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I have read it. It's not great. Annoying that so many characters have disappeared to be replaced by characters from the TV show for no good reason. Want to see Emiko and Ollie as a crime fighting duo now that Emiko has decided she's staying? Nope. She's "training" and instead we have Diggle. Want to see Naomi and her dynamic with the rest of the team after having to take a more active field approach in the Broken story? And maybe watch her start to grow into the Dart as was teased by the Futures End One-Shot? Double nope. She's "off the grid". So now we can shoehorn Felicity Smoak into her tech shoes. And Fyff? Well he's "got a new job". Yep, that's it.

It's too soon to tell but it looks very much like this is about to become Arrow (TV) light.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the tv show and it's characters but we do not need them here now that there is already such an established roster.

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I'm a pretty big fan of Red Hood when he is handled well. I enjoyed him immensely in Under the Hood and a bunch of other Winnick stories and I quiet like the way they handled him in a state of flux... trying to find his place; Going from out-and-out vengeance against Batman to trying to become him to trying to replace him. I'm enjoying his part in the new 52 and I like that whilst he hasn't forgiven what happened (and why should he) he has put it behind him and has left Gotham and the Bat family behind him to do his own thing. Even if he does pop up from time to time to help out when needed.

What I don't understand is why he is still ok with wearing one of Nightwing's old battle suits and hasn't got his own (sans bat logo) yet. ;) (Obviously I understand it really; it's to sell comics on the Bat-element)

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I like the designs for Seer and Prisoner of War quite a lot and in colour Vostok-X looks good. (see cover of Aquaman 7) I'm not a fan of the other two designs so much but I am looking forward to seeing them all in story and finding out about the artifacts and their link with Atlantis. I really like the idea of PoW having been a prisoner in Atlantis.

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I'm not sure if this has been noticed or touched on by anyone but all this stuff seems to very strongly relate to the Flashpoint stuff that has been posted on the DC blog over the last week or so. Cyborg, Citizen Cold, the Outsider..... all these seem like big parts of Flashpoint previews. Aquaman and Abin Sur are both things hinted at spinning out of the Brightest Day runs and Superman seems like it might be just what is going on now. 
What I find most interesting is "The changing man". Will we see "Shade the Changing man" jump over from Vertigo to the main DCU? Maybe.

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Way to keep the British end up Falsworth.... ;)

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I'm from the British Empire (by that i mean England) would you mind me entering for my own (and hopefully your) amusement? You know, just for fun with no intention of winning prizes? 

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For me, I usually give it a chance for a while and then if things pick up i continue. If they don't it becomes a question of "why do I buy this book?". The best example for me is Green Arrow. I friggin' love Green Arrow and have for years now. However, when the Green Arrow series ended and the new Green Arrow/Black Canary series started I didn't enjoy it, it made a mess of some great characters and histories and relationships and just wasn't a good read at all. I stuck with it for a while (the first 15 issues or so) but just got to a point where I thought.... this is getting worse and worse and in no way better. And so I dropped it. 
I still kept up with the character though by reading what was on  the Green Arrow page here at ComicVine and looking at previews. And now that the new series has started (and is fantastic) I'll keep going with it and the character that I love. 

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Superb series. Judd Winick really knows exactly what he's doing when it comes to Jason Todd. Along with the Superb Justice League: Lost Days series Judd has proven himself one of the best writers in comics at the moment. I have loved this series from start to finish and highly recommend it to anyone interested in the Bat-verse or enjoys Winick's writing. 

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Guys will look whether the clothes are low cut or just tight fitting. It doesn't make a huge amount of difference. What I expect is that there are different allowances made for different people. If Grayson's eyes are drawn down, for example, it's unlikely that Donna would fly of the handle but if a super villain she is disgusted by in the first place does it that would freak her out and she is more likely to act more aggressively towards them.  
The "point" of the costume though? What point? Super hero costumes are rarely designed for function and nor should they be. If they were then most characters would run about wearing brightly coloured flack jackets and combats. That would be functional. Superhero costumes(as a rule) are not functional.

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There was a lot of conviction in the words "This is a good comic" there Babs. Good for you.  
I probably won't be picking this up just because I wasn't overwhelmed by the previous issues and felt the series lacked consistency in its quality too much through the first arc. (And the ending wasn't great either) Still I like the characters a lot and may consider picking this up in tpb when it comes out.