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@nova_prime_: @seekquaze: @lol: @powerherc: hey can you guys tell me when Hercules became the sky father and Zeus was reborn as a child

And I have always thought Zeus and Odin were equal both pantheons originated at the same time and it's not really Zeus's thunderbolt compared to the Odin force it's more like the thunderbolt compared to odins lance gungir, it should a comparison of the skyfather hood compared to the odinforce it would most likley be a tie most people would say the Odin force because they have gone into the odinforce more than the skyfather but Zeus defeated the titans old times as a young god and also had a hand in creating man or mortals of earth so if u ask me I would say Zeus but it's most likely a tie.

Hercules became a skyfather, though in a sense much more than a skyfahter, at the very end of the Prince of Power mini series and lost it at the end of Chaos War. Zeus was reborn as a child about midway through the Incredible Hercule series.

Odin and Zeus are usually considered equals in pure power, but not necessarily other areas like fighting skills. Gungnir powers have been portrayed inconsistently with it being a regular spear that served as a channel for Odin's power to being a weapon as mighty as Mjolnir. Zeus defeated the Titans with the aid of his brothers, the Cyclopses and Hundred-handed ones, and the Thunderbolt. Zeus is rarely attributed as the creator of humanity. That is usually Prometheus' role. Odin is sometimes said to have created humanity as well.

@seekquaze: Are you saying that Zeus, Athena and Hera are weak?

Compared to who and at what time? Zeus is equal to Odin in overall power when in possession of the Thunderbolt. I don't know how powerful he is without it. Probable at least Thor level. Hera is more powerful than regular gods like Sif or the Warriors Three, but in destructive power weaker than Thor, Hercules, or her brothers Pluto, Zeus and Neptune. Her energy manipulation powers are below her brothers. With the Thunderbolt, she stalemated Iron Patriot aka Norman Osborn in a knock off Iron Man armor. So she would be weaker then Thor despite possession the Thunderbolt. To me that makes her weak. Same with Athena. Athena' energy powers and variety are greater than some other gods like Ares, but we don't know how powerful she truly is. She is weaker than Zeus and likely Thor. And again, when she possessed the Thunderbolt she never did anything that impressive to put her on a level with a full powered Zeus.

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This is a power I've read about on summaries about the character and mentioned a few times in the comics. I've heard that it allows John to reality warp circumstances to favor him. The role of the dice, getting the right taxi, meeting the correct person for the crisis at hand are all arranged by this. Some instances are activated on their own and other times John has some control over it.

Can someone tell me more about this? How much can John control it? Is it the reason John has survived so many situations where everyone else has died? John is credited as an invincible prepper, but how much of it is prep and how much is this ability warping the universe to suit John's needs?

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I can't really see him having a place in the "Heroic Age" or any team now. With Thor, Hercules, Hulk and Valkyrie back in the public's good graces any role he had would be already fulfilled. I think being a Dark Avengers would hang over him. There would be distrust with the other heroes. Power wise he contributes nothing that a number of other heroes do not surpass. He has no demonstrated tactical abilities to speak of. He is too much of a loose cannon to be entrusted to a team like Ross' Thunderbolts or the Secret Avengers or nearly any team that requires following orders, team work, and stealth.

At best, I could see a single story where he avenged the death of his son, realized his poor choices once again blew things, and then return to Olympus.

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I would say no. I don't see him really pulling everyone's strings or manipulating events on a large scale. Emperor Palpatine had his finger in nearly every pie and everyone dancing to his strings who plans more or less generally succeeded.

With Thanos, so far there is no evidence that he connected to The Dark Elves, Kree-Nova War, Hydra or anything else. His plans so far have failed and his minions instead of loyally serving him have all turned on him. So I would say he is not off to a great start though he may get out of his chair and put his mind to something after the events in GOTG.

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Eh, his first major appearence was a let down for me. All of his minions betray him and there is no evidence that id saw it coming. Two Infinity Stones have slipped through his fingers and are now in heavily-guarded (even for him) facilities. He claimed to have the power to destroy Xander, but based on what we saw of the Chitauri in Avengers I highly doubt he could do it without an infinity stone even if he does have an army large enough to attack Xander itself. He would be declaring war on a major interstellar empire.

I think the film WANTED him to be a badass who is "above" everything, but for a film that was meant to build him up it failed for me. All we saw was his minions praise how great he is while he seats in a chair and made threats. His plans failed, minions betrayed him, and he has no stone. He did not come out ahead in any way.

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Ares(much like Neptune or Pluto) can lift/press 70 tons. True, this makes him weaker than half brother Hercules never mind the Thing, Wonder Man, Thor and the Hulk buth battles are not always won with sheer brute strength. Cunning, skill and experience must also be added to the mix! (Ares has all these in spades!)


Sadly, he almost never uses them. He relies almost entirely on brute strength. That is why he is often rated lowly and loses major battles.

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He is evil, but not in the overt way most comic villains are. It is made clear in the series that if someone crosses him accidentally, inconveniences him, or does not do what he wants immediately he will almost always destroy them in the most horrible way possible due to his massive pride unless he is either in a really good mood or in a hurry and considers the matter to trivial to concern himself with beyond the moment. He also has no qualms about sacrificing any number of people or other beings if it serves his goals. A key point in the series is whatever compassion he had was lost long ago and why Michael is his foil. Lucifer is pride without any regard for others. Virtually nothing matters but Lucifer's will. Michael on the other hand possesses the compassion Lucifer lacks, but a noted lack of will which may be a good thing considering he possessed more raw power. God in this series was a combination of the two. Same with Elaine.

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Hercules is most famous for his 12 labors. Out of all of those which one do you think is the "greatest?" In modern stories, the slaying of the Nemean Lion is sometimes treated as the greatest since Hercules wore its hide. Which do you think is the greatest labor?

What about Marvel Hercules? What is his greatest feat?

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@scouterv said:

I don't see any reason he couldn't lift it. I think the various stories showing he would kill are reason enough to say that he could lift the hammer if Death is the only thing stopping him. Lord Superman, Superboy Prime, The High Councilor, Ultraman, and Brutaal are all Superman willing to kill. Lord Superman and High Councilor are probably even more correct in their judgement (overall, but not case-by-case,) to choose to kill people like The Joker and Doomsday. I have to believe that, given the fact that it's infinitely possible that Superman would kill someone under the right circumstances like any of the other "warriors" discussed here, he should be able to lift the hammer.

And I guess when you put it like that really anyone could lift the hammer. I'm not huge into Marvel so maybe I'm missing something, but perhaps there are some universes where Thors' analogue is unable to lift the Hammer?

The problem is you are looking at Odin's idea of worthiness. Superman's no-kill philosophy varies from absolutely no to under extreme circumstances depending on the writer and version of Superman. At the end of the day, Superman is not a warrior which is what sets Thor and Superman apart. The killing aspect is a part Walter Simonson once stated to indicate that difference.

Superman should lift it because his soul is more pure and divine than Odin's andt hus should break his enchanment by sheer force of willpower. I mean Superman is God made more Holy than other Gods.

I know in DC Superman is often portrayed as some sort of universal messiah, but again you are comparing something closer to a Christian idea of worthiness to a Viking idea of worthiness. In many stories, Superman is vulnerable to magic and Mjolnir's worthiness clause is magic.

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Thor wouldn't have fought Hulk. If Thor knew what the Illuminati did to him, he would believe what Hulk's doing is not his problem. Heck he would probably confront them too.

I think Thor would take issue with Hulk invading New York. He might fight Hulk to remove him from the city, but he would definitly confront the Illuminati about their actions and force them to take repsonbility for exiling the Hulk. Remember, they were not the cause for the destruction of Sakaar. The Red King's men placed a damaged warp drive on the ship hoping it would destroy the Hulk and underestimated it because they had no idea how it worked. Hirom's people brought the Hulk to Sakaar by controlling the wormhole and whatever space drive the Hulk's ship had was not a hyperdrive.