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What if Justice League takes place 5 years past Dark Knight Rises? Our "Robin" would've had ample time to train himself, get in the experience, and - as long as they find out a way to give him new tech - even more resourceful than Bale's Batman.

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I think it's pretty funny how instead of branching mutants off to a different universe like everyone's said should been done for years now, Marvel's nearly genocided the mutant population and is now integrating them with the Avengers of all teams! Way to stand your ground, fellas.

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I mean I love Wolverine as much as the next guy, but it just seems like another reason to shoehorn him into yet another part of history. Don't ask me what'd be more compelling/make more sales though, cuz there's probably no good answer.

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I gave the show a chance, but I just can't continue. The way they reintroduce the team most every episode, the cutaways, it all skews too young for my old bones. The continuity and serious fight scenes in Spectacular are what kept me enjoying that series all kinds of ways, but Ultimate - despite the massive production value in it - simply doesn't deliver that itch for me.

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I'm actually going out of my way not to watch any of these. Haven't even seen the commercial. I found with Iron Man 2 that it ruins the movie cuz I can piece together the plot of the movie. Went into Dark Knight cold and really enjoyed watching the twists and turns that wouldve been somewhat ruined for everyone else.

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This'll only be good so long as Morales sees this grown up Peter Parker who came to be one of the best heroes in his universe and realizes that as much as he idolized his Parker, he's got some of the biggest shoes to fill and needs to try even harder if he wants to even approach the moniker that he holds.

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The show was cute, but maybe shooting a bit below my demographic so far. I don't wanna watch "ol' kooky Spider-man messes up and can't handle X today". That's what I liked about Spectacular. It was a young show, but the fighting in it was brutal.

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Eh, I really hope it's just a flashback Spider-Man 3-with-Uncle-Ben style. I get the desire to pull the first, biggest enemy for your third but it just feels like such an obvious move. I'd like to think Nolan would see that and go, "No, we can do better".

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The whole "I'm not strong enough to defeat enemy X. I need an upgrade" Was not only half of the plot of the second movie, but also a tired and contrived plot for any superhero medium. Makes it easy to show the good guy beat up early and effortlessly win at the end.

Gimmie something with some meat, Marvel.

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Have we heard about which Human Torch that is? It sure does look like Jim Hammond.