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Kyle Lift is an outcast. He only has a few friends,but his friends are really good friends. Even though he is 6'1 tall and about 180 Ibs. he still gets picked on. He doesn't have a girlfriend, there is only one girl for him. Her name is Abby Lahaye. She is perfect. Kyle tried out for the football team to impress Abby. The team name is Panthers. Unfortunatly he didn't make it. So he decided to be the equipment manager. He went to every practice and all the games. On the championship game they were the away team. They were playing the hardest team in state. Kyle was sitting on the bench the whole game (except for the accational times when he had to go get more water). He wasn't waching the game though, he was starrying at Abby. She always went to the games to watch her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is the quarterback of the team. His name is Ryan Stack. Ryan picks on Kyle the most. Anyway, back on the bench, Kyle saw that the bucket of water was empty. So he took the bucket to the hose. The hose was behind the consetion stand. he got to the back of the consetion stand. The hose was covered by a HUGE spiderweb. Then he saw that the web leaded to the roof of the consetion stand. So he looked up and tried to get a better look at it. He wanted to make sure the spider wasn't there. Suddenly he felt a shock of pain crawl up his leg and around his body. He looked down and saw a fat spider that was all different colors. It's fangs were like a vampire's. It's eyes looked like a bottomless pit of death. It bit him. He fell to the groung trying to get away from the spider. Then a foot smashed the spider. Kyle looked up and saw his best friend, Alex West. Alex and Kyle have been friends ever sence they were babies. Alex is the funniest person you will ever meet. He helped Kyle to his feat. The game was over. The Panthers lost. Kyle was still light headed. So he struggled to get on the bus. He finally did and got home. It was about 10:00 at night. When Kyle got home he went strait to his room and fell on the floor. When he got up it was about 9:00 in the morning. He was late for school. He got dress really quikly and check his spider bite. The scar was almost gone. Then he ran to school. He ran faster than usual. he felt better than ever.