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Red Hulk did, he even flew with it like it was nothing.

Magneto could I think.

Hulk did, just barely. He picked it up for a few seconds then threw it. After that he couldn't do it again.

Super-man could, only like a few inches though x. x

That's all I know lol. Well, its like saying how Thor's hammer weighs half a billion tons and Thor can pick it up, its logic. Lol.


Rhulk did not lift it. Loeb used legal trickery to justify it by saying that as long as Thor is holding the hammer the enchantment is negated. Once you get into space there is nothing for it to bond to so anyone can hold it, but they do not have access to its power.

I do not recall Magento ever lifting it.

Hulk never did. You are thinking of the Ulimate Avengers cartoon where the hammer has no worthiness enchantment.

Superman was a one time deal due to a built in emergency clause. When he tried to lift it again later he could not.

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@cdw101: I favor Loki in this encounter. When portrayed right he is basically John, but has been doing this for far longer and with far more power at his disposal. Outwitting the FOF doesn't seem that great since by John's own admission the guy is an idiot. A lot of John's plans rely on his opponent being bound by mystical rules, not knowing he is coming, or being dumb enough to think they can play him. I doubt Loki would fall for most of those. John's main advantage is that weird luck power of his where the universe will bend over backwards so things come out in his favor even if the rest of the world burns.

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@jayc1324 said:

So did hulk actually lift the hammer yet

No, any image of the Hulk lifting the hammer is either a dream, fake, Thor actually lifting it, or Thor mentally summoning the hammer.

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@d3athstroke said:

@powerherc: He did not use up all of his godly powers, He simply created world where he was no longer a god, because he did not want to be one. Even when Zeus offered him to restore his godliness he refused and blocked the blessing with a shield.

No, I'm afraid he did. Athena stated he would loose all of his powers in his weakened condition. Later, he refused to have his godhood returned to him and Zeus has never been one to force it upon him. Fact is Hercules loved being a god, or at least a god at his usual level, for the high level of adventure it gave him.

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@d3athstroke said:

Hercules is lot stronger than people on this forum think. He is constantly fighting with people as strong or stronger Than Zeus.

A lot of this is questionable at best if not misinformed:

He defeated god powered by cosmic Energy which was basically lolstomping pantheons from all over the universe.

What instance are you talking about here?

He wresled down Atum who Thor failed to move.

When did he wrestle Atum? The worst I recall is one time he gave Atum a friendly nuggy.

He fought on par with Typhone who is to Zeus what Surtr is for Odin.

The Typhon Hercules fought is weaker than the one Zeus fought. Typhon was reduced to a more human form by the Olympians to make him easier to manage. In older stories, Typhon would start to take on a more monstrous appearance the stronger he became.

He lifted Axis Mundi which had weight of whole universe

Not saying this isn't a strength feat, but considering the metaphysical nature of it it is hard to quantify.

He ripped apart golems Made from pure Adamantine (Which is harder than Adamantium)

I don't recall it being stated that Hephaestus's automotons were made of adamantine. The fact Hercules could not break down a door made from the stuff even with his face suggest that they were not.

Tanked Kly'bns cosmic rays which melted adamantine

When did Kly'bn's beams melt adamantine? The only appearance the Skrull god ever had was in that one issue and he only used his eye beams against Ajax and Hercules.

Ripped Mikaboshis limbs off (Before he became skyfather himself)

Are you talking about the Ares mini or the first issue of "Sacred Invasion?" Either way, in both cases Mikaboshi was far weaker than in Chaos War.

Zeus himself can achieve strength levels far surpassing Hercules by augmenting himself with his magic. Its why he has been shown manhandling both Thor and Hercules in the past.

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Dr. Doom wins. I've read a bit of Constantine and several advantages he tends to have are removed here. For starters, by John's own admission the FOF is an idiot. Doom while incredibly arrogant is not. Second, demons often came across as being bound by rules that prevented them from outright killing John or he had something they wanted to prevent them from killing him. Doom is bound by no such rules and I doubt Constantine can get anything Doom wants that Doom could not get himself.

The claim that Constantine "tricked" or "threatened" The Presence I have never seen as having any weight to it. The Presence in Vertigo is an omnipotent, omniscient being. John is no threat to it because it is impossible to put The Presence in any harm. The Presence knows everything before hand so it is impossible for John to trick it or get in a position to threaten it without The Presence already being prepared to handle the threat. Finally, thanks to being totally omnipotent The Presence could annihilate all of the forces of hell with a thought and rewrite the rules that govern existence. Why then would it grant Constantine's request? Maybe because The Presence knows that John performs more good on Earth? Maybe it decides to give John hope so he can screw himself over more? Maybe it just finds John amusing? Either way, Constantine was no threat to it, did not trick it, and their are a slew of reasons why it could have granted John's request.

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Any of the abstracts like Eternity or Master Order, Galactus, a high enough mystical entity like one of the Vishanti, Chthon, another highly skilled skyfather, a Celestial. Others. Warriors Madness is more of a detriment then a blessing since it would impede Thor's ability to cleverly use the Odinforce.

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Any of the abstracts like Eternity or Master Order, Galactus, a high enough mystical entity like one of the Vishanti, Chthon, another highly skilled skyfather, a Celestial. Others.

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@bezza said:

Brings a new slant to Banes immortal words " I will break you"...

Actually despite what I put at the start of the thread, as Wolvie and Hulk are my favourite Marvel characters I quite enjoy their battles. The ultimate one being Wolverine v Hulk in "Old Man Logan", but it does seem unlikely that someone of Wolverine's limited physical strength could really do that much damage to Hulk, unbreakable claws or not...

Wolverine's claws are either portrayed as so sharp they cat cut through nearly anything regardless of strength or close to it. That is typically the only way he and X-23 hand with beings above streets.

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@bezza: The Hercules mini-series from the 1980s by Bob Layton are pretty good as well. They portray Hercules in an alternate future that brings a fitting end to his legend.