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Superman, WW and GL.

I'd love a Justice League game where you can switch characters.

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I also think there's an innate 'mystic' element that's only found in gods. For example (Possible Thor: God of Thunder spoiler) Gorr the God Butcher talks about god blood, so there must be some distinction between just a powerful being and a god?

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Batman would NOT beat Hulk is any kind of close-range or hand-to-hand combat of course.

Batman's only chance of beating Hulk (immobilizing him at most) would be to stay far away and use another method to subdue him for a while.

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Brute strength is Hulk's main thing, whereas Thor has a lot of other things going for him (mjolnir, weather manipulation, lightning etc) so if Hulk loses a lot, he loses his "strongest" title as well. And Thor is kinda the only guy strong enough to put up a fight against him, so sadly he's the one that has to get beat down to show Hulk's power.

I think Thor would win more often,, simply because he has more powers available to him. I respect that overall Hulk gets stronger than Thor though, 'cause that's his thing. If their battle is long, difficult and brutal then either way is fine by me. (as long its not just jobbing)

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Thor's team has Batman so automatic win to them.

But seriously, I think Thor's team has this, due to Wolverine, The Flash, Doomsday, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman and Thor himself who are all insanely powerful, as well as the cunning minds of Doom and Batman.

I think Supes team is lacking slightly in comparison, with the exception of the Hulk, WW , 'Shazam' and himself.

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In what way?

I like both characters, but I much prefer Batman.

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Really looking forward to this movie. Loving Thor's hair.

Excited to see the return of Loki and how the brothers interact, although I hope the film doesn't become overly Loki-centric (as much as I love the guy). I'd love to see in-depth character development and awesome feats from Thor.

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Superman would win.

If he's susceptible to magic he might have more of a struggle against Thor, but only if all Thor, Hulk and all the avengers worked extremely efficiently as team.

Even so, Supes just seems so powerful and fast I still think he'd eventually win.

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Superman and Wonder Woman, and perhaps some other JL members. I find the Superman/Batman friendship the most interesting, though.

Afred is more of a father-figure, Dick's like a son and Jim Gordon an ally.

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To be honest I have always loved the Bruce/Diana romance thing. I'm not a fan of Clark/Diana.

Actually forget that - Wonder Woman don't need no man!