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Not Ryan Gosling for Batman. Maybe for Aquaman?

Sounds like a good pick to me.

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I enjoyed Adrian Pasdar on Heroes and he seems like he'd be a spot on match for Tony it feels off. The backgrounds are nice but the character designs aren't as strong as EMH, Ultimate Spiderman suffers the same problem when it comes to human faces. They lack strong structure and don't have enough angle so when sent over seas they shift way to much. This isn't a knock on the art crew because they have some amazing artist on the design staff and I wish it followed more in suit with some of them instead of a halfway point.The animation from these clips in particular feel very rough and for a Disney budget you would assume more polish. Hoping the show hooks me in, with all the other big cartoon shows cancelled lately there aren't many places to get a fix for your animation superhero action anymore.

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Spiderman 700#

Mary Jane Controversy

So it seems people find it creepy that Doc Ock is making a pass at MJ? I'm not saying its not let me start with that but think about it from Ocks view. He's never been the good looking guy shunned by most women his entire life. (Justified or not; correct me if I'm wrong people) Oh but here comes along a super model who is in love with him (Yeah not really him but Peter but you know what I mean) your telling me if a super model made a pass at you and you were single you wouldn't even pursue it at all?

I've heard some call it rape to a degree because of age but isn't MJ in her late 20's and Doc was what in his 40's? Except now he's in the body of a late 20's guy. Does it feel wrong, yeah but if it was told with a degree of reality Doc Ock is a man and MJ is a very attractive woman. Though chances are he won't pursue anything with MJ in the end.

I just don't see why its created such a fuss and this is coming from a life long Spider-man fan. Maybe someone can give me another side of and why so many are angered by it.

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: Dreamworks owns most of the Rankin and Bass old cartoons and unfortunately I don't think its on any streaming service since they just acquired them . I agree that more people should watch the Jack Frost special its one of their best and one of my favorites.

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The height feels like nitpicking, given the demanding schedule of a comic artist is a forgivable and not really worthy of note. Never the less nice review.

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Metal Gear praise is awesome.

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I've always disliked the Burton origin. Heck I've always disliked the Millar version despite enjoying Batman Year One.The Batman TAS one I guess has been my most favorable but the whole supernatural Burton cats was just always beyond stupid.