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I was very disappointed in this film. Imagine if you watched a FF movie only to be told that Doom doesn't even exist.

I do think that it isn't completely unfixable. What if it was all a ruse, a double bluff. Maybe Killian really was working for the Mandarin and either Trevor Slattery was an act or maybe the Mandarin was calling the shots from behind the scenes. I hope that's what happens.

If not then how does this film fit with the first? Were the terrorists in the first film working for Killian? that doesn't really make sense.

What will happen to AIM? Their presence and origin in this film was very disappointing.

I'm surprised Fiege signed off on this script.

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It might be his consciousness in a robot body or maybe Ultron gets reverted back to factory settings or gains a conscious because of Pym and takes his Appearance out of guilt.

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I can't believe Cap was killed off in that one panel so suddenly and unexpectedly, we didn't even get to see any response from the other characters really.

Wow. just had to go back and check that. Totally missed it the first time.

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I like Falcon, most of the time. He doesn't really seem to have his own personality. Changing into whatever the writer needs him to be. I do like the version written by Brubaker though. he was kick ass.

Most black characters are under used, like there is some sort of rule that they cant all be used at the same time. Blade has a movie trilogy and a tv show yet no comic? WTF! Marvel now was the perfect time to give him an ongoing.

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Maybe this will finally be MarvelMan.

maybe Prowler, Blink, Black Bolt & the Inhumans, Wonder Man, Ant/Giant Man, Galacta, Black Widow, Gladiator, Scorn. Cant think of any more

only like a third of those were serious suggestions

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Why do they have to spread there writers so thin? there is plenty of talent out there. Get Joshua Dysart and Brandon Graham on a marvel book.

This is an area where DC is kicking Marvels ass

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It CANT be X-23 for the reasons stated before, plus the creative team is too big for an X-23 ongoing.

This is adjectives with Pixie. and hopefully Mercury, Dust and Surge

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Looks like Sif in a sluttier costume.

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Very professional. In fact its better than a lot of "professionals" working today. How long did it take you?

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These books are all amazing. especially Harbinger.

I thought Ivar was the guy who was appearing to Archer pretending to be Jesus. he said he was the last guy to use the boon. wasn't that Ivar?