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I recently bought an iPad aswel, although i did it mostly for convenience. back when i was still in high school i came by the comic store on my way home. so it was easy to go in and pick them up.

but now i go to school in an entirely different city and dont come anywhere near a comic store. so the comixology app helps out alot. although i get what you're saying about your bank account in pain.

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when they first started airing the show they said it was going to be 4 seasons but the show has been so succesfull that they decided to keep it going. dunno if this is the final season though

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season 2 is good but the team roster is too large for my taste, I liked the larger focus on individual characters in season 1. in the first episode you see a large portion of the team together but now were 6 episodes in and we still havent been introduced to several characters.

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Kind of a strange question I know. but I need a way to circumvent certain restriction placed on me for a school assignment.

I need to create 3d model based on a comic book character. now the source art needs to come from a comic book. but i want to make Ironman from the movies.

the armor isnt the problem. the person inside it is :( i have been digging through this website in the hope of finding a comic in which the artist copied the appearance of robert downey jr as tony stark, and i have been unable to find one.

so if anyone knows of a comic and can point me in that direction, your help will be much appriciated