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@Roger Rabbit said:

superheroes should technically never be Democrats as they are supposed to be about working alongside the government and vigilantism is illegal.

Republicans are against big government (when it suits them) They believe that if you want something that you should go and do it on you're own and that government gets in the way of that, so how does Superheroes working with the government make them republican?

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I followed the election very closely including the republican primaries. What i said is true even if most people who voted Romney don't know it.

i Know that superheroes aren't openly political on either side but i just cant see any of them voting republican, not even the rich ones like Batman and Iron Man.

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During the election i found out there were a lot of Mitt Romney supporters who are comic fans which kind of annoyed me. Republicans are all about every man for themselves and letting poor people die if they cant afford medical treatment which doesn't really mesh with the whole superhero thing.

There is not a single superhero i can think of that would be a republican.

Anyone disagree?

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I'm really liking X-Treme X-Men and Dazzler in particular but has she always been so powerful? The other X-Men treat her like kind of a joke but some of the stuff I've seen would put her in omega territory, I mean she floored a Thor. I remember the AoA version being pretty powerful but i thought the 616 one was weak in comparison.

Any thoughts?

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@Teerack: Excellent choice! I had to Google her but she would be perfect. sooo hot.

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Red She-Hulk was great! You can never go wrong with Jeff Parker.

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That's Hyperion. from avengers (1998) 5 or 6 i think

Edit: Never mind, I checked and I'm wrong.

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Bendis can be a great writer. His runs on Daredevil and Ultimate Spider-Man have been fantastic and when New Avengers started it was at least competent but then his work began to slip when he was spread over other Avenger books and events. While he can be good at the small character moments he just doesn't have the ideas for big team books and when he has to dilute his already weak ideas over several books it really shows. Now he will be writing at least 4 books, All new X-Men, Guardians and what i am assuming is Uncanny X-Men. plus he will be continuing on Ultimate Spidey. When you look at his recent Avengers work including the utterly appalling Assemble you will really see a lack of quality.

Does anyone else think 3 big team books for Bendis is pushing it? I just don't know if he has the skill to pull it off. As a huge X-Men and cosmic fan i am beginning to get quite nervous about these books.

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were is this weeks? my question is finally up

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I could honestly cry, i thought Fox was finally getting there $#it together. this had the potential of being the best series ever and now it's over.

The only reason i liked X2 was because my expectations were so low after the huge disappointment of X-Men. The singer films were barely based on the comics. The only way i could be more upset right now is if they announced Brett Rattner.

I would love to know what really happened, if fox were getting to involved or were trying to force him to compromise. Maybe Vaughn is just unreliable, I mean this is the 3rd time he left a marvel film.