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Awesome! Its Arkham City with shells and salmonella!

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Did Peter eat the wolf or did the wolf eat his Peter? By the painful to watch dance moves i'd say its a toss-up......

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I've been to the future and I come back with a sneak peek into Action Comic's future:

Superman will be exiled to deep space after consuming a Kryptonite laced burrito, he lands on a distant planet where all the inhabitants share his power set, after fighting his way through the ranks of the planets elite he's crowned king, following an accident that wipes out the population of his new kingdom he returns to Earth to wage war upon those he deems responsible. After much punching/fighting and dialogue that constantly reminds us of the situation, Superman will realize he can't bring back what he lost through revenge, the story arc will end with no resolution and Greg Pak will be replaced by the writing team of Zack Snyder and Geoff Johns. You have been warned..........

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I for one like my Supes and Bats separate, while I love Pak and Lee's work, i'm just not going to get too excited about this book, sorry but I still feel the sting from the last team-up book and not ready to reopen that wound. Superman will be the brawn and Batman will be the brain blah blah blah......its like the "Idea-Jar" only has 10-15 ideas in it...........

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AoU was definitely slow going but I came away from it liking the fact that Marvel continues to not use time travel as a crutch and that theres actual consequences to monkeying around with the time stream. Sure my comic budget took 10 hits but oh well lol, price gotta pay for getting the new foundation in my greasy little hands. Putting AoU right next to Flashpoint on my shelf and now we'll see which becomes irrelevant first LOL! Colonel America was kinda cool, the Defenders were my fave part.

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Its been a love/hate with this book since issue #4 for me anyways.

Ive shelled out lots of cashola' over the years following Morrison's career and its been because he had his own "voice" so to speak, but i've always wanted to see those words paired with an equaly dynamic artist. The majority of his series/character/career defining runs, hate to say it but, were drawn by guys who could produce panels and not worry too much about being consistent.

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As soon as i start reading this awesome book, those bastich's YANK it away from me.............................

Doughnuts! to you DC! with mouse "sprinkles" on them!

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@ftomato: You took the 0011010110's out of my 01010110!

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Good to hear Mr. Robbing-sons on the cast, glad he could be on after an awesome issue so there was little conflict about silly stars. :) More time for wisdom from the Gandalf of comics is the payoff.

My 2 cents:

Uproar over Uncanny Avengers huh? I thought it was by far the best issue so far, so the controversy befuddles me. P.C. gone wild is what it sounds like to me, I didn't find it racist at all, granted im like milk toast white bread guy here, but lets all be happy that FINALLY we had a good comic to read with the title "Uncanny Avengers".

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I'm not sure it's really a lie. I could call Mr. Elfring an "angel" for bringing me breakfast in bed or for helping an elderly person get that last bag of Werthers' Originals on the bottom shelf waaaaayyyy in the back. It's a figure of speech so theres the loophole and we all know how much ole' Johnny likes holes and loops.

Awesome book, awesome review, i could feel the inner conflict you had giving this 3 stars.