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@turkeysammich: they mentioned in the beginning of this season that oliver took time off.

year 2 off the island= year 2 on the island

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@ashlor84 said:

James Tynion IV is overrated. We've already seen that when Snyder lets him do almost all the job, like on Talon (Snyder is only supervising the script), the story gets worse and worse every month. The first two issues of Talon were great, the rest is just lame. Or just compare the first part of Batman #19 (with Snyder only), which is great, and the second part (with "Snyder and Tynion IV", that is to say Tynion IV and Snyder supervising his work), which is boring. It's the same thing with Jeff Lemire/Ray Fawkes : one talented and bankable writer, and one drag.

couldnt be more wrong

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no x9 was right, i forced myself to watch it cause it had potential but they sat on so many possibilities

or would ruin good moments with bad jokes every opportunity also the artwork when it didnt break the 4th wall was alright but only subpar

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i would

i already buy the comic and yes the art isnt that good but i like the story

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they finished the fight.... then they remote detonated from the ship

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no your wrong (at least i think so)

i thought it was pretty clear hes getting close to Blue because he has forewarning of the reach invasion... and thats where his suit/thing came from

ie he wants to be close to help jaime not be taken over by reach or to deal with the problem if he cant help him..rem that high spirited personality is all fake

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@Gambit1024 said:

It's not like Aqualad blew up the cave when he did on purpose. The only reason he let go of the button too early was because of Impulse.

that wasnt a real deadmans switch the place would have blown when he let go ...which it didnt ....

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@Twentyfive said:

@theTimeStreamer said:

i'm starting to lose serious interest in this. the plot is unnecessarily complicated and predictable.

Finally! someone with the gall to say what I've been saying for months. The show just uses the art style to get views. The story, and most of the characters are bland as vanilla ice-cream without sprinkles.

weird i love the art dont get me wrong but the reason i watch has nothing to do with the art, all about the characters

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possible but im pretty sure its a red herring.

hes going thru some emotional turmoil... so him enjoying beating up the good guys who couldnt save the one he loved makes sense, but i feel he still has a true sense of justice

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