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@doom_phd said:

Alfred butle Stick to death

@mil: Alfred is ex MI6 he was also Bruce's bodyguard and he did most of Bruce early on Training.

In the real world, that is pretty much the toughest you get but Stick isn't part of the real world. It is stated numerous times in comics that it takes much more than that to be a street level superhero and Stick is arguably above even that.

If this was a real fight to the death or violent KO, Alfred would last about 2 seconds.

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No. I have created my own universe populated with at least 100 main earth based heroes, (all with back stories, personalities, powers, in most cases they have supporting casts and they have colour schemes and a general idea what they look like. (I'm not an artist)) hundreds (I'm not joking) of villains, (most of which have back stories, motivations and powers) Government agencies, dozens of secret groups and societies, secret races on earth, non secret non human races on earth, fictional countries, expanded history, (heroes, villains and gods in ancient history and super people throughout history. not counted in the above number of heroes/villains) my own version of the god pantheons, different genres (like science, magic, supernatural), My own version of Judeo Christian angels and demons (with heaven, hell, god, purgatory, death and other concept type entities that tie into the Christian idea. I'm an atheist but I really enjoy the stories and am quite proud of my version of things. It bothers me when in comic universes there is no continuity. like Odin created earth, no wait it was the celestials, no wait it was the builders or the fulcrum or the one above all etc etc etc. or a huge number of beings that were all the first beings in existence or from the universe before. I have a version that makes sense and allows for a huge array of god like beings without it being redundant.)

It also has alien races, alien empires, dozens of space based heroes and dozens of villains (Apart from the main 20 or so these are generally less defined than the earth based heroes because there are possibilities for so many. I have dozens upon dozens of ideas that are only about a paragraph or so long) space conquerors, space councils etc etc etc.

dozens of objects of power based in space, earth and other dimensions.

There are other dimensions filled with alien and magical entities. I'm sure I'm forgetting a load of stuff.

It was fun just writing that out.

I can't help you because I have to save all my ideas. I don't want to help in case you become successful and publish your ideas for the world because I will feel super shitty that my own ideas will never be published.

I create all this stuff as a hobby and I love doing it but I feel bad sometimes, knowing that no one will ever see any of it. Even it the off chance I do become a successful writer, When do they ever get the chance to create their own universe? and even then, it is just so vast I would never be able to do it in any depth. So in all likelihood it will stay as fantasies in my head and in notebooks until I die and it will be forgotten forever.

err... good luck though.

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critics have always rated transformers bad despite a bucket full of money the films make

That is ...the exact opposite to the point I was trying to make.

My problem isn't that critics seem to look down on genre films. That is to be expected and although it annoys me, I have gotten used to it.

My problem is that critics think fanboys like awful genre films just because they are fanboys. Take Amazing SM 2 as an example, most will agree that it is a pretty terrible movie but a critic would say "Spider-Man fans will like this but for everyone else, expect to leave the theater disappointed"

Why as a Spider-Man fan would I like a shitty Spider-Man film? I would judge it more harshly and would therefore be far more disappointed than the average movie goer who would expect nothing more than a fun and entertaining film. Like I am some idiot child who should be so grateful that a spider-man film has been made that I will be willing to overlook the fact that it's awful. Like all I look for in a film is bright colours and punchy punchy super-people.

When a critic says this what they are really saying is "The simple wont mind that it's bad but anyone with a brain, look elsewhere". I'm sure in most cases they don't realize and it's just a phrase they use to fill out the word count but nevertheless, it's usage betrays the disdain they feel for us deep down. (not so deep in some cases I'm sure.)

It annoys me.

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@dredeuced said:

they do not care about the character and are not going to do anything with the character, probably forever.

That makes me nauseous.

To tell the truth I have always been more of a Marvel guy and when I read my first DC comic I felt like I was cheating. It was vol 1 of Morrison's JLA run at my local library. My favorites were immediately Wally and Kyle. so much so that I did a lot of research, (which wasn't easy back then. why is it that I'm still a few years from 30 and I feel like a damn pensioner?) broke it to Marvel it was now an open relationship and bought and read every back issue I could find with them in it. solo series mostly but but I got a lot of Teen Titans too which introduced me to Dick. (hehe lol) I kept at it over the years until now my collection of Dick and Wally (Not so much with Kyle as I lost a bit of interest in him over the years) trades & floppies is pretty immense (only my X-men collection is bigger). I absolutely love those characters and still re-read those stories regularly.

I was gutted when I found out he wasn't continuing into the n52. It died down for a while but I was re-reading them recently and I was reminded again.

So now out of thousands of possibilities my 2 favorite characters in all of comicdom are Wally and the Richard Rider version of Nova. Neither of which seem likely to return in the near future if at all. Not counting Speed Force which seems to only exist to Kick me in the teeth. I suppose I should be grateful for anything I can get.

I have no idea why I told you all that. You must have drawn the short straw to become my shoulder to cry on. Sorry.

Farewell Wally West you glorious bastard.

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Anyone else get bothered when film critics say something like "the fanboys will love this terrible movie but everyone else will hate it"?

In my experience that means I have much higher standards for these films, not lower. In a lot of cases what are probably impossibly high standards. I am a Marvel fanboy and I have only ever been really happy (never completely happy) with 2 Marvel movies. X-men: First Class (only after it followed films I thought were terrible and were barely X-men adaptations at all. I did enjoy X2 but again, only after the original had left me so disappointed) and Captain America: The Winter Soldier which was excellent. Although I do wish they saved Buckys' return until a later film.

I also thought that the Daredevil show was [frick]ing spectacular. (No caveats.)

So this notion that I would somehow be more easily pleased than the average movie goer insults me. It’s not like it's even that seldom a used argument. It pops up in some variation in at least a few of the negative or even average reviews of every cbm or genre sequel that I have ever read. Or any type of adaptation movie review for that matter. How difficult is it to grasp the concept of higher expectations=lower results?

Are a large portion of critics stupid (I don't mean "this person doesn't like a movie I liked" stupid. I mean regular stupid.) Or am I the only one who feels this way?

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@dredeuced: I suppose you're right. So you don't think any of the previous universe characters will make the jump? I get that it would complicate things, especially this early on but isn't that exactly what the event itself is doing? As well as Earth 2, Helena Wayne and Helena Bertinelli, Power Girl, Futures End, retcons after only 3+ years etc.? I doubt they are thinking of what complicates things rather than "what sounds good this very second?".

AD/DC. lol.

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@dredeuced: You think there's a chance they might keep old school Wally after Convergence? It would be an excuse and the best of both worlds. Although Wally probably wouldn't be to happy with losing the entire Flash family and his wider universe.

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I hope he isn't. He is a tragically underused character. Bendis couldn't have used established teen characters instead of creating the awful supporting team that he did? All he is doing is creating more complications and background/cannon fodder characters for any new writers, who will in turn create more shitty characters that no one cares about until the entire franchise is so complicated and convoluted that no one gives a shit anymore. Oh wait, that is exactly what is happening now. Have you seen the sales charts?

My problem with this is X-23's reaction, in that she had no reaction. She considers helping him but immediately decides to run away instead. Then she risks her life to save the mass murdering Daken, WTF?

I remember a great moment between Elixir and X in the early issue of Yost n Kyle's X-force when he risked his life to remove the legacy virus from her and saved her life (she was about to jump in molten steel). It was a really nice moment between them. Now she runs away and lets him die? It really doesn't sit right with me. Like seriously, I have a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. It bothers me when writers change characters personalities to fit their stories or the infinitely more likely, they only have a very superficial idea of what the character is about. "Clone of Wolverine, tragic past, cold blooded murderer who is discovering her humanity. Go!"

I only read DoW and the peripherals this morning and I haven’t started Wolverines yet so this might be addressed. Who am I kidding? Of course it won’t. Sigh

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I'm sure this has been said before but how is this kid in anyway Wally West? A character is more than just a name. They are a personality, a set of experiences that make them who they are. When people were upset that WW wasn't included in the N52 it was because of more than his goddamn name! We wanted the character we had been reading for years and in some people’s cases, decades. The character that rose through the ranks to become one of the companies premiere heroes. Who proved himself as the Flash in more ways than Barry Allen ever did!

I (we?) would understand (not be happy about) if some of that had to be wiped away, like in the case of the Robins. Maybe even understand if they rewound time and made him KF again but when they chose Bart for KF they deliberately overlooked Wally for a lesser character who had proven he couldn't be the Flash and who was a much less popular character (I still don't understand the logic in this decision.) but we were told that Wally would be back at some point so we were still moderately hopeful. Then they introduce this new "Wally" and they expected us to take it in any other way than them spitting in our faces? They bring back a name and act like we should somehow be appeased. I am so sick and tired of the idiotic decisions the top brass of the big 2 have been making. Can we please stop pretending that DC comics are anything other than fan fiction at this point? 90% poorly written fan-fiction. Each company has what?... 2-3 critically acclaimed series on the go at a time?! (To be fair, Marvel are doing significantly better in that regard. However, all their gimmicks and stunt deaths almost completely cancel that out) How is that anywhere near acceptable? This shit aint free you know.

If they just made this kid a new character then he wouldn’t have so much negative feeling toward him and he might have had a chance. As it stands he was doomed from the word go.

I almost entirely blame Geoff Johns for sending DC into full on fan fiction mode. He just wants to write stories about characters he was reading when he was young. That and the fact he is a terrible writer. I wouldn’t be surprised if all his stories came from an “idea” journal he wrote when he was 14. Hell, his entire GL run was just expanding on (stealing) Ideas Alan Moore had in a GL short story. His Justice League is laughable but that’s a post for another day.

Aquaman eats fish and cries like a little girl when people are mean to him in a restaurant. Isn’t he such a badass now? Idiots

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The film made it impossible for Centurions or any Nova's with super powers to exist. If there was any then they would be there protecting Xandar. The Corps was limited to normal guys with guns and space ships. Denarians are supposed to be powered and they were in the film. With no powers.

Gunn has stated that he is not a fan of the Nova corps and it shows because he made it all but impossible for there to be a solo Nova movie.

When I think about it I get kind of angry because RR is my favourite character.