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@saucygiraffe: I don't think there is a connection, as they mention they are beyond magic and science as a base of their powers, although it is possible that Strange could be examining some otherworldy power base they derive their powers from in the page where he is going way deep.

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@herokiller12344: you should catch up New Avengers! I think it explains the Illuminati side of things and the foreshadowing for the grim future is foreshadowed pretty strongly in the last issue. and also.. it rules, ya know?

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@colanicole: similarly to how Bruce beats Clark in the Dark Knight Returns? Although, Ultraman probably wouldn't have the moral barrier of holding back that Owlman could exploit as a weakness...

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really confused as to what is happening on the final page here.

the scene with black cat is the first thing that SpOck has done that has truly bothered me so far.

stoked for the upcoming academic revenge on I hope Slott drops some more story on the horizon/modell/alchem/parker ind. seperations and developments, giving some 2099 "origins" I guess.

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Dillon or Noto needs to come back. Palo is GARBAGE!

Strongly agree. This might be the worst art I've seen in a comic ever. I opened the first page, looked at that panel with red hulk on the bottom and immediately closed the book, and went to comicvine to see if anyone was horrified and disgusted by what they saw. sloppy pencils, composition, awful inking, check out the anatomy of that red hulk on page one... more blob-like than alex maleev's clayface from batman tdk this week.

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Have to commend Camuncoli on artwork solely based on the amount of x-men crammed into each panel. Honestly, drawing that many dudes takes a significant amount of time and even though his total attention to detail might be slightly lacking and faces are a little off sometimes, an incredible amount of time was put into this issue. Also, loved seeing 4 icemen trade quips in one panel.

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I loved Noto's and Dillon's artwork on the series, but this issue and the last one has awful penciling, inking and coloring. As soon as I opened it, the first page (splash page) looked totally bogus.

Pencils - extreme lack of detail, no shading at all done with any pencils, looks "unfished", look at the 2nd alien's face on that first page.. ugh...

Inks - are supposed to clean up the pencils, however, lines don't connect at corners all over the place and make things look sloppy and blocky (check out the hands and the spacecraft on the first page)

Colors - Again, just a serious lack of detail/time/effort put in. covering 30% of the page (sky) with a simple gradient on photoshop?? that takes about `15 seconds to do.

If i was ever blessed with such a fun, amazing and important job as working on a marvel book I would take it way more seriously. Jefte Palo can do better and he should. Nothing he has ever done has come close to blowing me away and I don't think it is "big two" quality but dude... at least make sure the splash pages have some detail besides the bare minimum to tell the story

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Isn't X-Force supposed to be the x-team that does ethically challenging missions that other x-men should probably be kept in the dark for? If so, this run seems to be missing the point thematically, though the arcs have been alright. Nothing has blown me away so far and the roster for the team is and their reasons for being there are kinda coming together now but have been extremely cloudy throughout the series.

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Living Tribunal? lol, I thought that was a mega-sized version of Carrion (spiderman villain). Seriously, if you read Superior Spider-man Team-up this week, look at Carrion on the last page... lookin' pretty much identical.

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The Cloak and Dagger power-switching occured during Spider-Island (probably the mini, not the main event?) and had something to do with Mr.Negative kidnapping Dagger and changing her powers and I think Cloak had to do it as well to save her or something?