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What is your least favorite story done by Marvel that has featured Hercules as a major character? It can be either one from a mini series he has starred in, an team-up story that was focused on him or he plays a key role aside from the muscle. The time Pluto tried to force Hercules to replace him or the Avengers story where Zeus created Tylor Madison are possibilities of the latter.

For me, the worst Hercules story is Chaos War. It was Hercules's moment in the event centered around him which not even Thor has had, and a chance to prove to everyone that he is more than a second-string Thor or joke character. What we ended up with was Hercules the Fool who blundered his way to victory by others guiding him by the hand lacking the wisdom to be worthy of the power he had been given and if anything reaffirming the early negative views. This takes the place as the worst Hercules story because it has the most potential to raise his stock, but lowered it to beneath what it was before.

Thoughts? Other views?

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@jayc1324 said:

Well there's the one above all still and the actual Christian God I'm pretty sure in the marvel universe. And Thor still gets respect as a god. People pray to him and he answers prayers. That's pretty godly.

Just for the record, there is currently no evidence that the Christian God is The One Above All. Given how every other religion both alien and Earth are the same type of god and the one Ghost Rider story to heavily deal with Christanity did not portray God or the angels as any higher than the others for now all evidence points to the Monothestic God being another skyfather.

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@xvalkar said:

One shot by his own hammer. Seriously, he should leave his hammer at home.

As much as I like the Incredible Hercules series, Pak and Lente had a bad habit of short changing other gods especially for Amadeus Cho.

A lot of these other scenes posted are during a time period where Thor was getting his butt kicked by anyone and everyone.

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Like Lateralus said historically most gods were not all-powerful beings. They were usually far more powerful than regular humans, but not omnipotent.

Also, the Asgardians are not the only gods in Marvel. Virtually all other pantheons have been shown to be true. So all their afterlives are real. Its impossible to say one is the "real heaven" when all of them are real heavens.

All in all, your post comes off more as viewing the whole deal strictly through the lens of monotheism without considering the differences in polytheism.

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So, he lose all his powers? Thats... stupid.

I did not say that. I clearly stated that Thor retains aka keeps all of his powers and that the other person gets a copy. This is sounding like trolling.

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1. He gets the power of Thor which includes Mjolnir.

2. Thor retains his powers. Odin's enchantments allow someone to get a copy.

3. thor

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Red Hulk did, he even flew with it like it was nothing.

Magneto could I think.

Hulk did, just barely. He picked it up for a few seconds then threw it. After that he couldn't do it again.

Super-man could, only like a few inches though x. x

That's all I know lol. Well, its like saying how Thor's hammer weighs half a billion tons and Thor can pick it up, its logic. Lol.


Rhulk did not lift it. Loeb used legal trickery to justify it by saying that as long as Thor is holding the hammer the enchantment is negated. Once you get into space there is nothing for it to bond to so anyone can hold it, but they do not have access to its power.

I do not recall Magento ever lifting it.

Hulk never did. You are thinking of the Ulimate Avengers cartoon where the hammer has no worthiness enchantment.

Superman was a one time deal due to a built in emergency clause. When he tried to lift it again later he could not.

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@cdw101: I favor Loki in this encounter. When portrayed right he is basically John, but has been doing this for far longer and with far more power at his disposal. Outwitting the FOF doesn't seem that great since by John's own admission the guy is an idiot. A lot of John's plans rely on his opponent being bound by mystical rules, not knowing he is coming, or being dumb enough to think they can play him. I doubt Loki would fall for most of those. John's main advantage is that weird luck power of his where the universe will bend over backwards so things come out in his favor even if the rest of the world burns.

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@jayc1324 said:

So did hulk actually lift the hammer yet

No, any image of the Hulk lifting the hammer is either a dream, fake, Thor actually lifting it, or Thor mentally summoning the hammer.

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@d3athstroke said:

@powerherc: He did not use up all of his godly powers, He simply created world where he was no longer a god, because he did not want to be one. Even when Zeus offered him to restore his godliness he refused and blocked the blessing with a shield.

No, I'm afraid he did. Athena stated he would loose all of his powers in his weakened condition. Later, he refused to have his godhood returned to him and Zeus has never been one to force it upon him. Fact is Hercules loved being a god, or at least a god at his usual level, for the high level of adventure it gave him.