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Looks like McGuinness is in top form from these first couple of pages.

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DC really needs to kick these type of costumes to the curb. Power Girl got a less revealing costume so to make up for the lack of skin they take less clothes from Starfire? Its hard to take this character seriously dressed like that.

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Just my two cents but after 7-9 which will most likely have a focus on Luke and crew they should distance themselves from it then after. Dig into the far future or distant past like Old Republic or what not. That way they can go nuts and not worry to much about the consequences; but that all depends if they keep to the EU cannon or not.

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@Mucklefluga: Buzz's character backstory for his toy os about space that could rival the complexities of a Star Wars like universe. All jokes aside while the animation part isn't concerning and who else knows what scripts he's written that have never seen the light of day. He could be well versed in SciFi and just waiting to break out a killer script.

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I didn't know people were freaking out about it I would think the Muppets and Marvel were clear examples of how Disney handles these studios. Which is provide funding and resources and let them do what they do best, there successful for a reason. Also with this buyout hopefully they'll eventually have a blu ray set with all of the verisions of the films this time. I have nothing against his retooled verisions but as a film buff and someone who's never seen the original verisons It'd be a reall joy to be able to.

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@PortlandsBatman: They said they won't be using the main villains but I'm sure by season 2 they will roll back on that.

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Mixed on this. Never connected with Signers X-Men films I did enjoy X2 though and regardless he's the best alternative.

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Since Clone Wars was inhouse at Lucas I doubt anything will happen to it. The problem with EMH and Spectacular is that they were run by Film Roman and Sony Animation and as we know Disney wanted to cut out the middlemen. For one reason or another this announcement is a bit unsettling but I'm sure that feeling will pass. Its simply the notion that on top of what Disney got with Marvel now it has its grip on the Star Wars universe as well. I wonder if Lucas knew about this buyout it wasn't too long ago that he stepped down to long ago and now this. He always seemed to pride himself on his independence and answering to no one I doubt he would have been in favor of this. Either way it will be interesting to see how this plays out; the way Disney has handled its new marvel animated series has been nothing but a disappointment so far. Hopefully that trend doesn't continue.

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Well that was quick though Deadpool without his healing kinda isn't Deadpool.

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Lucy = CN Scheduling

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