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I think Children's Crusade was a TOTAL cop out to what was not only one of the most horrific things a superhero could've done, but could've potentially been a really interesting character arc. M-Day was a gigantic, epic horror and I don't buy her half-hearted road to redemption one bit.

Prior to M-Day/Disassembled, I don't think she was interesting. The Vision marriage and gypsy attire were among the many reasons I didn't flock to the Avengers back in the day.

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Astonishing X-Men: Manifold, Shadowcat, Rictor, Beast, Rogue, Fantomex, Icey (Bling!)

Uncanny X-Men: Airstrike (Wind Dancer), Jubilee, Quicksilver, Cyclops, Sin (M), Chamber, Anole

X-Force: Cable, Betsy Braddock (in her British body), Marrow, Shatterstar, Barracks (Unuscione), and Dr. Nemesis

Uncanny Avengers: Havok, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Moonstar, Scarlet Witch

Solo: Magneto, Emma Frost

Hellion - Brotherhood

Karma (as new Omega Sentinel) - Brotherhood (brainwashed)

Genesis - in a failed attempt to reprogram the heroic Evan by Clan Akabba

Blink - Clarice Ankh, Apocalypse influenced anti-hero

Siryn, Warpath, Sunspot, Cannonball, Madrox, Surge, Eye Boy - X-Corps

Penance, Rockslide, Angel Salvadore, Beak - Morlocks

Polaris - the new Magneto

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Of Dazzler's look, my favorite is Age of X hands down. But her two-piece starburst outfit and Ultimate looks are close second (I also really like the originally intended black Dazzler).

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Kitty Pryde and Monet. Marrow needs different hair.

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All four are among my least favorite X-Characters. I like Scarlet Witch as a villain so I'll choose her.

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1. Mystique

2. Jubilee

3. Rachel Grey

4. Magik

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1. Monet

2. Hope

3. Blink

4. Dazzler

5. Moonstar

6. Pixie

7. Armor

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New X-Men/X-Treme X-Men with X-Corp making sporadic appearances.

Uncanny at the time featured pretty much all of my least favorite characters so its largely ignorable.

2nd place: Ultimate Comics: X-Men Utopia crew.

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Professor X
The Phoenix mythos

Long-string of weak/half-hearted portrayals:
Kitty Pryde
Emma Frost

Were never good:

Risky developments that I'm unsure of, but at least make this B-Lister stand out more:

Marvel is doing EXCELLENTLY with:

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I think their respective first arcs, 'E is for Extinction' and 'Gifted' are both classics, but I agree with previous posts that Whedon's run as a whole was derivative and basically a love letter to stories already told. He crafts things magically and his name and style are really accessible to new readers, but he moved the series backwards in a lot of ways. Also, his Emma was pitiful and the beginning of her decline after being a shining star in the X-Books during and post-Morrison.

On the other hand, Morrison really took the books into a new realm and made the books refreshing. However, continuity and personalities were sometimes lost on the way there. On the bright side, I feel like he nailed his main cast (Emma, Jean, Scott, and Beast especially--there has NOT been as nearly a decent writer for Beast since) and his new additions (Angel, Beak, the Cuckoos) were truly extraordinary. His Magneto was dreadful and marked a period where his motives and personality were constantly shifting and largely undefined.