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why did this fail so badly? with these characters together surely there should have been a better result.

it was never going to be as big as the avengers but i thought it would settle in the 30 to 40 thousand range but issue 9 sold only 21,500k and it is now cancelled, so who is to blame?

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LOL! the first time i read that i thought you said you "wanted to wrap your lips around a big fucking COCK"

what are you, 90 years old? welcome to progress you asshat

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how much did it cost?

i love the detail on it, looks pretty bad ass. also, what size is it? i hate those tiny figures they have been coming out with recently.

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@TheGodofThunder: agreed 100%

i wonder how he will mess up the continuity? Fraction doesn't care what came before, he's lazy and a hack!

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@evilvegeta74: He actually used to be my favorite X-Man. i just really hate whats been done to him.

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he's trying to help people but hes not really giving them an option about it. offering up ultimatums and acting like an all around dick. and you cant really let an arrogant asshat run around with the power of a god now can you.

i always thought that the piece of the Void that was stuck in cyclops's head might have something to do with his dickish behavior but that happened way to long ago to be relevant.

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WTF! years and years of them saying only an omega mutant could take the Phoenix force or it would burn them out, just to then turn a round and give it to Cyclops, who is not an omega.

i am sooo sick and tired of writers ignoring continuity. its not that fcking hard people! the problem has been escalating in recent years and now its like they have just given up.

for me it takes a lot of the enjoyment out of it when they contradict each other so much

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how will this sustain an ongoing title? an arc or a mini but i don't see how it would go beyond that.

this seems like just another bad idea from marvel. i just don't see the point when this will obviously be cancelled.

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so has this been decided upon then? it seems like some of it is in continuity but they are forgetting other parts. I mean the whole thing about the "life force" is kind of BS. they also killed off 2 characters i really liked which always sucks.

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this looks like a return to the old sucky X-force! I'm honestly surprised they didn't get Leifeld to do it. Why would they fuck with one of there most critically and financially successful books?

Larroca sucks! photo referenced Photoshopped bullshit! sawyer as Tony Stark? Fuck off!