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I'm sure this has been said before but how is this kid in anyway Wally West? A character is more than just a name. They are a personality, a set of experiences that make them who they are. When people were upset that WW wasn't included in the N52 it was because of more than his goddamn name! We wanted the character we had been reading for years and in some people’s cases, decades. The character that rose through the ranks to become one of the companies premiere heroes. Who proved himself as the Flash in more ways than Barry Allen ever did!

I (we?) would understand (not be happy about) if some of that had to be wiped away, like in the case of the Robins. Maybe even understand if they rewound time and made him KF again but when they chose Bart for KF they deliberately overlooked Wally for a lesser character who had proven he couldn't be the Flash and who was a much less popular character (I still don't understand the logic in this decision.) but we were told that Wally would be back at some point so we were still moderately hopeful. Then they introduce this new "Wally" and they expected us to take it in any other way than them spitting in our faces? They bring back a name and act like we should somehow be appeased. I am so sick and tired of the idiotic decisions the top brass of the big 2 have been making. Can we please stop pretending that DC comics are anything other than fan fiction at this point? 90% poorly written fan-fiction. Each company has what?... 2-3 critically acclaimed series on the go at a time?! (To be fair, Marvel are doing significantly better in that regard. However, all their gimmicks and stunt deaths almost completely cancel that out) How is that anywhere near acceptable? This shit aint free you know.

If they just made this kid a new character then he wouldn’t have so much negative feeling toward him and he might have had a chance. As it stands he was doomed from the word go.

I almost entirely blame Geoff Johns for sending DC into full on fan fiction mode. He just wants to write stories about characters he was reading when he was young. That and the fact he is a terrible writer. I wouldn’t be surprised if all his stories came from an “idea” journal he wrote when he was 14. Hell, his entire GL run was just expanding on (stealing) Ideas Alan Moore had in a GL short story. His Justice League is laughable but that’s a post for another day.

Aquaman eats fish and cries like a little girl when people are mean to him in a restaurant. Isn’t he such a badass now? Idiots

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The film made it impossible for Centurions or any Nova's with super powers to exist. If there was any then they would be there protecting Xandar. The Corps was limited to normal guys with guns and space ships. Denarians are supposed to be powered and they were in the film. With no powers.

Gunn has stated that he is not a fan of the Nova corps and it shows because he made it all but impossible for there to be a solo Nova movie.

When I think about it I get kind of angry because RR is my favourite character.

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I am obsessed with comics. but I am also obsessed (less so but still obsessed) with Fantasy novels, Movies n TV and Video Games. For some reason my mind won’t allow me to enjoy all these things at the same time, so what I usually do is cycle between them one at a time. While I have cycled onto a not comic obsession I still normally keep up to date with what's happening by visiting daily sites like Bleeding Cool, CBR etc. but for whatever reason, this time I didn't. So now I have cycled back to comics, which is usually a great thing because I have hundreds of comics to catch up on (That part is still true) but I have no idea what the hell is going on. The last time I was regularly checking the news was when marvel started releasing those teases for old events, like secret war, civil war etc. now I don't know what is happening. Are DC rebooting again or just forgetting about continuity or something? and is Marvel going full reboot? Killing the Ultimate universe?

I am so lost, and since the articles explaining what is happening are so old they are surprisingly difficult to locate. Is there any chance (I know it is a big ask) that someone could explain it to me? or (more realistically) post some links to articles that can explain?

I really would appreciate any help offered.

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Does anyone think he will transform or do you think when he goes full Hyde he will stay human looking? Does he even have powers in the show?

When he was kicking the shit out of Coulson he had lost it, but he didn't transform nor did he appear to have super human strength. Is that all we get? I'm not sure how they could do it on a TV budget but I hope we get something. It would be pretty lame if he was just some middle aged guy with a temper.

If they do go the super powered route then how do you think they would do it? Make him Inhuman or a science experiment?

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Can someone help me find a story?

Cyclops & Jean go in to the future and find Cable when he was a boy. I cant remember if they raise him or just befriend him.

I had the story in the British re-prints but when I left, my mum threw them out. I loved the story when i was a kid and I'd like to read it again. (Even though these things rarely hold up)

Thank you.

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Peter Parker was molested? How is this not common knowledge?

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I am not including Commercial success. Johns cant write for shit and Snyder couldn't end a story to save his life.

@scuzz2_0 said:
@theacidskull said:

Chris Yost

Robert Kirkman

Jeff Parker

Its rare to find a fellow Parker lover. He is prob my number 1. sooo pissed at marvel for letting him go. he would be so good on Fan 4

He'd be great at everything, ESPECIALLY Hulk IMO, but no, marvel prefers Bendis over everyone else.

We are sooo on the same page. Parkers Hulk run was amazing. I love that he created his own villains. Have you read Kings Watch? It proves he is not a 1 trick pony. He is sooo good. You know what? he would kill a quasar title

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I am not including Commercial success. Johns cant write for shit and Snyder couldn't end a story to save his life.

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Chris Yost

Robert Kirkman

Jeff Parker

Its rare to find a fellow Parker lover. He is prob my number 1. sooo pissed at marvel for letting him go. he would be so good on Fan 4

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  • Scott Lobdell.
  • Ann Nocenti
  • Tony S Daniel

These are legends....

Are you being sarcastic? They are responsible for some of the worst reviewed comics all year.

TD has grown into an amazing artist though.