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This episode was actually, whatever, to me. I'm not a fan of Clara being the thing under the Doctor's bed and then subsequently give him his moral code. To me, it's just Moffat trying to make her TOO important. She already saved his life throughout time. I feel like at least that scene could've been saved for another companion. Since the companion after Clara can't really top her now.

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If we were really lucky we wouldn't have needless interaction with the ultimate universe.

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I hate the wait but I agree, I'd rather not have them rush it and make a perfect game. Plus I don't really mind the wait since this gives me a chance to save up for a PS4. I'm actually still hoping a PS4 batman bundle will be announced.

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Actually I think it's wrong to say nothing was added to the overarching "heaven" story in this. As the sheriff and robots were also trying to get to paradise in this episode. It does add to the question "Why are all these people trying to get to paradise and what exactly is it?" plus the doctor sees the robots are trying to get to paradise and makes the connection that more people are trying to get to this place.

As for the episode, I think the doctor is just so set in thinking he knows everything that he's just can't process that robin hood is real because it contradicts something he thinks he knows. I really hope Robin Hood makes another appearance eventually since the banter between him and the doctor was gold for me in this episode.

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@bat_girl_cc: This conversation is just a roller coaster of feelings lol. I really hope it's her! but the different hair color is making me doubt it a little. Also always good to see more batman of japan!

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I like the idea of Damian coming back. It would be like when Jason Todd came back only this time we could see how different the results would be if Batman had actually been there for his resurrection. If it's not damian, please let it be someone new. I don't like Carrie Kelly and harper row just doesn't seem to fit. And I've never been a stephanie brown fan. Maybe give us Cassandra?

That would be top!...but we all know that that's not going to happen... :( DC management hates her, and they would much rather prefer to create a whole new character, than to re-introduce her...we have good exemples of that in the New 52, Strix, Batgirl Beyond, etc for instances, Scott Snyder admitted that he wantted to use Cassandra Cain on Batman Eternal, but DC said no, and that's why Harper Row is here, in the first place...DC even went as far, as de-aging Lady Shiva, so she couldn't be her mother anymore...and they gave Nightwing some type of Move-Reading, i guess that thei're trying to make Cass less unique, or something.

I didn't know all that was going on concerning Cass's character. That's a HUGE disappointment! Especially considering cassandra is asian/american and a member of the bat family. So you have diversity and related to batman. The two things DC seems to want above everything. I've actually felt a dislike for harper row because I had that thought of "We could be getting cassandra instead."

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Someday people are just going to appreciate that we're getting amazing superhero movies......someday.

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@i_dont_like_comics: lol true. I find scenes like spider-man 3, when spidey jumps in front of an american flag, more cringing though. It just looks cheesy imo.

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To be fair about the product placement snyder said he put those places there to make the world seem more real. And their is an ihop and a sears everywhere.....

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I would've given this at least a 4 out of 5. I agree the looney toon sound when capaldi falls asleep was too cheesy rather than funny but it feels like since Capaldi's doctor is going to be much more serious than Smith's doctor the jokes are going to have to start coming from somewhere else and not the doctor being weird and awkward all the time. I tribute that scene to just moffat experimenting with the new tone of the show.

I 100% disagree with your take on Clara in this episode. This was the best she's ever been written! She is accustomed to some the doctor's way of thinking. Even figuring out the newspaper thing. Clara's problems in this episode are pretty reasonable. She's not sure this new doctor even cares about her enough to keep her around and really he's her only link back to the rest of her life. So of course she's freaking out when things aren't going how they usually go. A lot of this episode comes down to the fact that she felt safe with Smith's doctor and she doesn't know if she can trust the new doctor.