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After all thats happened in the last year or so, i would say that Cytorakk would be his arch nemesis or Juggernaut by proxy. Maybe Majik for pushing him to the dark side.

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@RedheadedAtrocitus said:

Uncanny Brotherhood...just calling it like it is. That is all.

or Uncanny Hellfire-hood........

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I smell an L.M.D. wafting on the breeze .....or is that really Agent Coulson's corpse?

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Were pouches really neccessary? The new mask thing on Cyclops is alright but pouches?????

Meanwhile, Magneto is obviously a new White King of Hellfire Club AGAIN???

Marvel Now means Marvel Backthen as far as TheX-Men goes.........

The traitor is Cyclops.............DUH!

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Great news! Lemire is the more than capable of writing Constantine and hopefully keeping the feel of Hellblazer for a new generation of readers. I know its hard for some to let go of the incredible run Hellblazer had, those stories still exist, but its about keeping the character around for another 30 years and if that means getting the New 52 treatment then i say its totally worth it. Can't wait and have high hopes...........of course if it turns out to be a stinker, i've got my Lemire voo-doo dolls ready!

He's got a co writer so he should be able to keep churning out his other superb books.

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Those pouches on Castle's wrists AND ankles? c'mon..........they are distracting and i find it personally offensive, im contacting my lawyer, i want my Punisher to be wrist AND ankle?-pouch free thank you very much Mr. comicbook drawer guy whoever you are.............

2013, the year the wrist and ANKLE?-pouches were kidnapped and taken to the island of bad costume choices and forced to fight to the death and only one will emerge victorious!

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Looks pretty cool

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HOLY CRAP! These kids today.......hope they appreciate how lucky they are. My Darkseid was a joke compared to this one.

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Hey G-Man love the site. You and Sara and the rest of your team do an amazing job, you guys seriously enrich my personal comics world and my New Years' resolution this year is to become a paying member lol. I see how much serious love you guys keep giving all the Valiant titles. I became the owner of a partial collection of older Valiant titles starring pretty much all the same characters that have been recently relaunched and i'm sorry to say that it was a disappointment to say the least. I realize that its dated and what not but compared to same timeframe over at other publishers.....yeh not so good. As much bitching as some do about events and crossovers, nothing can compare to the Deathmate/Checkmate event Valiant plopped out onto a deranged monkey-butlers holographic-foil cover wrapped serving dish, fed it to anunsuspecting populace customers and had the nerve to ask people to pay them for the violation. Horrible...........

You guys have got me almost convinced to give them a shot. So my questions for you are:

1.) Did you read any Valiant titles back in the day, and if so what were they?

2.) And out of the relaunched Valiant titles, what 2 would you..... honestly.....recommend?