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Hi all,

I'm finally caught up to the series, having gotten into it about a year ago when I could finally take no more advice on just how good it is. Now that I've finished the Telltale game and have completed up to Book 8 (issue 96), I'm hungry for more. Anyone know when Book 9 will come out? I figure it's definitely this year, I guess around August? But does anyone have a solid date?



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Some beautiful work - well done to all! :)

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I can see bits of this in the recent trailer - it showed Superman essentially being held by Military forces, which is likely due to the fear of him and his kind.

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It doesn't matter, in the end. Chuck Norris will roundhouse kick and then punch them with the hidden fist behind his beard. Game over.

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@markslurpee said:

I heard Cross is GRUESOME.

Most disturbing was what Michonne did to the Guv'nor after he raped him...ouch.

Definitely. Also, might want to put spoilers in the title.

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Hi, I'm Senno. I'm a 30 year old from Australia. Im currently a student, but I'm trained as a Divemaster and as a Bartender.

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This post needs a poll on who is hotter. In my mind its Shailene Woodley, but then I've seen Kirsten Dunst naked.

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I agree with the sentiment that a younger version of Wonder Woman would make the show more grounded, more easily relatable and probably more ost effective and efficient. But why should we be trying to pare down Wonder Woman when she should be reaching for the stars? Anything lower than what we've seen from the likes of Smallville and Arrow (and to a lesser extent, Birds of Prey), will set back the idea that a female superhero can front a show. And I mean an actual superhero, not like Buffy or Dark Angel.

Besides, the same could be said for any superhero - exploring their origins. Think of Spider-Man or even Batman. They are massive names in the comics world and their origin stories are well known, yet they have never been portrayed in a live action tv show. I imagine it would be easier to sell that idea as well, seeing that they still have movies that people flock to. But therein lies my case that comics are seen primarily as for the boys and a real shake up is needed. I want to see Wonder Woman working wonders, not as a child unsure of herself.

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Anyone know if this will be a part of a two pack in Australia? Or there's a deal on buying this one and getting a discount on Part 1? I've been holding back for this release. I was hopeful it was as good as the comic, and it appears it will be, though without Mark Hamill I'm a little disheartened.

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I've been reading Archie now going on 20 years. The comics are certainly repetitive, but they are also timeless, in sense that they can be read 50 years after their initial printing and can still bring enjoyment. This issue looks set to follow in that tradition.