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Richard Rider deserved to die, he was played out. They ret-conned him more than twice before he was even back in the Marvel Universe. Best and most heroic thing he even did was to sacrifice himself. Respect the character for that and move on, the arguing about bringing him back is the root of all the bitching about continuity holes that the same people on here go on and on and on about. Let him stay dead and be revered for what he gave to the universe, but the Nova mantle has to live on with someone new. My complaint is that they pick a character thats already in a Marvel based cartoon, kind of lazy imo, plus having it be a kid, sorry but that just takes it down a level for a non-kid like myself.

Leob's work is spotty, we all know it, and McGuiness' work is appealing but not nuanced enough for some people, it always looks like Byrne and Mcfarlane had a baby and he's drawing Nova now to me anyways. I'm interested in this but not overly excited. It's a 50/50 shot, probably going to buy the first issue just to have it.

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All that continuity DID happen , BUT Flashpoint reset the universe to its current incarnation, giving the big wigs at DC the latitude to bring back any of those old characters everyone wants back. Its still so new even a year in, money talks and if they keep selling books then whats the point in going back and fully bringing back all those events? Given time all those dearly missed will be back, DC uses their stable of characters, its just a matter of time. They love watching all of us fans squirm by the way, causes manical laughter throughout the offices, fucking sadists..........

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Damian is going to die, bank on it.

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I wish they would cut the number of "X" books down and concentrate on telling more interesting stories instead of rolling out title after title. Some people will buy any book with an X on it so i guess they are to blame for all these so-so books coming out.

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It's been along time but all this hype attention has hooked me. Bought my first Spiderman centric book in at least 6 years, damn you Dan Slott........oh and......


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Superman could be killed pretty easily if he's That vulnerable to magic, guess i forgot that part.......pfft!

When i see Cheetah i think of Tigra, they're the same, just admit it. She's a good Wonder Woman villian but just doesn't feel like a fit for battling an entire team, even if she CAN turn Supes into a were-kitty, i don't agree with her taking The Flash out so quick. Cheetah was badass in the Final Crisis mini-Villians United, that was my favorite portrayal of her, but she couldn't move close to the speed of light, not that i remember anyways.

As always, another awesome article (i like the letter "A" hehe) Ms. Babs.

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YES and DOUBLE YES, both are awesome if you're at all into the Thor mythos

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As a fan of Hellblazer for many years i'm saddened by this news, (That book was the first one that i couldn't leave laying around where my mom could see it, pretty sure that it would've freaked her out more than seeing a Playboy lol) but, if you take out the cussing and occasional nipple or twenty then its a "T+ " comic book that has a really talented writer and artist and one of the most complex and interesting character in comics. Can't imagine Constantine ever being a totally mainstream character though, will give it a read for sure when it comes around.

The current arc in Hellblazer is getting good and now i understand why it's felt like a wrap up since the first part, worth a read to see what happens in the finale.

JLD is one of my faves of the 52, its been great overall. Yes hes been watered down and made younger and had that gnarly scar removed, but he's still seen constantly smoking and getting blasted drunk and being an all around jerk/bastard so not THAT much has changed except for him being part of a team.

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Aquaman has been one of my favorite of the New 52 books, never really was a fan before so its been great and all , but is it just me or does Black Manta being black kinda seem old and verging on the "R-word"? Wasnt the relaunch about updating the universe? It wouldn't have made that many people upset if they just called him Manta. Sorry, its just been bugging me.

Hope Gregg and his family are safe and doing well, hurry back man....but not too fast, BNCBBTW is in good hands.

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Imagine if he had been the director on Constantine....would've been so awesome. Swamp Thing, w/ the "real" version of Constantine also involved would be even more awesome.