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Superior spidermans leaving such a bitter taste in my mouth I'm going to have to quit comic vine for a while maybe forever. I can't take seeing this crap posted up everywhere here.

I love the site but I'm done peace.

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No offense to G man but he has a job and friendships to consider in his judgment of superior spiderman. I think if G man wasn't in the position he was in now he would be just as mad as a lot of people about superior spiderman.

The reasons most fans weren't mad when peter made money is because people don't care about the parker luck. People want to cheer on peter and people want peter to live a good life. Peter is for many a reflection of them selves and watching your self be striped of everything and taken over by your worst enemy makes it feel much worse then if this was like the hulk or something that we don't relate.

Dan slott is a good writer, but even the best writers write some bad stories and this choice is a bad one. If this was a mini series I bet people would be a lot more interested and slott still could have told his story without angering his fans and fans of spiderman.

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@Lamenoire: I was going to read all your reply but you insulted me by trying to compare me to a person who would kill some one because I disagree with you.

Honestly you must be a troll and I hope no one takes you seriously.

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Let me start by saying an ending is enough to hate something and just hating something is enough to hate something but id like to counter every point you said. I am much more mad after reading the leaked issues then just the spoiler. At lest with just the spoiler I could pretend like things felt in character and maybe weren't handled offensively but I felt insulted as a peter parker fan in both 700 and 15.1. 15.1 is just otto trashing peter, then him self for a bit, but mostly just trashing peter.

Your first point is we see peter fighting till the end in a dying body which is true but does fighting to the end mater when no one cares, no one knows, peter deserved to know. Yes peter did fight to protect the ones he loved but would we be happy with a story a story where hitler wins world war two and thats it, america fought till the very end to protect people but they lost, really interesting, in opposite town.

To your second point yes peter stays in character in the sense he doesn't kill people but accepting otto no matter what is against his character, Peter isn't a forgive and forget kind of guy to his villains. We saw that he couldn't forgive Lizard or morbious despite nether actually being evil so what makes the EVIL doc ock the person he decides to pass the mantel to and bang his girlfriend a good idea.

To your 3rd point t's out of character for Ock to have gone with peter's redemption because he is all about him, only reason he is going to be good is because it benefits him to live peters life like Peter.

To your 4th point he is dead now its comics no one stays dead and peter will come back some way but does it make it less of insult. If some one took a dump on me the smell washes off but I'm never going to forget someone taking a dump on me and thats what dan slott did.

So anyway at the end of the day nothing you say is going to change my mind about Dan Slott make a ton of wrong choices here. Obviously some will find this interesting, if they aren't real peter fans, but this will not in anyway catch on to new comic book readers, and it won't catch on to real spiderman fans so I guess it will be a book for trolls, light spiderman fans, and hard core Otto fans.They are much smaller groups but I guess marvel doesn't care about having spiderman as a top selling book anymore, it can live a comfy place selling less copies then Buffy season 9 (Which I enjoy it just doesn't sell much).

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@SmashBrawler: Lol not a big fan of anything in DC out side of batman.

There are a few other characters I like but I hate the new teen titans so I pretty much have nothing to read thats ongoing.

I'm going to read saga first then I'll check that out.

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@Lamenoire: Lots of people say lots of things.

If a story is truly good no spoiler can ruin it. I knew the end of the avengers before I saw it and Loved the movie. I knew the end of lots of things I love before watching them. A truly good comic can't be ruined by spoilers.

So if you want to give marvel 8 bucks for killing peter parker in one of the worst ways possible you can go ahead and do that.

I think everyone should know what they are getting them selves into.

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@moywar700: true words my brother

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I'm on major Slott and Spiderman boycott. Any book with the new spiderman won't get my money. Good by Marvel books hello Image and old trades.

Doesn't matter how much context you throw into this story, Otto is not a hero, and Peter doesn't deserve to die like a chump.

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@mariioow: So true. I think the spoilers should be all out in the open. I honestly don't care about ruining the experience, In my mind its saving people 8 dollars or 12 if they are picking up avenging after.

I won't post leaked pages here because I'm sure I'll get banned but tumblr has tons of stuff if you just search amazing spiderman 700.

Peter is the only spiderman to me but thats not the reason I am offend by this ending. The reason I'm offended is I'm so post to believe in 52 pages otto turns good enough for peter to say sure live my life just don't kill people, Kay thanks bye. Then otto is all like I want to be a hero but not enough to swap us back and do the right thing thats stupid.

I beg of anyone with a heart not to buy this. We only prove to Marvel we will buy anything that makes us made because were brainless consumers who "want to see where this goes" wait for a trade then read it at barns and nobles. Or wait till the issues are a buck on comixology.

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Dan Slott is my favorite writer

Peter parker is my favorite Character of all time

Id like to say now that until peter parker is back Dan Slott is as good as gone in my head as well. I watched the podcast with him and I find it hard to believe Slott would even be near considering this his greatest story of all time. Killing peter takes balls but what takes bigger balls is to do it while putting his worst enemy in his body to bang his ex wife, play child with his aunt, and play hero with his world.

I'm not even going to pick up 700. I'll open it up to make sure the spoiler was right if it is I will proceed to put it back down and let the owner of my local shop I'm dropping anything with spiderman in it.

Call me fan boy, call me what ever, because I do not care at all. Peter Parker is why I read spiderman and I'm sure he is why most people read spiderman.

"It's comics things always go back" well that doesn't matter it's like taking a dump on a person then saying come on it will wash off. No screw you, you can't take a dump on me Slott. I refuse to imagine this happened. I pray that sales for super spiderman are so low they have no choice but to can the series and revert to peter being spidey.

Sorry Slott but me and you are over to many creators out there I can read instead, to many comics coming out every week, I can't read a story by a person who thinks that was a good idea, just no.