, CV ('till next time)

It's been a nice couple years here, good place to find some solace and just vent or randomly talk stuff in the WGTYM thread, without, you know, people always wanting to talk to you or approach you because of who you are irl. There are some good people here, you know. I wasn't gonna do this, but there are some who probably might wonder what's going on if I stop posting for a minute (it happened last time I wasn't here for a few months). Not tryna attract attention or anything, that's why I made this a blog so only the people who followed me for whatever reason will see it.
Life has gotten really busy ever since graduation. I'm planning on proposing to my girlfriend next year, and just got a lot of stuff to do, you know, old boy things, aha. I want to give some special shouts. I think I forgot some, I apologize, you know. It's not my fault, blame my brain, lol. Just trying to remember some stuff and I'm pretty loaded right now.
Darkseid Elite - College life, hope you're doing well
drkhwk2001 - I know sh~t's not been getting better since the tragic news, and you haven't been on in a while, but you gave me a lot of good big bro advice back then.
Saturn - Stay ambitious, keep ruling this place for however long you can, and stay strong
CM - Euroboi, it's been some fun times. Never would have thought I'd be able to hold conversations with someone like you, haha. You know where to find me for whatever
mikethekiller - Follow your dreams, go far in that fighting thing or whatever you decide to do
lykopis - We've talked a lot over the past few months, you're a really sweet girl. I hope you have a great time with your adventure and I wish you much success, healthy, and good fortune with the people you love. You already know, doing big things!
Renee - Another person gone, but it was some good conversations we had back then. Good luck with everything.
DH - I remember when you were courtney2137082183701273, haha. You've really taken this place over in the following years, and I hope you get through your problems well and have a happy and healthy life
Primmaster - Study hard in uni bruh, don't change too much!
Wise Son - Cool dude, we had some great convos on various things
whacknasty - Same with Wise Son, don't seem to see him around anymore
Decoy Elite - Back in the day, ahaha. I hope you're good with whatever you're doing
Static - Gone too, but had some nice chats with. Best of luck with your career and life, bruh
Morpheus - Seems to be a theme here ... Really swell guy, had some strong heart to hearts over my time here. I know sh~t may not always be good and it can be hard times, but persevere and get where you want to man
Son of Magnus - Funny guy, hope everything's good
Just noticed that last person to comment thread is still going strong, lol ...
I'll check my PMs from time to time, eventually might not log in, who knows. A few of you know where to find me on other places if something's up or whatever. So you can hit me up, whenever, just don't bother me, aha just kidding. I'm outta this sh~t though. Take it easy, take care, happy holidays, and don't forget what's important in your lives. Never take anything for granted, be something! We gotta do what we gotta do out here.
Stay blessed, peace ;)