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@Trevel8182: Hopefully since Prime knows this is the last season there will be some sort of resolution but yeah all these great shows being cancelled has this animation enthusiast bummed.

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What a waste of a interesting character. We all know he'll be back which is something I should be used to with the big two by now but its exhausting of late. It would have been more interesting to see him stick around having Batman lamenting over a dead partner feels like its got to the point where batman is just beating the dead horse at this point.

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Digging the new Mandarin look not nearly as goofy as the comic counter part. Looking forward to this film.

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While April O'Neil doesn't need a "Meryl Streep" the character deserves a better actress then Megan Fox. Bay might not be directing the guy in the directors chair doesn't have a great track record. You are right though this won't ruin my childhood one terrible movie won't ruin my love for the turtles. I haven't read all the reactions to this film but can you blame anyone after what Bay did with the Transformers franchise? If it turns out great that's awesome until then its hard not to stay skeptical everything that's been leaked points to disastrous, hopefully they prove us wrong. If the trailer looks good and I hear good things I'm willing to go see it. Hell maybe TF 4 will turn out great and change my opinion of Bay because TF3 was one of the most unbearable movies I've ever seen. As movie goers we should expect more from these movies. With all the great comic book adaptations over the last few years like Kick-Ass, Hell-Boy, Dredd, and the Marvel films we've come to expect more from Hollywood. Were tired of seeing them bring back beloved franchise only to squander all the potential with dick and fart jokes.

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It really is a shame these two series YJ and GL have just gotten better both deserved another season but alas it seems its not meant to be. Unfortunatley CN loves to run there shows based off toy sales heck I heard back in the day they almost cancelled Justice League until either Bruce Timm or someone else on the series proposed the toy deal.

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For 5,000 dollars I'd expect something far more classy and less gaudy. Thats cool that DC sent Comicvine this expensive gift/freebie but I just can't see why anyone of a modest income would spend the money. Before seeing the price I figured a couple hundred maybe but the watch and the pen just doesn't look that impressive. It would have been nice to see a more reserved and suddle approach to the designs. Getting rid of the bright yellow bat symbol in the watch and toning down all the bat symbols across each. Something where you wouldn't notice immediatley it was comic paraphernalia but just a fancy watch and pen.

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If there going to fundamentally change Jimmys character why bother just changing the first name. Just by being a woman it changes the dynamic between them in more ways then one. Which could be both a positive or a negative. I would have preferred a new character(Or another one of Supermans female cast members take Jimmys place) instead but if this rumor is true it still won't make or break the film. I'm all for more diversity in comics but swapping characters genders just feels weird.

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@Pyrogram: BBT might have changed some of that by using the Flash as much as they have during the series.

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This sounded awesome sure it would be style over substance but you can't deny it would be cool to see what he would do with a light saber battle. Heck even a short film of the subject would be sweet.