Big changes I'd like to see in the DCnU

We're quite a ways into the reboot of the new 52 now, and we've seen some interesting developments, but so far, I don't feel like there have been any huge changes going on. This is a reboot, and while it is nice to have a generally fresh perspective on stories, it is just as important to alter the universe significantly. Now, maybe I'm alone here, but the introduction of a few new villains, slightly altered Justice League, and a few tweaks to secret identities are not big enough changes to me. The issue is only compounded when we see the inconsistencies between stories that complicate things in the timeline (Hal Jordan being the lantern on the League, but not having a ring in Green Lantern; the confusion over who spent how much time as Robin in the Batman universe). So, generally, I would like to see some BIG changes happen and some chances being taken. Just to name a few:

-KILL Characters. It is always nice to introduce new characters. But with a set number of series and ones being cancelled, you can't just keep piling on more and more new characters without switching out the old. Surprise us. Kill of a big character. We've seen glimmers of it with Booster Gold's possible end in the JLI Annual, and the tease of Sinestro and Jordan in Green Lantern. But they've already resurfaced in some form in GL #0, so I wouldn't consider that anything to think of as permanent. We need to see a big death happen, probably to coincide with a prominent cancellation, or just as a major, but not title, character in another story. Hell, I'd settle for less than a death. Have someone get seriously injured or retire. Go back in time or hop dimensions. Take them out of action in some way.

-Shake up the teams. Seriously. We have Cyborg on the Justice League, and Manhunter went from Stormwatch to possible leader of the new team in the JLA series. But these aren't huge. After all, Cyborg was a title and back up leaguer, and Manhunter is one of the lesser known (though important) members of the League. Even if the roster doesn't change much, shake up the dynamic. There was very little done to modify the Justice League's interactions. So far the big deal is Superman and Wonder Woman kissing, but that is not exactly a novel idea. Batman still calls the shots. There is still friction between GL and Batman. GL and Flash are buddies. Superman and Batman are buddies. All pretty much the same. Sure, Jordan stepped out in the latest issue, but that is likely temporary to coincide with the rise of the third army. Capitalize on the conflict in leadership. Change the way they interact. How about a Justice League where Batman and Superman are not head honchos? Give Cyborg or Aquaman a chance to lead. Make it so Superman and Batman aren't exactly friends any more. Maybe even make it bigger and have a love triangle involving Wonder Woman.

-Increase the Corps presence on Earth. Strange when you think about it. There are 7 corps. The GL's have 4 reps on Earth, all human. There is the first human Red Lantern now. Carol Ferris is a sometimes Star Sapphire. Earth seems to be a breeding ground for all sorts of evil and mayhem, though, so even in the scope of the Lantern's jurisdiction, it draws a lot of attention. So why are there no evil lanterns on Earth? How has no one inspired enough Hope to help out the miniscule Blue Lanterns? The place seems to completely breed evil, and heroes to counteract them. The GLC series doesn't seem to have much going on, and New Guardians probably doesn't have the brightest future ahead. All of this can be rectified by the Rise of the Third Army, but that's optimistic. There is a chance to alter the future of the Lanterns forever here. Keep Jordan out of the Corps. Maybe he trains with Batman and becomes a normal hero? Keep Arkillo as leader of the Yellow Lanterns, and have him expand with a member on Earth. Batman's adventures in Gotham would be much different if Scarecrow had a ring, or even Joker. We all know he inspires enough fear. But the biggest change that could happen may well be able to play out in the third army events or even just with New Guardians. We've more or less seen a member of every corps die. Except one. THE one. The nUniverse could have a new Orange Lantern. And why not replay Blackest Night and give the ring the Luthor? With Luthor's standing in the world, that event alone would fundamentally alter the universe. If the continuity holds for Blackest Night (which is GL is any indication, it has), then maybe Luthor can even conspire some how to get the ring, having tasted it before.

But hey, maybe I'm asking too much here. Perhaps people want more of the same. But I like reading the comics and gasping in disbelief at the changes.

Posted by Twentyfive

Let's see...

  1. I agree that they should kill some characters, but I believe they said once dead, dead forever. Unless I was on some substance when I read that.
  2. DUDE I FREAKING AGREE WITH YOUR JLA POINT!!! Sick of Batman being in charge essentially because he's Batman. That's just dumb.
  3. I also agree with your GL point. I would have loved to see a John Stewart, or Guy Gardner book set on Earth, with the other one leading a book somewhere in space. Lo and behold, we have what we see. I want to see a girl Indigo character be a supporting character in an earth-based GL book too, but that might be stretching it.

Keep it up, mah pal.

Posted by cuddles666

I agree, though I still think Superman kissing Wondy is stupid. But that may just be because I stay away from the Johns JL.

Shaking up the teams would make me very happy, because Marvel tends to be much more dynamic in the team department. I'd like to see more competition. I think it's time for all-new, all-different titles with the Secret Society or the Outsiders--heck, even the friggin' Challengers. I'd be so down.

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I honestly can't remember the last time Batman lead the League. I think it was during Justice League Europe......Superman lead the Morrison team, Black Canary lead the beNes /Meltzer league before passing it down to Vixen, and Dick Grayson lead the post Blackest Night league. I think it was during the JLI phase. Unless you count Dick Grayson's tenure. I suppose I could get behind Aquaman leading it as long as it doesn't end up like his other tenures. But seriously, Hal Training with Batman? That's wrong on soooooo many levels.