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Vampire, Shinobi, Sorceress, Princess.

Faction: Neutral

Super Name: The Jade Princess of Shadows.

Real Name: Serinah Pao

Gender: Female.

Hair Color: Black.

Relatives: Sun Pao (Father), Najjah (Mother) Ren Pao (Uncle)

Relationship Status: Single.

Weight: 118 lbs.

Age: 353.

Eye Color: Golden yellow, with black catlike slits.

Height: 5'3"

Powers: Sorceress, and Master level Shinobi, Vampire (Unique class)

Identity: Known to select groups.

Place of Birth: Africa.

Known Aliases: Princess Pao.

Mini Biography: Serinah Pao is the daughter of Sun Pao. She is a highly trained Shinobi, and she has also learned some of the mystic arts from her father as well. She was born with the same vampiric curse her father has, only it managed to give her a different advantage than her father. Sun Pao can learn abilities, skills, and knowledge just by drinking a fallen warriors blood, his daughter cannot, she can however gain the abilities of any superhuman whom she ingests the blood of for 24 hours time, she will be as them. She has been known to take powers permanently yet this requires her to drink her target's blood to the point of death. She drinks not only their blood, but their very soul as well. This is not something she takes lightly and has only done it once before, and it was a mistake. It is not a complete benefit for her to do so in all honesty, for even as she gains their powers for herself, she from that point on also carries their very essence within herself, and is haunted endlessly by the individual's spirit.

Chi Based abilities, and Vampire related disciplines.

Ebony Storm ( + 2 Speed )

Allowing the rage of the Chi channel itself through her body, Serinah Pao becomes inhumanly swift, a typhoon of destruction.

Jade Mist ( + 3 Durability )

Serinah can turn her physical body into a green mist that is hard too see through, and can be toxic to breath at her behest. She can also use this form to slip through small cracks in walls, under doors, through ventilation systems, ext.

Uni Presence

Quite simply, this discipline allows the chi to manifest itself into Serinah Pao’s body. When this discipline is activated, Serinah assumes a monstrous form, appearing as nothing less than a demon-spirit from the Yomi World. She can take on as many traits as she wishes, or only one of the less monstrous traits. Often times she is known to only use her ebony claws.

Uni Presence Characteristics

  • Claws: She grows long ebony claws. ( + 1 Fighting Ability )
  • Demon Armor: Her body becomes armor, appearing as a mixture of dragon like scales, and ornate samurai like armor. ( + 2 Durabilty, +1 Speed, +1 Stamina, +1 Strength) ( - 2 Agility )
  • Demon Weapon: A mystical weapon appears in Serinah’s hand. The weapon blazes with chi, emits frightful moans, is covered in leering faces.
  • Extra Arms: Two extra arms sprout from Serinah’s torso. ( + 1 Fighting Ability, + 2 Strength )
  • Huge Size: She can grow to a hulking horrific form, between 12 and 15 feet tall, and resembles a Japanese oni or similar demon. ( + 2 Strength ) ( - 1 Agility, - 1 Speed )
  • Maw: Serinah’s mouth distends and sprouts terrible teeth, perhaps even tusks. ( + 1 Fighting Ability )
  • Spikes: Serinah’s body is covered with spikes, nails, razors, barbs, ect. ( + 1 Fighting Ability )
  • Tail: Serinah grows a tail. This tail is prehensile and can wield weapons, it can also bash opponents. ( + 1 Agility and Fighting Ability )
  • Third Eye: Serinah can sprout a third eye in the middle of her forehead. This eye allows her to see things no one else can see, know things no one else knows, and do things no one else can do. ( + 2 Intelligence, + 3 Energy Projection, + 3 Mental Power )
  • Wings: Batlike pinions stretch from Serinah’s back. She can use them to fly, swiftly, at amazing speeds. ( + 2 Speed )

Weapons and Artifacts

Blade of the burning twilight

This wondrous weapon is unique and well prized for its great might. The blade of burning twilight, appears as a triple bladed weapon. Serinah grips in the middle and whirls it at victims. This weapon crackles with chi energy and inflicts aggravated damage to targets. This weapon can also be thrown to a range of 250 yards. When thrown, the weapon automatically homes in on its target. Once thrown, while the weapon is in flight, Serinah can utter a command word to split the weapon into three edged shards. Each of these shards may strike separately, at the same time, or even different targets. Best of all, once thrown (hit or miss) the weapon (or its pieces) boomerangs back to Serinah's hand, instantly re-forming into the blade of the burning twilight.

Golden Staff of The Dragon King

This artifact of ancient heritage, once belonged to The Dragon King of the East Sea, Ao Guang. As far as staffs go this one is the only one you will ever need, should you meet a god on your journey and need to knock him out the weapon will do it. It was used by Ao Guang in order to fight back The Demon King of the West back into his Realm of Abyss, and crack his Silver crown of the seven furies in the process.

Dragon Shen of the Middle Kingdom and the Curse of the Jade Emperor

A long time ago the Jade Emperor placed a horrible curse on the Dragon Shen's bloodline, effectively changing them into a powerful race of Vampires. They are like other Vampires in that they drink blood as a means to retain their Immortal youth, except the true nature to their curse expands past their western counterparts.

The Family Curse

Serinah along with her father Sun, and her uncle Ren all belong to an ancient race of Shen known as the Dragon'ni, or The Dragon Clan. They are easily the most revered race of the Shen, and the most dangerous, due too their Unnaturally long lifespans and their superhuman features. Like her father and her uncle, Serinah also is a unique breed of Immortal. The details of the actual uniqueness of the curse is a guarded secret.

Serinah in her standard form is that of a petite Asian princess, she is youthful looking and breathtakingly beautiful. She is also highly advanced compared to a human, she may look human but that is where the similarities end. She is Shen and even more so then that, she is of the Dragon Clan. The Dragon's are the most revered of all Shen for good reason, for they are mighty in mind, body, and spirit.

There is absolutely nothing about her abilities that even seem remotely human, she is well beyond that benchmark. She could win any Olympic event of her choosing without so much as breaking a sweat, and that is a fact.

Her standard attributes if broken down into the standardized grind point system for CV would be as follows: Agility 6, Durability 4, Energy Projection 4, Fighting Ability 5, Intelligence 5, Mental Power 4, Speed 5, Stamina 6, Strength 4.

Her Uni Presence effects these scores in either + or - depending on the specifics of the morphing process. Those alterations are listed under the Uni-Presence section, as well as the Jade Mist and Ebony Storm.