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His attempt during the Dark Reign actually illustrates why he would be an effective leader. He took a bunch of unruly misfits and forged them into a highly efficient military unit capable of challenging hordes of undead and mythical creatures. And the reason they died is not because of Ares per se, but rather due to the loyalty he inspired in them which made them come back for him after they had already escaped.

I could see Ares as a combat leader as well as the enforcer and mentor type but they would need someone to act as the face of that team because Ares would not do well in that role.

@sc: I do believe leadership would be a burden on him, as you say. During the Dark Reign arc, his role as leader/Mentor of the Shades, he is not nearly as reckless as he is generally displayed to be and has a genuine concern for them, a concern which ultimate gets him captured when he most likely would not have been had he been alone or not responsible.

Umm, they pointed out before hand that they were going into a unknown situation without proper backup or intelligence. Ares rode into the mission on a giant bomb letting everyone knows they were there. They were unprepared to face Ares's maniac son or hordes of undead. Ares himself admitted it was his fault at the end that they were all dead at the end. The other attacks he led when an Avenger had similar results. He fails to take full advantage of his resources coasting his side much higher casualties then necessary. Something he was called out on several times. At best, Ares can act as a drill sergeant to whip troublesome recruits in line, but actually lead a mission and expect to get your soldiers to live through it, mission planning, or anything to do with actual leading would have to go to someone else.

Yes, in a rare showing he did display concern for them. One impression I got though was he knew it was his fault that they were in over their heads because of his blunders. The problem with trying to assign him to any team is Ares has displayed blatant disregard for orders or mission objectives when it clashes with what he wants that he is too much of a loose cannon to place on any team.

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I would guess is Aaron made him too powerful and his powers are too much of an autowin. Ghost Rider has always been powerful mainly thanks to durability, but Aaron retconned Ghost Rider by saying only weapons specifically from the Christian heaven can hurt him and by saying Ghost Rider is as powerful has he wants to be including on par with if not surpassing hell-lords. The penance stare is too much of an autowin so you have to find ways around it.

In short, you have an impossible to harm character that can have any powers he wants when he wants. Such a character is impossible to write so to make a story interesting you have to keep throwing in weaknesses, spells or weapons that take him out.

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One problem I have noticed about Ghost Rider is his power can vary WIDELY from appearance to appearance. For instance, the Deacon was able to beat him and resist his penance stare despite being only a human with super strength and some magical knives. He has been koed by a gas station explosion. The Beast the Hand worship drained the hellfire out of the GR to defeat him Etc. Other times the Ghost Rider is pretty much invincible. Dr Strange defeats eldricth abominations that devour entire universes, but sometimes is portrayed as powerless against GR. Since the growing big has never been one of GR's powers before apparently Ghost Rider gets new powers as the plot requires.

Can Thor defeat Ghost Rider? Yes, but it heavily depends on which version of each you get. Do you get the invincible Ghost Rider as shown in the annual and the stupid Thor who only hits things with his hammer or do you get the much more human Ghost Rider and the Thor whose hammer truly is a divine weapon?

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@darkknight96000: Seeing how the original fight in this thread was Zadikel vs Thor I give the fight to Thor. Most of Zadikel's feats are based on when he was absorbing the power of God. The only thing he really did before that was single-handily defeat a few angels. By comparison, Thor has torn through armies of superpowered trolls and Asgardians. Thor on his own has displayed the greater range of power than Zadikel and greater feats so he wins this.

As for Ghost Rider vs Thor, Ghost Rider has been all over the place power wise over his career. One issue he is borderline invincible the next he is much weaker and difficult to hurt. I mean a regular human with some heavenly weapons defeated him one time and resisted his penance stare (The Deacon) and then you have other times where GR is supposed to be mightier than a hell-lord. So whether Thor can defeat Ghost Rider or not depends too much on how powerful he is being written at the moment.

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John learns he is fated to die. He dies a "physical" death and pretends to accept it. Somehow, he uses his ashes to create a new body for himself. At first, he plans to run away, but realizes the Fates will never stop until they are sure he is dead, anyone in prolonged contact with him has their lives destroyed, and he cannot resist meddling in things. So he disappears and the last we see of him is in a pup with a vacant look on his face.

What do you think did occur? Do you think John might have wiped his own memory so he wouldn't die, but would no longer be "him?" Become some sort of ghost to haunt London and live in the memories of his pup? Afterall, where would his spirit go when he died? Hell? He spent his life pissing off every supernatural entity he could come across meaning he likely was not getting into heaven nor any of the other "good" afterlives.

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Well, the First of the Fallen does go by the name Satan which is more synonymous with the Devil than the name Lucifer. So in a sense, he has outsmarted the devil in that case. Granted though, Lucifer Morningstar is the far more powerful being and Constantine hasn't outsmarted him so far as I know.

The problem with outsmarting the First of the Fallen is he is an uncouth, vulgar IDIOT. For all his talk of wanting to hurt John he was reduced to taunting him from a distance while other demons did far more damage to Constantine.

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Weapons of justice are not uncommon in fantasy. They often require a purity of spirit and humility that only Balder could possible live up to. Mjolnir requires a degree of noble character, but is more "flexiable" than the standard righteous sword. Afterall, Odin can use it despite doing a number of harsh yet necessary things for the good of Asgard. Thor himself is often borderline arrogant, headstrong, and quick to battle. He has at times wielded the hammer when either insane or consumed with rage. Mjolnir itself has never been mentioned to try and sense whether or not the person it is being used against is noble or not.

Yet we have seen characters lose their worthiness in the past. Thor temporarily lost it when he was transformed into a Frost Giant Thor and bullied a mutant Spider-Man. Bill was temporarily deemed unworthy when he unleashed a plague on an innocent species as part of his personal vendetta against Galactus.

So, how far can Thor "fall" before he is no longer worthy? If Thor is forced to kill someone of noble character who has been tricked into thinking Thor is evil does that make Thor unworthy? What if Thor conjures a storm to defeat an invading army and some innocents drowned in it does that make him unworthy? How "flexiable" is the worthiness enchantment?

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@westy206 said:

An Avengers team made of cut throats nearly.

If I remember correctly when Norman made Dark Avengers Ares didn't see a probl being on the team as he believed they'd still achieve the same thing. It's kinda like Ares wants to be a hero but most naturally isn't. I find it hard to see him take orders when even the Olympians ask him for help and he is their General in times of war so to then follow a human seems also against his nature.

Can an Avengers team of cutthroats really be called Avengers? They are supposed to be heroes not villains.

Ares wanting to be a hero, but his nature being the opposite is a problem several writers have commented he faces. He sees no difference between Osborn and Tony Stark because to Ares fighting is fighting. Causes, sides, whatever come and go. He truly sees no difference in how you win as long as you win. Winning is pretty much all that matters to him.

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@allanvdsouza: Many people did not like Chaos War because it was a mess of a story. Galactus being summoned for the sole purpose of getting beat up by Zeus was only one small part. Others include the pacing, Hercules as a buffoon, the inflated power levels making everyone besides Herc and Mikaboshi useless, the art, Hercules being a buffoon, a story that collapsed under the weight of its own attempts to be cosmic and grandiose, characterization, Athena's characterization, the cheap reset at the end and finally Hercules being a buffoon.

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Like most cosmic, Celestials have been watered down since their introduction. Originally, they were untouchable. As far above Odin as he is above a regular human. They were space gods of intergalactic influence compared to Odin who is mostly an Earth god limited to the nine worlds. It is only in the last few years Celestials have been watered down to being giant robots. Galactus on the other hand has had a bit of an up swing the last few years.