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There are.

That doesn't mean I think the X-Men need another M-Day or Mutant Massacre, but they just need to be more spread out and fulfill different roles.

More things like X-Corps or people just trying to live normal lives.

More world-building, less collecting X-Men like they're Pokemon.

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  • E is for Extinction
  • Supernovas
  • Third Genesis
  • Magneto (current series)
  • The first three X-Factor vol. 3 trades
  • Days of Future Past
  • End of Greys
  • Old Man Logan
  • AvX: Consequences
  • X-Force Road Trip
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I've been lovvvving this miniseries. Compared to the other SW tie-in's source material, I cared the least about the original X-Tinction Agenda. However, this series is really bringing everything I need from an X-Men title. There is heart and believability in the Havok/Rachel conflict and there are so many characters at play but they all fulfill a role. I hate the costumes, but the writing is stellar.

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Teen O5 - there is not a compelling reason to have them in this time stream. 4/5 of the adult O5 almost made this list.

X-23 - The route this character took after NYX made me feel icky. Yes, the prostitute from a drug-laden Mutant Town was less icky than when she became an X-Men student. The romanticization of an animal-esque, traumatized assassin obsessing over the resident bully/prick is what abusive relationships are made of.

Psylocke - the body swap was conceived as a low-point of Claremont's creativity (and a very unfortunate byproduct of the culture of the time).

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Monet, Chamber, Karma, and Rictor

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  1. Magneto
  2. M
  3. Chamber
  4. Jubilee
  5. Emma Frost
  6. Rictor
  7. Shadowcat
  8. Mystique
  9. Old Man Logan
  10. Wind Dancer
  11. Cannonball
  12. Karma
  13. Warpath
  14. Siryn
  15. Rockslide
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Extraordinary X-Men: Jubilee, Iceman, Chamber, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Old Man Logan, and Paragon (Monet St. Croix)

Briefly includes: Psylocke

Think: X-Force road trip/All-New X-Men road trip meets X-Treme X-Men

It's one last road trip for our merry mutants before they are faced with quarantine or war. Brought together by that grump Old Man Logan, what trouble could come to an RV full of powerful mutants?

W: Charles Soule; A: Russell Dauterman & Jorge Molina

Costumes to be designed by: Kevin Wada

Uncanny X-Men: Rockslide, Karma, Cannonball, Shadowcat, Rictor, and Dust

Supporting cast: Triage

Think: Secret Wars' X-Tinction Agenda meets God Loves, Man Kills

As the Terrigen Mists unleash more Inhumans upon the planet, its power activating gas proves poisonous for our merry mutants. With two bands of outcasts pitted against one another for survival, they must gather the remaining mutants they can find either to flee...or to eliminate the Inhumans. When a mysterious text appears commanding the X-Men to fight for their right to stay on the planet, will the X-Men heed its advice?

W: Kelly Sue Deconnick; A: Mike Del Mundo

Costumes by designed by: Maxime Garbarini

X-Force: Magneto, Mystique, Pete Wisdom, Cyclops, and Bombshell

Think: Cullen Bunn's Magneto meets Wolverines meets Next Wave

When a vision from Destiny directs Mystique to build Noah's Arc, she gathers some of the most resourceful and equally untrustworthy mutants (plus Tabitha, who just happened upon this mystery project) to save mutantkind. Meanwhile, Magneto struggles to reconcile his past with the need to filter out the bad seeds of mutantkind. Will Magneto sacrifice his own life to ensure mutantkind's brand new world won't have a Brotherhood of Mutants...or an X-Force?

W: Cullen Bunn; A: Chris Bachalo & Stephanie Hans

Costumes to be redesigned by: Chris Bachalo

The Upstarts: Banshee, Daken, Psyche (Julian Keller), Emma Frost, Airstrike (Sofia Mantega), and Warpath

Supporting players: Northstar, Gambit, and Dazzler

Think: Brian K Vaughan's Mystique meets Mike Carey's Supernovas

Emma Frost has taught the brightest of mutants only to watch them perish. She's fought a Revolution that only spun in circles. She's been manipulated and she's manipulated...and she much likes the latter much better. Taking her fight to SHIELD, the telepathic temptress has resorted to using her tactical mind and toxic charm to the U.S. government and the United Nations. With her indebted Upstarts playing the role of bodyguards, will the queen be able to make her play before mutantkind is doomed? Or is Emma merely just a player on the board?

W: Gail Simone; A: Sara Pichelli and Olivier Coipel (probably one arc, let's be real)

New costumes to be designed by: Kris Anka

Non-starring roles:

Psylocke - will be comatose for duration of first year or two, undergoing repairs in the Body Shoppe after an epic battle...will awaken left behind by the rest of mutantkind with a new body, will remain with brother Brian

Storm and Magik will be in Uncanny Ultimates with Ms. America, Doctor Voo Doo, Elsa Bloodstone, and Agent Venom

Beast, Northstar, Colossus, Domino, and Sunspot are Avengers

Moonstar in Heroes for Hire/Defenders

Pixie, Hijack, and Goldballs are in Avengers Academy

Surge is in Runaways

Time-displaced O5 disappeared

Dazzler and Bling! are in A-Force

Polaris is on her way to becoming the new Magneto

Morlocks will become the new primary foil for the X-Men and may get a miniseries to spotlight individuals and their motivations

Initial line-up: Anole, Marrow, Caliban, Wicked, and Hex (new character)

to include Havok, Wolfsbane, and Venus Dee Milo among others

Overarching themes: Concept of ownership and right to occupy land, destinies being at odds, and the ideas of fate and predestination

Characters I'd have perish: Angel, Magma, remaining students

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Was that about Psylocke or Iggy Azalea? :p

Also, I find anime as a whole to be really creepy. As an Asian person, I acknowledge and dislike the cultural appropriation that often occurs in Asian pop culture.

@sprior93 said:
@selina_sublime said:

Psylocke. Asian fetishizing at its worst.

True, but she's still one of my favorite characters despite the cultural appropriation('yellow face'). Sometimes I feel guilty about it :(

Nah, not really. I know these days the X-Men comics are essentially paint-by-numbers picture books for kids, but there was a point in time when the book was actually an ongoing story with things like a narrative, supporting cast, villains that had more to do than just present themselves as an antagonist for an issue or used to be like an interesting soap opera with super heroes in it.

Psylockes transformation into an Asian ninja was the culmination of a sub plot that began around the Mutants Massacre and developed for over 4 years. She had constantly wished that her body was as fierce as her mind/spirit and after going through the Siege Perilous, got what she wanted like the other X-Men (e.g. Colossus became a successful artist, Dazzler, her superstar life). There was also the fact that the Mandarin had wanted the Hand to kill the bosses of opposing crime lords in Asia and she wouldn't have been very effective if she was just this white lady walking around the Asian underworld.....hence the body augmentation. So yeah, it was a part of a character journey...she got everything she wanted in exchange for a whole different identity, which was something she didn't bargain for, and that, my friends is a kind of "situational irony" in writing. Now, someone like Tom Corsi or Sharon Friedlander.....that is some weird culture appropriating.

It's also strange that the Japanese make tons of anime with blonde haired, blue eyed women with massive breasts and never get accused of “white fetishizing” and a lot of ninja fiction and lore, like them wearing certain outfits and carrying katanas and having mystical powers is a western creation...but eh, it's easier to demonize whitey ;)

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Psylocke. Asian fetishizing at its worst.

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Those aren't bad, but I'm cautious to see him penciling Psylocke and Mystique climaxing while in battle.

@sprior93 said:

@selina_sublime: Land's art has improved quite a bit.