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Project Frankenstein (under construction)

While most supersoldier programs were only created to make the pefect soldier, the Frankenstein project was made for the purpose of pummeling metahumans and gods who would decide to pick a bone with the united states government. Made during the Bush Administration, the Frankenstein project was deemed a success, though a very expensive one, with each unit costing as much as an fully loaded aircraft carrier with it's air wing. In total there are a hundred members of project frankenstein, many with a different focus, but all of them having their powers getting enhanced the longer they are in a stressful situation and with miraculous healing factors. They are in a sense, America's pantheon of manmade gods.

Each member of project frankenstein was chosen on a volunteer basis and given full information on what they would be in store for, as scandals over involuntary super soldier programs had reached quite the peak in recent years. Each volunteer was screened for psychological health to screen out those who would be considered "evil" and those who lacked patriotism, while at the same time screening out nationalists who could jeopardize co-national missions.

Arch Dornan is one of the "Frankensteins". Having served in the first gulf war with enough distinction to earn him a silver star, he was considered an ideal candidate. Born to a middle class los angeles family, Dornan had a rather unremarkable childhood, claiming mostly Bs and Cs in school save for in physical education, where he was at the top of the class. Despite never being at the top of the class, Dornan was always far from the brainless jock clique and had designs to one day enter the military.

Soon enough, he would get his wish. When he became eighteen he immediately volunteered for service in the united states army. With the first gulf war ending rather quickly, he would become an army ranger, serving in several black ops missions before he was finally brought into the American Army's most elite group; Delta Force which would bring him into conflict in Somalia, which he personally thought was a victory for the army, but was frustrated by the public declaring it a loss despite the fact that virtually all objectives had been completed. He would go on to serve in several highly clandestine missions, proving to be a very able soldier throughout his missions.

By the time 9/11 rolled around, the army, faced with the prospect of terrorist aligned metahumans and angels, decided it was time to really create a form of soldier who could put these beings in their place. While many simply suggested reviving Freedom Force from the second world war, it was decided that this would be put on reserve in favour of a program to create a new breed of very high powered super soldier. Combining power armor, cybernetics, and genetic engineering technology to create a soldier who could take on and kill rogue gods if need be.

Dornan volunteered for the service, concerned that there would soon be grave threats to his country, and was soon screened as psychologically sound for the service. He underwent the process, undergoing radical changes to his body that transformed him from a simple soldier into a monstrous behemoth. He was given experimental technology reverse engineered from the Chitauri and Kang the conqueror, given the best weapons the nation could afford.

Once he was complete, he was dispatched to the middle east. He served in the middle east to crush islamic metahumans who supported the insurgents and terrorists in the region, A job which he preformed well at, beating the GLA metahuman known as "the Sand Emir" to death. He was noted for not doing so in a particularly sadistic manner, and was in fact very clinical about it, going for breaking his rib cage and neck as soon as possible.

Dornan after killing the Sand Emir

Within a month of that job, he was tasked with killing the Cherubim Sashzazael, who had aligned himself with the Taliban. Bringing himself to Pakistan, Dornan made short work of the Cherubim's guards before shrugging off it's magical attacks. Dornan quickly attacked the Cherubim and after a brutal melee, killed it by crushing it's heads between his hands. This sent a message to the world of higher beings, the united states would no longer allow them to freely meddle in it's affairs.

Before he could be deployed in the Iraq war, the Rikti invasion in two thousand and three forced him to return to American shores to stop the extradimensional aliens, where he saw the aliens put two of his comrades in project frankenstein into comas, though the first recovered in a week and the second would be fighting within a day. When the invasion finally ended, he remained in America to help clear out remnants of the Rikti before being sent back over to the middle east with the objective of defeating the newly formed Global Liberation Army, a conglomeration of islamic extremists who had taken over virtually the entire muslim world.

For years, he would fight against the islamic metahumans and angels used by the GLA, but a chance encounter with the Order of the Talon when he encountered a strange black temple exposed him to a secret war that so far the United States government had no idea even existed. The government told him that so far it would be best to avoid dragging the military into a war with these steampunk enthusiasts and space cultists and focus on his original mission.

He would continue to serve in the middle east, even after the news of Osama Bin Laden's death. The GLA still remained a potent threat as it had a virtually limitless pool of fanatics to draw upon and access to cloning technology that gave them a truly limitless supply of bodies. Even after Dathron's invasion, he remained in the middle east, being told to pull back only after reports of the Black Hand's rapid conquest of Ireland, coupled with the less recent Black Hand takeover of Chicago had made the united states government paranoid.

He recently killed fraternal twins of the Roman God Mars and the Asgardian Sif who decided to smash their way through the bible belt to show mankind they were worshipping the wrong god. Though the twin gods were tremendously strong, Dornan showed that the age of gods being untouchable to mortals was over and soon started to grow stronger than the two. They did everything they could to keep him at bay until the difference in power was enough that Dornan simply broke her uru sword and impaled her on it and crushed the son's head with his bare hands.

The Government believes that this has sent a clear message to the gods of all pantheons. The United States will no longer tolerate deities running amuck as if they were unaccountable. Having the entire footage caught on satellite video feeds, the Pentagon has sent the video to all pantheons with a simple message "You are no longer free to do as you please." Although the implication was also clear that the message also applied to extraterrestrials and high powered metahumans.

nU differences

The primary differences in project Frankenstein between the two multiverses is that in the New Multiverse, the Frankensteins remain quite secretive, are a multinational force made up of recruits from all over NATO, and have yet to fight an alien invasion or take Alien tech, instead relying on a dedicated staff of superhumanly intelligent R&D workers to give them their tech.

Dornan remains largely unchanged except that he's been in the middle east, the depths of space, other dimensions, and Africa since the war on terror began and is only now returning home to try and help America keep the metahumans under control. Regarded as one of the best of Project Frankenstein, itself a part of the Allied Peacekeeper corps; a highly secretive NATO military branch equipped with technology decades or even centuries in advance of that of normal forces; he's well known for getting the Job done.

Allied Peacekeepers (nU)

a Clandestine force equipped with the latest in NATO's superscience, magic, and psionics that allows it to take on any foe anywhere in the universe to defend western civilization from any possible threat to it, formed during world war two as a special military force to help the western allies defeat Nazi Germany's Storm Korps and later to oppose the Warsaw Pact's Grand Red Guard. Kept secret as their actions would often draw the ire of the public, the Peacekeeper corps believes in the "strike before struck" policy, believing that if you break the legs of a potential rival, they'll never be a threat in the future; negating the need for a costly defensive war on the soil of the nations of NATO.

Covert raids into space to attack alien races deemed to be hostile to NATO's interests, plunging into the other planes to bring down Demon Princes and Elemental Lords or sometimes even Archangels seen as a threat to the countries of NATO, bringing down Metahuman menaces before they can even become a word on anyone's mouth, Clandestinely manipulating Russia and the other former Soviet Republics into one day joining NATO to incorporate the advances of the Grand Red Guard into their own organization; and a cold war against China to ensure that the PRC is never in a position to challenge the military supremacy of NATO.

Emblem of Project Frankenstein

Even the U.N is not totally exempt from the long gaze of the eagle, as they can and have assassinated U.N officials that stumbled upon the actions of the Peacekeeper Corps. The newest commander of the Peacekeeper Corps, one General Herbert Alexander; a man of Texan birth, has tried to move the Peacekeeper corps away from it's highly morally questionable actions when it was effectively the unchallenged military elite of the world after the cold war that only worsened under the Bush Administration, and now the Peacekeeper corps works mainly to defend NATO from threats that it's conventional militaries just can't.

The Astartes has been watching the Peacekeeper Corps and has subtly manipulated them towards their line of thinking, while covertly directing them to alien or supernatural menaces to act as a screening force for the Starbourne Imperium to follow up on. As of yet, the Astartes has remained hidden from the Peacekeeper Corps even after it has established it's own space colonies on worlds formerly occupied by alien species that would have destroyed humanity had the Peacekeepers not wiped them out to the last individual. So far, at least fifty alien species and thirty demon and elemental realms have been wiped out completely by the U.N peacekeepers.


Symbol of the Allied Peacekeepers

Height: Sixteen feet tall

Mass: Five tons

Hair colour: Formerly orange red, now bald.

Eye colour: Green

Ethnicity: Irish-American

Skin tone: Fomrerly Caucasian, currently scaley greenish-yellow

Tail length: two and a half meters

Identity: Publicly known

Nationality: United States of America (California)

Religion: Agnostic, he knows the gods exist, but doesn't think they're all powerful, or are even responsible for anywhere near as much as they claim to be.

Alignment: Lawful neutral, SERIOUSLY Leaning towards Lawful evil though.


Super strength and durability: Dornan starts out at exactly class Two hundred fifty, but the longer a fight goes, the stronger and tougher he gets as his body begins to go into overdrive. So far, there does not seem to be an upper limit to this. What classifies as a fight seems to be quite nebulous. However, if he's directly threatened, this seems to cause his power to ramp up much faster than it usually does. Thus, typically the only way to overpower him is to defeat him quickly before he can get powerful enough.

Magic resistance: Dornan is highly resistant to magic, but this resistance increases at the same pace as his strength.

Psionic resistance: Dornan is highly resistant to psionics, and like his magic resistance, it is tied to how strong and durable he is at the moment.

Speed: Due to his seemingly limitless endurance and hugely strong leg muscles, Dornan is capable of moving at incredible speeds, having clocked in at three hundred miles per hour.

Reactions: Dornan has a reaction time ten times as fast as a normal, unenhanced human. These increase at a slower rate than his strength, much like his speed.

Healing factor: Dornan has an impressive healing factor that has allowed him to stay in battle with two gods attacking him at once and withstand the fury of an Rikti attack battalion. This increases at the same pace as his durability and strength, so it makes it imperative that anyone seeking to defeat dornan should do so quickly before he proves to overmatch his foe completely. This healing factor also makes him immune to all poison and disease, including vampirism, lycanthropy, and the zombification.

Lethal blood: Notably, the only vampire ever strong enough to break his skin at the start of a fight died within moments of drinking his blood due to the fact that the antibodies in the blood immediately began to attack the vampire's systems and left only a pile of goop. An omnivorous villain similarly perished after taking a bite out of Dornan as the antibodies in the flesh attacked the body and literally dissolved the creature's body.


Skilled fighter: A former Army Ranger, Dornan is a very skilled marksman and hand to hand fighter, something that has only increased as he has been trained further in project frankenstein, through both physical training and flash memory, followed by the experiences of a decade of constant war.

Intelligent: While certainly no genius, Archie as some call him, was still a B average student in highschool, he's more than smart enough to figure out a puzzle or resort to different methods if hitting, stabbing, and blasting things doesn't work.


Power armour: This piece of equipment doubles all of his physical traits and is composed out of a titanium-iron--vibranium alloy, making it tremendously strong and nearly unbreakable. Additionally, it doubles the rate of increase of his physical characteristics and their initial starting points and it grows more durable with him thanks to 41st century technology. Additionally, it has a self repair system that works as quickly as his healing factor and grows in pace along with it.

Power armour continued: It acts as fully functional life support, and a series of repulsor jets on his back, chest, feet, and palms lets him fly with surprising amounts of maneuverability. Like all of his equipment, the repulsors increase in power as he does, and are perfectly viable as weapons.

Cybernetics: A series of cybernetic enhancements within his body to improve virtually everything about him. They further double the rate of increase of his physical characteristics and their initial starting points and they grow more durable with him thanks to 41st century technology

Gatling blaster: Using chitauri plasma technology, this weapon is capable of nearly silly amounts of firepower and never runs out of ammo. This gun's power is connected to his own physical strength and will grow more and more deadly as he becomes stronger.

Adamantium-vibranium blades: On each wrist are four blades made out of an adamantium-vibranium alloy, which is then energized for maximum cutting ability, on each blade are teeth made out of a somewhat stronger adamantium-vibranium alloy arranged on a chainsaw. The cutting power and strength of these blades increases with his own physical might.

Gauss repeater: a railgun autocannon on his other arm that fires slugs out of a special alloy that has been proven capable of piercing the hide of even rogue gods and angels, this weapon is capable of equal devastation to his gatling blaster. This weapon's power is connected to his strength and will become more powerful as he does.

For all of those who want to know what I look like

That'd be me on the right, hubbie's to the left being all dorky.