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Captain America 100%
Captain America, for those about to fight crime, we salute you. Who cares if people say you're a boyscout, you are the ultimate leader.
You are the ulitmate X-Man. Sure you may be a bit stuffy at times but then again, you can choose from either Jean or Emma. Who cares about stuffiness?
You are da Man of heroes. Super strength, super speed, super...ego? Yeah, you know you're gonna tell all your friends how super you are. This quiz proves it.
You are Daredevil. Whether you're spending your time as a crimefighter, lawyer, husband, kingpin of Hell's Kitchen, etc, there's always fun and excitement in your life.

Take the Date a Superhero Chick Quiz

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Rachel Summers 100%
You're into sexy red heads. Marvel girl is young and charismatic. She's from the future too!
Jean Grey
You love crazy chicks who might flip out and kill you! Congrats this could be the best date of your life if you live through it.
Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch has altered the probabilities and has given you a chance to date her. If you're into chaos, magic, and tight corsets, she's the girl for you. Just be careful, you might find yourself in an alternate reality...or dead if your date goes poorly.
Tall, strong, and...green. She-Hulk will show you a night on the town. Make sure you're a perfect gentleman. You don't want to make her angry...or have her sue you. Be sure to do your stretches before you date. Remember, she dated the Juggernaut before. Make sure your home is ensured.
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Comic Book Noob, Aspiring Writer, and aspiring hobby shop owner

Before 2010 i was an anime fan boy who wouldn't give comics a chance. Then i met a guy in capcom unity on the marvel vs capcom 3 thread and he got me into comics and now im hooked and can't stop. Since then I have really gained interest in writing comics and have several in the works (Well 2).  I haven't read way to much but im trying to read more and more comics so if you know of any good ones please comment them. 
So far iv read
She hulk
Iron Fist 
The Runaways 
Scott Pilgrim vs the world 
Deadpool Corps 
Amazing spiderman (Starting on big time just read the comic vine stuff for background)
Uncanny X force 
She Hulks 
Fantastic 4
New Avengers 
Spider Girl 

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