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Name:  Winston Gupton
Alias: Misery Index, The Killswitch, Vengeful Severer, Lost Catalyst
Death-Streak  Behemoth, L.O.E.
Age: 28
Weight: 210lbs
Height: 5"10
Iris Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Identity: Known
Origin: Bronx, New York

Savage Life

Nothing seemed to make sense to little Winston Gupton. He lived a life of mystery, he knew nothing of his real parents. He lived in the system most of his life, without a real family, feared by most families because of his anger and special power. Winston was able to regenerate any wound at any pace that he wanted, this was discovered when he was a small infant. Ever since, he has not been able to stay in a stable household for more then a month before scaring off  his foster family.
School was even worse for young Winston, he was picked on upon many, even the uncanny children of his School. He had no friends, only himself to look after, and himself to love. Even loving himself became a problem, he felt punished to live his life, a freak to everyone including himself. All he wanted was acceptance in life, someone consistent in his existence, someone he could express himself to. That was nearly impossible since his healing factor, and depressing aura pushed off anyone who came into his presence. Soon Winston began to hate everything around him,he grasped the fact that he wouldn't be accepted by society, so he cared nothing of society anymore.  Everything that opposed him didn't matter, anything that wanted to be involved in his life was fraud. Nothing could be trusted in this cruel world, and he developed this mentality at a young age, surviving this harsh world, alone, abandoned by everything. He was a true definition of a loner.
Winston began to become more aggressive with his actions over the years, his anger grew stronger and stronger towards the world. He wanted everyone to feel his pain in a more physical form. Anyone who got under his skin felt the wrath of Winston. The majority of his fights  were in high school, he fought upcoming gang leaders, security, all types of people. Of course he wasn't able to stay in school for his violence, He was expelled from, Stevenson High School, Walton, and Kennedy High School.
Winston's street recognition began to spread all throughout the Bronx, he had alot of enemies in pursuit of him because of his race, but he dominated. Soon he was considered one of the first Caucasian  Original Gangsters to surface the Bronx at the age of 19. All of the attention began to boost Winston's he morale, he felt power and respected. Females began to flock around him like pigeons, he wasn't used to this life but he certainly enjoyed it. This inspired WInston to take things to another level, he wanted to start a revolution, he created his own street gang by the name of  L.O.E( Loyalty Over Everything). Inspired by the family orientated consistency that he wanted amongst himself. He planned to create a faction that would help one another in every way possible. He recruited as many members as possible to get his ghetto organization running. He seek to create a new home for all with no families to come home too, something that most street orientated people needed in there lives.
  After years of recruiting, Winston's L.O.E Gangsters increased to 20,000. You can find the L.O.E based in New York City, Philadelphia, Jersey City, and Atlanta. Government officials deemed Winston Gupton the Kingpin of the L.O.E. Winston went by the name  Severer, due to his methods of killing of his enemies with a box cutter. Winston divided the L.O.E into four sets. Southern Loyalty(Atl),Loyal Phillies(Philadelphia),NCity Loyals( NYC), and The JCity Loyals(Jersey City). Each set had its own leader, Winston wanted to spread his family orientated faction throughout the states. WInston had linked up with other Mafias and Gangs to create, Money Schemes,Drug Trafficking,Extortion and racketeering. Winston became rich of his self made gang, and this dream was pioneered by the vision of loyalty. Winston was more then content with his life at the moment.
Winston became a urban hero, as he invested his money into his community. Even though he lived a hellish life, he didnt want others to experience the hardships that he went through as a child. He helped create community centers within poor areas of the Bronx, he created low income housing complexes and other useful things. His community thanked him dearly for his good deeds, but he was just satisfied to see that his pain didn't have to be shared in a negative way, there were other positive ways to vent out his emotions. Winston then linked up with the Original Gangster Tyler Bower Aka "Nerve" to attend a meeting with another faction in regards to money. WInston agreed to 
 meet up with The Macballer Brim Bloods of the bronx. They met up in a large unknown facility at the edge of hunts point, things didnt seem right to Winston at all. He was led all the way to a big laboratory, he was bewildered by the sight, it was something that he had never seen before in his life. Before he could grasp his fingers on reality he was knocked unconscious by Nerve. When he woke, he found himself strapped to a machine tightly with a mysterious man standing over him. The man said nothing to  
 Winston, he just pulled out a large syringe and stabbed it into Winston's heart.
His blood pressure began to raise as the unknown serum traveled throughout his veins quickly. Winston screamed with agony as his eyes rolled to the back of his head, long metallic claws sprouted from his knuckles in and out. Nerve smiled at the side of the mysterious man."He your gonna turn him into a real animal Mark,HAHA!!. Sev, you a cool dude man, but my buddy herre got better plans for you..L.O.E, is mine now, I Run SH!T bro..." Nerve said with authority. Winston glared at his supposed comrade in rage,Nerve was his most trusted member in all of L.O.E.  for him to set him up int his matter was a great heartache to Winston. Before he could even fathom the worst thoughts of Nerve,Winston passed out from all of the raw pain felt from the unknown procedure . Nothing would be the same for Severer after this day, everything he had worked hard for had been ruined from this day forward.

Severer: Aftermath

Winston was suppose to be apart of a new project called Weapon X, but failed and died after losing consciousness. Several years later after a long rest underground, Winston's healing factor kicked in and restored him back to life, he was back from the dead. The heat of vengeance boiled within the blood of the kingpin, he wanted Nerve's head on a platter nothing else. He lost the ability to trust anything once more, it was like life started all over for the man. He had nothing, nothing at all but himself, he regret living his life by trusting others, because that left him vulnerable to anything they might have in stored for him. Winston's first priority was to kill Tyler bower, his old right
hand man in L.O.E. He had no idea of his whereabouts, but he knew if he networked enough he could find his location. Winston returned to the Bronx to find his once beloved gang something he didnt want to see. A group of mindless thugs now roamed the streets now called " The Big Goonz". There was no order, no motive , nothing at all. Winston no longer cared cause he had nothing to do with that generation of Gang bangin, all he wanted to do was kill Of Nerve. He networked through the streets roughly, to find out that Tyler was murdered. That didnt sit well with Winston at all, he wanted to kill Nerve with his own hands, now he would never get the opportunity. Winston decided to Leave NYC towards the Midwest area to start a new life, New York had nothing to offer him anymore. He knew nobody, his L.O.E had fallen into ignorance and hell. Now WInston simply takes on hits put out by secret organizations, he cannot live a normal life since his title is presumed dead.