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Too posey; needs Monet

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My writer line-up:

X-Men Series #1 (flagship epic): Ales Kot, Brian K. Vaughan, or Mike Carey--if he can bring his Supernovas game; artists Fiona Staples, Olivier Coipel, Alina Urusov, Russell Dauterman, Marguerite K. Bennett, Stephanie Hans

X-Men Series #2 (intimate character piece): G. Willow Wilson (ideally with Mike del Mundo)

Satellite: Kelly Sue DeConnick (ideally with Jorge Molina)

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It was great! Velocidad was really generic and the weak link, but Idie's story was heavy and natural and I loved the suspense of the Kenji & Laurie/Hope tension. The story and character dynamics were strong, but the group's fatal flaw was unfortunately the grotesque, copycat aesthetic of its characters, aside from Idie, who went on to headline two future series with less success.

The vocal online fans want to read about the attractive adventures of Hellion, Elixir, etc. no matter how cliche their personalities were.

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He's a thug, not main villain material.

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No, it lacks flair which in of itself is not suitable for Monet.

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How are AMAZING written stories like Storm, All-New X-factor, Ultimate X-men and other titles being cancelled (or rumored to be cancelled) while Axis, Spider-man and the X-men and other dumb books thriving????

It's not even Marvel's crap at this point-- WHY ARE YOU GIVING THEM YOUR MONEY! I stopped at Axis halfway through like NOPE-- NOPE-- NOPE-- This is crap and I can't see it randomly getting better. I'm not just blaming Marvel, you guys need to know when to stop buying stupid titles and learn to support good books. No more trade waiting.



(Personally, I just want Storm's solo to keep going on and the twins to be established as mutants again.)

You know times are rough when you list Storm and All-New X-Factor amazing.

"Magneto" is the only X-Title that isn't a complete embarrassment.

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The power of Colossus' death makes his overly nostalgia-driven resurrection and everything he's done since seem so small and pointless.

I really don't get resurrecting a character unless there's a HUGE story behind it. Psylocke, Nightcrawler, and Colossus are just a few examples of resurrection missteps.

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  1. Kitty Pryde
  2. Magneto
  3. Rogue
  4. Wolverine
  5. Daken
  6. Emma Frost
  7. Colossus
  8. M
  9. Xavier
  10. Beast
  11. Cyclops
  12. Mystique
  13. Bishop
  14. Jubilee
  15. Storm
  16. Marrow
  17. Rictor
  18. Chamber
  19. Moonstar
  20. Karma
  21. Psylocke
  22. Nightcrawler
  23. Cannonball
  24. Multiple Man
  25. Surge
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The Storm comic is maybe one of the worst books Marvel is producing right now. I'm really surprised it hasn't been cancelled yet.

I think Marvel is doing a good job of pushing female-centered titles, but they don't all have to survive. Elektra is mostly good because of the art and I do think She Hulk getting cancelled is a bit of travesty.

However, Ms. Marvel and Thor are spectacular and I am really looking forward to Angela: Asgard's Assassin, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, and Spider-Gwen.

Please no more mediocre comic books just for the sake of character following.