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I could honestly cry, i thought Fox was finally getting there $#it together. this had the potential of being the best series ever and now it's over.

The only reason i liked X2 was because my expectations were so low after the huge disappointment of X-Men. The singer films were barely based on the comics. The only way i could be more upset right now is if they announced Brett Rattner.

I would love to know what really happened, if fox were getting to involved or were trying to force him to compromise. Maybe Vaughn is just unreliable, I mean this is the 3rd time he left a marvel film.

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it either wont happen or it will completely suck. Why do they have to rush it? if they take there time and set up the characters then it could be epic but right now, it just seems like a grab for money.

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Hey G-Man.

1) With DC having success with lesser known characters like Animal Man and Swamp Thing, what obscure characters should Marvel have given a shot with NOW!?

2) Have you heard about the Liberators series Pitched by Marjorie Liu and Mike Perkins? If so what do you think of it and why and why do you think it was rejected by marvel?

3) When Loeb wrote Hulk it was a terrible book yet it was always a top seller. Parker made the book awesome yet for some reason under him it lost so many readers it had to be re-branded. can you explain this? why doesn't quality = sales?

4) How much is piracy hurting the comics industry?

thanks G

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A new Nove (Sam Alexander) by the Hack team of Loeb and McGuinnes. I think we can all agree that this will be utter horse$#1t but will inexplicably have great sales.

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What do people think of the announcement? reportedly the team will include Starlord, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Drax, Gamora, and Iron Man, with Bendis & Mcniven.

And what do People think of the new costumes, especially starlod's? is it possible that it isnt Peter Quill?

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What about Swamp Thing? i hope Snyder sticks with it because its awesome. Is there any reason they couldn't just take over Superman or Action Comics?

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@Don_Jay said:

I think Spidey's gonna kill someone. Not sure who, but I see it as a possibility. That would explain Slott's comments on the final issue and the new darker tone.

I thought the same. don't know how i would feel about it. It would take something away from the character and its a big leap from "no one dies" to spider-murderer.

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@mattwing87: Thats more of a team book. There should be a solo wolverine that rivals Snyder's Batman for Quality and this wont be it.

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This sounds like a secondary wolverine title. hopefully there is a main title that sounds better.

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@fesak: If that's true its just sad and massively unprofessional. What do editors even do anymore? i thought there job was to make sure continuity lines up.