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Many people don't know this, but S.W.A.G. is actually an acronym that was created by gay men back in the 60s when homosexuality was widely frowned upon. The acronym stands for "Secretly We Are Gay". Many of these secretly gay men were clothing and interior designers, or in other fields related to fashion. When they would receive overstock or samples of merchandise, they would refer to them as S.W.A.G. in order to let the other person know that they were interested in meeting for a sexual encounter. From there, it spread to refer to the "sugar daddy" relationships that some of these gay men would enter into with the wealthier, more successful members of their group. They would refer to the generous gifts that they would receive from their sugar daddies as S.W.A.G.

The term has recently been adopted into mainstream commercial "hip hop" where there are large numbers of closeted gay men and women who are performers. If you doubt my explanation, just ask yourself whether it's just coincidence that rappers are so obsessed with fashion designers and jewelry, just like the stereotypical gay man.

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Shuma-Gorath is the most powerful.

Toss up between Chthon and Set, though I'd put my money on Set.

Zom has too few showings to say accurately. All I know is that Dormammu was able to bind Zom before Eternity sealed him away and when he did fight an inexperienced Doctor Strange, he couldn't even kill him and only got the upper hand on him after he thought wrongly that by severing the forelock Zom would automatically be defeated.

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Lucifer has interrupted Bibleman's church group meeting and attempts to persuade the youth to turn their backs on God. Bibleman will have none of this and bellows out "1 John 5:4 says that through our faith comes our victory! Where will your victory come from, demon?" He then engages Lucifer Morningstar for the glory of the Lord.

Does Lucifer Morningstar stand a chance against the rage of Bibleman?

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@claymore1998 said:

@kingant27: Shuma Gorath has never fought Galactus before and the statement about Mephisto and Satannish was from Kaluu not ancient one, and it was in regards to Shuma Gorath in his own dimension.

It was in regards to the energy present in one of Shuma-Gorath's lower dimensions, which was not even at the level of Shuma's lieutenant Arioch.

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Shuma-Gorath wins.

It's that simple.

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It doesn't matter that CM Punk isn't a huge guy. Bagwell might not have noticed, but the onus isn't just on the big guys to carry WWE anymore. Now that wrestling is less gimmicky than it was, people want to see technical skill over giants that can barely move. Look at Kevin Nash. When he was champ WWE had the worst ratings in its broadcast history.

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I see that anime has clouded the judgment of many people. Samurai were nowhere near as capable warriors as people make them out to be.

Vikings stomp - - HARD.

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Tell them that if they don't reduce your punishment then you're gonna put them in a home once they're of age.